November 21, 2016

Hungarian leader Viktor Orban: "Hungary will do everything in its power to enable every migrant to return from Europe to his own country"

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

Viktor Orban continues to deliver in terms of saving classical civilization from the invasion of Europe by millions of Muslim males of fighting age. 

In the speech below, PM Orban details the nature of the migrant crisis:

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commented 2016-11-22 21:16:28 -0500
Refreshing to see leaders stand up for their country and there values.That’s why little potato keeps saying there are no Canadian values and selling out Canada and Canadians.Even a mental midget like Jay can see it but won’t say it.Jay where are you from?
Thank god the USA voted for the right president.PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP.GOT TO LOVE IT RIGHT MICHEAL MANN!!!!!!!
commented 2016-11-22 13:35:21 -0500
Jay Kelly both were welcomed , not the Jews are leaving because of the Muslims, not because of the other Europeans. Your pathetic deflecting shows your bigotry.
commented 2016-11-22 13:25:17 -0500
We should not have to accept any Islamic migrants.
If they wish to live in freedom give them the guns to fight it out in their own countries. We in Canada should not have to put up with these Sharia loving people!
commented 2016-11-22 11:28:05 -0500
Great line: “We must take the help there and not bring the problem here”.

More non-sequitur drivel from Jay.
commented 2016-11-22 10:58:13 -0500
Certainly welcome by the establishment who live in gated communities and don’t have to endure rape gangs.
commented 2016-11-22 10:22:41 -0500
@ Jay Kelly

Jay, your equating Muslims and Jews is the same thing as me calling you an extremist right wing Harper loving Trump loving Conservative.

In other words (if you did not grasp what I just said), Jews and Muslims are diametrically opposite to each other philosophically, religiously and morally.

Good practicing Muslims are evil. Good practicing Jews are good.
commented 2016-11-22 09:42:56 -0500
Glen , you are right about soros, i watched a show about this devil the other night , he is a jew who pretended to be christian in ww2 but he also had some one pretend to be his godfather and got him false papers to escape and then he started his spree of buying up Jewish properties etc , and in the interview he has no remorse , too bad the Nazis missed this one as he is truly evil and totally out to destroy western countries and their laws and culture ,if ever a person deserved to be put out of his misery it is george soros .
commented 2016-11-22 04:26:34 -0500
@anonymous… George Soros has made one of the largest fortunes ever aquired by orchestrating caos. He learned his trade looting fellow Jews during the Holocaust. He is the most crass opportunist who has ever lived….FELIX MEDELSOME….he carpetbags human misery.

(Crass local ad plug)
Now if you are ever in the area of Culloden Prince Edward Island do drop in to Cambell’s Clearance Center…they are selling off all the stuff left behind by the Jacobites after they got shipped over by Lord Selkirk.
commented 2016-11-22 03:34:38 -0500
So what is in it for all the powers that be to have all those migrants move into Europe?
commented 2016-11-22 03:05:54 -0500
As I’ve posted many times before:- Eastern Europe, from Finland in the north, to Hungary in the south, are not going to go down subjugating their ancient cultures, folklore, beliefs, folk heros, languages, folk songs, festivals, religious holidays, dances, and traditions, to the Muzzies… If the hapless Germans, French, Belgians, Dutch, Danes and Swedes want to commit cultural genocide, .IT’s YOUR CHOICE!..
commented 2016-11-22 02:49:25 -0500
It is painful to recite the chant: Muslim, bad. Jew, bad.

We had an alternative. We had a way to say that Muslims and Jews were acceptable in Europe.

Even now, we have a way to say that we a basically brothers and sisters.
commented 2016-11-22 02:30:29 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 32,283 Attacks, 206,562 Killed, 289,319 Injured that we know of.
commented 2016-11-22 02:20:10 -0500
Like most Eastern European Leaders, Orban has long speeches, however he is spot on; mass migration from those hell holes will dissolve all Europe. If he wasn’t in charge, the left would have him arrested for saying the truth.
Why can’t someone like him show up here to squash Trudeau in 2019 ?
commented 2016-11-22 01:08:05 -0500
How dare he stand up for his country and its citizens. Damn white nationalist.
commented 2016-11-21 23:43:09 -0500
George soros needs to be stopped
commented 2016-11-21 23:42:10 -0500
Trudeau for Treason
commented 2016-11-21 23:02:25 -0500
Victor: As always, thank you for educating us on the reality that is happening.