January 27, 2018

Hungarian PM Viktor Orban responds to UN plot to force open borders

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban responds to a recent UN declaration that Western states should eliminate borders and allow unlimited immigration.


THIS is the UN policy PM Orban is responding to.

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commented 2018-01-29 21:35:20 -0500
It’s not racism if it is about an ideology.
It is only racism if it is about skin colour.
Islam is the theocratic ideology followed by Muslims. Muslims come in all colours and from many different countries.
Until m103 comes into effect at least, we are free to criticize Islam.
commented 2018-01-29 02:50:41 -0500
Time for that stupidity to be challenged and quickly repealed.!!
commented 2018-01-28 22:20:19 -0500
Sorry, Flat Earth, the SCOC has declared that the truth is not a defence.

National Post March 1, 2013:
“The Supreme Court has now confirmed a further reason – truth can be used to spread hate, just as lies can. True statements can be marshalled to hateful, bogus arguments about the denial of the Holocaust, the inferiority of blacks, the perversion of Muslims, the slyness of Jews. “The vulnerable group is no less worthy of protection because the publisher has succeeded in turning true statements into a hateful message,” as Mr. Justice Rothstein put it.”
commented 2018-01-28 16:31:08 -0500
Everybody repeat after me… It’s not racism if it’s the truth… It’s not racism if it’s the truth… It’s not racism if it’s the truth… It’s not racism if it’s the truth… It’s not racism if it’s the truth.
commented 2018-01-28 15:55:59 -0500
It’s amazing how devastating a simple question can be…and how easy it should be to topple the totalitarian fascist UN/EU house of cards…
Go Viktor!
commented 2018-01-28 12:43:32 -0500
Learn The Truth About The Immigration Crisis in Canada From Expert Dan Murray

Screw the UN, Screw Ottawa. I am ready to say, screw the Dominion. If there is anything left of Canada after this is all over we can renegotiate… or not.
commented 2018-01-28 10:21:03 -0500
The UN should consider a name change.
Might I suggest UNOT?
This acronym stands for “United Nation’s of Terrorism”

Also, according to the book of revelations, the world will be led to a final war by the Antichrist.

There is no reason to believe the Antichrist need to be a person. It could well be an organization such as the UN.
commented 2018-01-28 10:08:46 -0500
The voice of sanity preaching in the wilderness.
commented 2018-01-28 03:40:37 -0500
Excellent commentary Keith Barnes… The obvious problem are the now thousands of socialist EU bureaucrats living in the bubble zone that is Brussels… Maybe something in the fat of those famous “french” fries??? Or is it the beer?…
commented 2018-01-28 03:20:45 -0500
Britain and the US will side with Orban and any other Country willing to stand up against the UN and EU. The fact that just about half of the US Air Force is stationed in Britain will put a damper on any idea’s the EU has. As for who controls the UN, this has been common knowledge, on these pages at least, for 18 months or more. The ordinary people on the streets of Countries like Germany and France are well aware of what is happening. If Orban, bless him, starts a rebellion, this will wake these ordinary people up. I see bloodshed in the near future, but though the Nuclear clock has possibly jumped a little closer to midnight, I do not think we are looking at WW3. Yet. The US, UK, AUS and NZ make up a strong force for any enemy to contend with. I wish I could have included Canada in my last sentence but with Trudeau in charge, Canada is, unfortunately an unknown quantity. Not because of the people, because of Trudeau. Another thing to worry about is, what percentage of the Allied Forces manpower are Muslims. Being shot in the back is a sad way to die.
commented 2018-01-28 03:14:09 -0500
From Finnland in the north, down through Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary and Croatia, Eastern Europeans are not buying this “open borders” EU bullshit… The international globalists in Brussels may wish that were not so, but Eastern Europe is not about to commit CULTURAL SUICIDE now evident in Western Europe… Too bad, so sad, Great Britain, France, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, and of course Angela Merkel’s Germany…
commented 2018-01-28 02:06:25 -0500
Bravo Zulu thanks for your comment and your commitment to the cause… I would like to remind all of our fellow conservatives to remember one thing… “It ain’t racism or bigotry if it’s true” .!! All them political correct clowns will scatter from the truth like cockroaches scattering from the light.. Every time we get called a biggot or racist for our concerns with the particular ideology that indulges itself in the raping of our women and children while promoting fear and hatred to everything not accepted by Islam, just a reminder to our accusers that it ain’t racism if it’s the truth .!!

And my right to exploit the truth trumps their right to deceive people with and by using feelings and political correctness to achieve subversive goals with an apocalyptic agenda .!!
commented 2018-01-28 01:50:54 -0500
Canada can learn from Hungary.
commented 2018-01-27 23:41:40 -0500
Bravo Zulu, excellent post. Yes, most Canadians think the UN is a noble organization, without knowing anything about it.

I discovered the truth about 5 years ago and was totally shocked with my research…it has gotten worse.
Trudeau is buying a seat on the security council with untold millions of tax payer money and frequent trips to New York.

This corrupt organization needs to be shut down, without any further ado.
commented 2018-01-27 23:30:03 -0500
Do yourself a favour and read this to see who runs most UN committees and organizations – it will be an eye opener:

UN Authority Figures

Here are some of the dictatorships and human rights basket-cases in UN leadership roles – positions that entail responsibilities diametrically opposed to their qualifications.

States in UN Leadership Positions

UN General Assembly, Vice-Presidents: Afghanistan, China, Gabon, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Zimbabwe

UN General Assembly First Committee (Disarmament and International Security), Chair: Iraq, Vice-Chair: Venezuela

UN General Assembly Third Committee, (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural), Vice-Chair: Eritrea, Qatar

UN General Assembly Fourth Committee (Special Political and Decolonization), Chair: Venezuela

UN Human Rights Council, Members: Afghanistan, Angola, China, Congo, Cote D’Ivoire, Cuba, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela

UN Commission on the Status of Women, CSW Members: Algeria, Bahrain, China, Congo, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Turkmenistan

UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Executive Board: Burkina Faso, China, Ethiopia, Russia, Sierra Leone, Sudan

UN Counter-Terrorism Centre (UNCCT), Advisory Board, Chair: Saudi Arabia

UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, Members: Afghanistan, Belarus, China, Egypt, Iran, Mauritania, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia

UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs, Member: Afghanistan

UN Economic and Social Council, Vice-President: Tajikistan, ECOSOC Members: Afghanistan, Algeria, Belarus, Burkina Faso, China, Lebanon, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Turkey

UN Women, President: United Arab Emirates, Executive Board: Bahrain, China, Gabon, Iran, Yemen

UN Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations, Vice-Chair and Rapporteur: Azerbaijan, Vice-Chair: Iran, Sudan, Turkey, Committee Members: Burundi, China, Mauritania, Pakistan, Russia

UN Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT), Governing Council: Afghanistan, China, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Zimbabwe

UN Post 9/11 Counter-Terrorism Committee (UNSC 1373), Chair: Egypt, Vice-Chair: Russia

UN Disarmament Commission, Vice-Chair: Libya, Executive Board: Iran

UN Committee on Information, Executive Bureau, Rapporteur: Iran, Committee Members: Belarus, China, Kazakhstan, Libya, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen

UN Special Committee on Decolonization, Executive Committee, Special Rapporteur: Syria

UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Executive Committee Members: Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Iran, Lebanon, Sudan

UN Commission on Science and Technology for Development, Members: Democratic Republic of the Congo, Saudi Arabia

UN Development Programme (UNDP) Executive Board: Cambodia, China, Cuba, Egypt, Saudi Arabia

UN Commission for Social Development, Members: China, Congo, Côte d’Ivoire, Sudan

UN World Food Programme, Executive Board: Sudan

UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, Member: Iran
Now, if you did indeed read it and get this far you now know more about the UN than 99% of the spoiled, arrogant, entitled and smug Canadians that think the UN is an honourable organization.

In fact it is not.

This is the reason the slaughter of Christians in the middle east is ignored – I trust you noted the religious leanings of the vast majority of the countries?

Yeah – lots more but I do not wish to bore you.

This is the UN that the Canadian government supports. And this is the UN that the Canadian people support.


commented 2018-01-27 22:41:29 -0500
I will not be shocked if we learn the UN sends in troops to force Visegard nations to submit to mass invasion of muslim migrants. Where will they get these troops? I believe the EU will supply them!
Globalists are using Islamists to do the dirty work.
commented 2018-01-27 21:40:12 -0500
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to the crap the UN is trying to force on them. “We could not participate in this; we must state it clearly.”

It’s crazy what they are asking countries to give up. Their borders, the rule of law, their culture and identity, their freedom and their security.
Orban, what a man, thank God for this man. A voice of sanity in all this madness.
My fellow Canadians, stop Trudeau from destroying our country before its too late. Don’t let his childish demeanour and his lies of taking Canada’s security seriously, fool you into a false sense of security. Watch what he is doing. His words are meaningless.
Oh where is our Orban?
commented 2018-01-27 21:19:01 -0500
Fuck the UN and Fuck the EUn.
commented 2018-01-27 19:23:31 -0500
commented 2018-01-27 19:23:30 -0500
commented 2018-01-27 18:42:45 -0500
commented 2018-01-27 17:43:49 -0500
Globalists have orchestrated this manged decline of Western civilization for decades. Visegrad nations in Europe are fighting to keep their borders intact and pushing back against the EU and UN – unelected bureaucrats who would flood them with migrants to dismantle their nation from within.

In North America, plans have been seriously interrupted….thank you President Trump!
commented 2018-01-27 16:34:53 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 34,683 Attacks, 225,665 Killed, 305,113 Injured that we know of.
commented 2018-01-27 16:28:35 -0500
… Exactly why Trudeau wants to destroy the borders of Canada.
… So, he can be the king of the world through the UN.