October 20, 2016

VIDEO: Leaders of Hungary, Bavaria defend anti-migrant policies

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

In late October, Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban, and Bavarian President Horst Seehofer gave a press conference to announce new migration policies which would oppose more Islamic migration into Europe.

Whether the migrant invasion wave was deliberately a population replacement program like the one suggested by the United Nations or was not, that appears to be the effect. At least in Germany.



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commented 2016-10-20 13:33:46 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 32,015 Attacks, 203,487 Killed, 284,963 Injured that we know of
commented 2016-10-20 12:42:56 -0400
I wish we had a leader like this in eastern Canada.

The provinces east of the Whine-terio/Manitoba border do have some good people. However the number is minuscule as compared to the scum sucking welfare demanding recipients.

War is coming to the eurotrash – who are for the most part even worse than those eastern canucklehads.

I cannot happen soon enough.
commented 2016-10-20 12:25:35 -0400
It won’t be long now..!!
commented 2016-10-20 10:58:04 -0400
Finally some leaders in Europe who stand up and do what the people want. Islam is a cancer and it will destroy Europe and they know it. Good for them. The rest of Europe seems content to be RUNNING TO THERE DEATH WITH IDIOTIC IMMIGRATION POLICYS.