September 17, 2015

Hungary's migrant crisis: "This is the demography of an invading army"

Rebel Staff

I talked with Hungarian-born George Igler of the Discourse Institute about what's happening in his homeland.

Muslim migrants on their way to Germany and Europe are passing through Hungary, and doing so violently.

Igler says Germany "really is at fault here" for promising to take in 800,000 illegal immigrants.

"If Angela Merkel in her senility prefers taking selfies with young Arab men than caring about the future of her country," said Igler, she should order Lufthansa to pick these Middle East migrants up and bring them to Germany rather than letting them drown.

Igler also compares the strict security he endures in European airports -- to ostensibly prevent Islamic terrorism -- with the open borders treatment actual Muslims are getting over land!

He also lays out a scenario in which "the Hungarian Left" would be "completely marginalized," with "the true far-right waiting to take their place.

The media won’t tell you all the facts about the migrant crisis.
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