November 23, 2015

Hypocrite: "Hyperfeminist" Wynne wears hijab in segregated mosque "like a good little submissive woman"

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is a hyperfeminist, a lesbian activist. She hates patriarchies, especially old white men who tell women what to do.

But watch and I'll show you a photo that she herself published, wearing a hijab and sitting in the women's only section of an Ottawa mosque, like a good little subservient, submissive woman, obedient to sharia law!

Of course, if sharia law were really in effect, she’d be thrown off the top of an apartment block, or hanged from a crane, which is the usual death sentence for homosexuality under radical Islam.

This isn’t just a case of, anything for a vote. It’s an insight into her mind. She despises our western, Judeo-Christian culture. But she’s an obedient little girl when it comes to the most reactionary patriarchy in the world — radical Islam.


Trudeau's Liberals MUST halt plans to bring in 25,000 Syrian refugees
until they can guarantee the safety of the Canadian people.

Believe that Muslim face coverings have no place in Canada?
The Rebel Store has the t-shirt for you: “Separation of Mosque and State”


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commented 2015-11-25 11:48:23 -0500
Yeah Rae, you hit the nail on the head here. Personally I will never accept muslims/islam in Canada. For that matter won’t accept another country killing Trudeau as PM. Going to be a long 4 years.
commented 2015-11-25 10:46:16 -0500
This POS needs to be strangled with that thing around her head. She has done more damage to Ontario in the last year than all the others combined in the last 20 years. She is a two faced C%&T and needs to go. She does not care about us in Ontario, she just cares about lining her and her friends pockets with our hard earned money. Can not wait till she is gone.
commented 2015-11-25 00:43:50 -0500
Rae you said it, they have both groups jumping when they say Jump.
commented 2015-11-24 22:55:21 -0500
Libs announced today they would be focusing their selection of immigrants on women, children, and yep, gay men. I can’t believe they’re discriminating against Muslim lesbians. Shame on you Mr Mcallum, next time Kathleen says rainbow people, she means both genders.
commented 2015-11-24 21:23:59 -0500
It amazingly scary just how much Power , Muslims have over our Politicians and Media. There are not even that many of them yet. Shit—-Just go tackle the weather—-even tho you have no clue as to what it will be on Dec25. Tax us to death and make sure that Muslims have first access to doctors. We will keep telling ourselves that we are the NICEST people in the whole wide World.
commented 2015-11-24 20:57:17 -0500
What if the English majority separated from the toxic bunch in the east .
commented 2015-11-24 20:27:13 -0500
Anne Smyth – I agree, it should be treason for both of these narcissists, but we all know the activist judges, stripped away the rights of the majority in Canada, a long time ago. They will do anything that is against the rights of the majority, and have used minority rights to override ours, time and again. I would say it began when PET unleashed his multicultural and bilingual acts on us, to ensure Canada would eventually fall to the communists. And, the majority of English speaking Canadians, would never be able to work for the federal government, but immigrants coming in to our country, qualify if they speak French. PET really handicapped English Canada, and now his son will be sure to finish us off. Those of us who grew up here when the true north was strong and free, will be morning Canada’s loss for a long time.
commented 2015-11-24 20:10:18 -0500
Who she is fooling? What a cheap show she is doing. Psychotic is the nearest word…
commented 2015-11-24 19:03:58 -0500
This is what happens when we have amateurs Provincially and Federally trying to run the country. Getting voted in is their reward for allowing Muslims to wear face covering while voting which wouldn’t even be allowed in their own country, also allowing face covering while taking the oath for citizenship! Neither Trudeau or Wynne have a patriotic bone in their bodies because if they did they wouldn’t betray Canadians as I think they are doing. To me, it’s equivalent to treason! I believe Trudeau and Wynne think P.R. is more important than patriotism.
commented 2015-11-24 18:01:45 -0500
STEVE FORTIN, I think the word is tragicomedy.
commented 2015-11-24 17:23:37 -0500
Oh my God rebel, I laughed so hard at this picture/article, I think I cried a bit! Too funny. This woman is a clown, and very hard to take seriously.
commented 2015-11-24 16:55:21 -0500
What a joke she is….Agree with earlier statement unfortunate her full face is not covered…
commented 2015-11-24 16:31:28 -0500
Oh, I’m sure there are plenty of Canadian Muslims would be more than happy to do FGM on Wynne.
commented 2015-11-24 15:27:13 -0500
They have already had the dress rehearsal, and now they are sticking it to our Canadian values. It looks like they are trying to lead the flock over the cliff. Well I for one, won’t be following their lead. Ever!
commented 2015-11-24 15:05:55 -0500
She is now taking her cues from Baby Trudeau, who has been taking his cues from the Ontario Liberals.

Trudeau has stated that he can’t pass by a mosque without going in to pray. He is always photographed in traditional North African garb while doing this. So now Wynn is taking a page from his playbook and already, just as Baby Trudeau did long before the election, court the Muslim vote. Why not? After all, a majority of Syrian “refugees” will be coming to Ontario, and if the majority of Ontario finally wake up, she will need every vote she can muster.
commented 2015-11-24 15:02:45 -0500
Colour me surprised, anything for a vote
commented 2015-11-24 14:18:29 -0500
The alliance between anti-human Islam and the “LGBTQ” exists because they’re both globalist-directed puppet agitator groups, they will not fight until master wills it.
commented 2015-11-24 13:41:32 -0500
We should send Wynne to Syria for her FGM. It will expand her understanding of Islam.
commented 2015-11-24 11:44:51 -0500
How is it that a mosque even allows a lesbian into its premises? Is there some alliance between Islam and homosexuals?
commented 2015-11-24 10:31:35 -0500
speaking as a cisgender, misogynist MRA, I really like seeing wynne bow to the patriarchy. her feminist autism needs medicating.
well done Kathleen !
commented 2015-11-24 10:08:32 -0500
So are these Moslems she saw fit to cowtow to going to reciprocate and march with her in the next gay pride parade?
commented 2015-11-24 08:38:00 -0500
Please drop the use of the word radical before Islam. In comparison with western democratic values all Islam is radical.
commented 2015-11-24 08:28:56 -0500
She should wear a niqab to cover that face!
commented 2015-11-24 07:27:49 -0500
Sorry Ezra, but worldwide patriarchy is INHUMAN and INHUMANE…and from the pit of hell as far as I am concerned…as is radical secular feminism, that only finds a solution in the destruction of patriarchy rather than in leading people into relational equality and mutual respect for one another ( how hard is this to grasp, people?)… this photo puts two extremely offensive ideas together…too bad no one lit a match. Is it any wonder that someone noticed how miserable the women look…wouldn’t you, FORCED into this unnatural situation…IN UTTER ENDLESS BONDAGE?

Wynne may think she is helping these women by sitting with them, but she is just tightening the noose they already have around their necks.
commented 2015-11-24 02:19:07 -0500
BARRY BELCOURT, commented 8 hours ago, Does she know about this?
Start watching at 20:30
Barry, I would encourage people to watch the whole video. Love the gumption of this American gal. Starts out with a good hook to be employed, that is, emphasizing that Islam is a political system, no different from Nazism, masquerading as a religion.
With respect to the part beginning at 20:30, no wonder that Wynne is so glum, because according to Islam, women are considered to be subhuman animals (less valuable than cattle and livestock), deficient in intelligence and destined for hell! And, as well, women are considered simply as fields to be plowed. You know the troll may have a point, inane as it is, saying that Wynne has ‘courage’ being there. No, on second thought, I’ll go with stupid “useful idiot”. You’ve got to watch the section about the case of the supposed “Infertility” problem in Afghanistan.
commented 2015-11-24 01:27:54 -0500
Ezra, indeed, it’s an insight into her mind, just like that of the inane mind of her admirer, the left-wing troll: Simply, for the “useful idiots”, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
commented 2015-11-24 01:22:22 -0500
Why isn’t she wearing a rainbow shirt?
commented 2015-11-24 01:12:13 -0500
Sean did Justins wife ever do this? Now tell me why it is bad for Harpers wife but somehow good for Justins wife to never have done this?
commented 2015-11-24 00:35:09 -0500
isn’t this `cultural appropriation’? i thought that the prophetic voices of liberalism had identified this as the new great evil to combat.