May 12, 2016

I ask Liberal MPs: Why does their government REFUSE to answer questions about refugee screening?

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

This morning I was invited to testify before the House of Commons committee on Access to Information. We here at The Rebel use access to information laws hundreds of times a year.

But today I wanted to tell the committee about one instance that goes back to January:

We asked to see the questionnaire “refugees” were reportedly being given during “screening.” The government told us there WAS no questionnaire. That was just the start of a long, frustrating (and surreal) back and forth between the Rebel and the government.

You can see it all at

Now back to today. After my testimony, I was questioned. First by Wayne Long, a Liberal MP from New Brunswick. Then Liberal MP Bob Bratina, a former journalist from Hamilton. Frankly, I think they were both startled by what I told them.

Even so, do you think there’s any hope that the Liberal government will ever live up to all its promises of transparency?

NEXT: Gavin McInnes comes on to talk to me about Sophie Trudeau's pleas for more help (on the taxpayer's dime). Wait until you hear his theory about why she feels so entitled!

THEN: Edmonton Sun Columnist Lorne Gunter is tracking the Fort Mac fires and Justin Trudeau's response to them. He and I compare Justin to his father and HIS treatment of Alberta.

FINALLY: Your emails and tweets to me!

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commented 2016-05-15 13:15:12 -0400
What about the people stabbed in Germany on Tuesday, One died, Never heard nothing, Allah Akbar
commented 2016-05-14 20:29:26 -0400
I believe the morning and evening fix lady’s name is Emily Pratt. The middle east news guy is Iguel Heche, but I probably spelled his name wrong.

I rather enjoyed watching these two.
commented 2016-05-14 17:34:15 -0400
R Rick Jackman… I will gladlyrics join you in your fight to separate the West for the east. I have lived here all my life and I really thought after all the Quebec PM’s we had and finally have a PM from out west was a god send. I was really hoping I would never see another PM from that spoil basket case of a province, but sadly I was wrong. I need to move in the worst possible way! But even though I’m an easterner I am most definitely not like most lazy asses that live here. But I like you am just tired of these I dots that call themselves Canadian.
commented 2016-05-14 17:25:46 -0400
Ezra re; your comments on your testimony about the ATI. When the one Minister said that the delay was due to he thought was for security reasons. Well I would have brought up that even one of the Security advisors stated to Brian Lilley when asked how many Refugees were denied after questioning and his response was NONE! So this leads one to believe that if there was questions they must be asked is not a security thing because not one refugee has be denied! So this ministers response holds no water. In fact I think it has so many holes in it that even the dumbestimate individual could see though all this BS!
commented 2016-05-14 02:39:38 -0400
> I hate to see the rebel part ways with the morning and evening fix lady, or the middle east news guy

Who would that be? I am actually a paying subscriber but only tune in occasionally. Thx.
commented 2016-05-14 00:15:41 -0400
the more trudashian shows his hatred for the west the faster the western separatist movement will grow and the sooner we’ll be rid of Ottawa free the west
commented 2016-05-13 23:21:58 -0400
Libs are threatened with expulsion if they go against the orders of the “hiter equivalent” islamic pm.

They do not want to be tossed off the gravy train.

And yes – the new pm is a hitler.

It will become more and more apparent as time goes by.
commented 2016-05-13 19:36:16 -0400
“Pure” As in Pure Laine.
commented 2016-05-13 17:15:09 -0400
I have to confess it has made me curious as to what possible questions would be a security risk. Are you gay? Have you ever killed anyone? I may be wrong but I think the answers would be more of a risk than simple questions.
commented 2016-05-13 16:08:20 -0400
Thanks Marilyn, my bad, and good question.
commented 2016-05-13 14:38:35 -0400
Great show!
commented 2016-05-13 13:46:14 -0400
One possible interpretation of the events is a request was made to which the response was there is no questionnaire. That may have been the truth. So the answer given was truthful but when it was mentioned that a paper had been seen, they changed their story to cover for what the thought was an exposed lie (really anything could have been on a sheet in which we have no details on) but revealing a more damning admission that there was no set out policy or standard questionnaire being used. The extension then being demanded was to give them time to cover their own tracks or just hope this story fades from public conscious and interest. The security issues may have been that there was no serious security effort and the government itself is the real security problem. I really wish this story was getting more traction from other media sites but I can’t say I’m surprised.
commented 2016-05-13 13:27:43 -0400
Come on, Rebel enthusiasts (which includes me)….did you not listen to Ezra’s monologue thoroughly? The Liberals did NOT invite him to this phony Access To Information Committee. Ezra distinctly gave thanks to CONSERVATIVE M.P. Blaine Calkins, who was the Chairman of the Committee, for the invitation. The real puzzlement is, why did a majority Liberal government condescend to appoint a (enemy) Conservative to head the sham…..tokenism? Just a thought.
commented 2016-05-13 12:04:59 -0400
Sophie is vying to out WACKIE the mother in law living in the attic ~!?!
commented 2016-05-13 11:58:47 -0400
A pampered/neurotic Quebecoise with delusions of grandeur ….. she believes she’s a STAR ….. A perfect narcissist fit to, boy-wonder, JUST-IN … I wonder how often they go through the looking glass and how often they scamper down the rabbit-hole……
" Canada they’re Baaaaaack " no amount of ♪ ♫ Sunny ways! ♫ ♪…..  can make this circus side show easier to accept , what an national embarrassment ….
commented 2016-05-13 09:34:52 -0400
I wonder why liberal MPs invited Ezra in the first place? Because the Rebel asks for more access to information than any other outfit or person in Canada?

The liberal government should not be allowed to hold onto information we have a right to have access to. How can they be kept from abusing their power this way? It is an abuse of power.
commented 2016-05-13 09:14:40 -0400

Good points. The hag was not elected nor is she a hired civil servant. She is simply some of the Brainless Twat’s baggage and as such should stay home.
Speaking engagements, I’m sure if she gives speeches, she is being paid. She can cover the cost of the staff she wants using the money she earns from the appearances she makes.
She seems to get a lot of requests for appearing at events. Great, she should pay for it herself. It has been my experience that when you invite someone to give a keynote address or speech, you group inviting pays the freight.

She needs to be taken down a peg along with her brainless twat of a husband.

commented 2016-05-13 08:47:38 -0400
D’Artagnan Justin is as sharp as a bag of door knobs. Also Paul Martin is not a Quebecer but born & raised in Ontario so that would not make him a Prime Minister from Quebec. Just like the Baltics is “not a thing” what can you expect from a moron. As for Sophie “Marie Antoinette” Trudeau should fade to the background and raise her kids. She is not an elected representative nor a hired civil servant, so shut up no one is asking you to do anything. Could you imagine if Lauren Harper had said what la " belle" Sophie had said. The Harpers managed to raise two children during his tenure in the place that the Trudeaus’ will not live in because it’s not up to their standard. Morons attract each other and attract other morons. Because you know they are both loud & proud feminists!
commented 2016-05-13 08:15:25 -0400
The government of the day wants to allow 25000 refugees entry into Canada.
Assuming it takes an average of thirty minutes to interview each individual, this means that 12500 hours of interview time is required. It would require 6 years or 312 weeks of forty hours to carry out the interviews.
Yet our illustrious PM wants to do it in how long?
Brainless twat, mouth opens before the so-called brain is engaged. Um, I forgot. I just finished saying he was a brainless twat.

commented 2016-05-13 07:38:40 -0400
I think Ezra mad a good point about if it was the past administration going all secretive their would have been a huge media and public outcry. What is to stop any administration now from using this tactic anytime they want to be less than forthcoming especially if they have an election approaching and some details were felt better hidden until an election was over. If there are legitimate security issues there should be a body who decides if they are legitimate not the PMO’s office alone. I really hope they see the importance of this issue and the dangerous precedent it could set it allowed to stand without sufficient challenge or regulation. It also suggests a degree of arrogance on the part of this government who seem to think they can dictate the rules.
commented 2016-05-13 07:27:03 -0400
Liza Rosie: It might be interesting to talk to a few of the “refugees” and find out what they know. Although it would be less than ideal as they probably have a limited memory as to what was asked and there may be some translation issues if they are even willing to assist but still I am doubtful they were sworn to secrecy. It might reveal if they have any knowledge as to what possibly was a security threat or put more pressure on the government if it comes out they have no awareness of security issues.
commented 2016-05-13 03:53:51 -0400
Actually, I have no intent on buying a subscription. My $8 per month is better spent on netflix.

There were, however, times when I was tempted to buy a rebel shirt or even to make a donation. But when some belligerent douchebag like Gavinappears on the rebel, I close my wallet.

I hate to see the rebel part ways with the morning and evening fix lady, or the middle east news guy, but keep some asshole like Gavin on staff.

I still remember the last video I watched with him in it. He mocked impoverished oldasian women for picking up garbage to make a living. Is this what you want from Canada’s sole conservative news channel? Ezra, I hope you are reading this.
commented 2016-05-13 02:05:29 -0400
Who cares Anonymous. I expect as many like Gavin, as not, so you are a not, so what. I guess you won’t ever get premium content then. Too bad for you. Or maybe the Rebel will get right on that request for you.
commented 2016-05-13 01:49:36 -0400
Gavin is an obnoxious and ignorant prick. I will donate to the rebel when Gavin is no longer a part of it.
commented 2016-05-13 01:41:29 -0400
Liberal transparency LMAO! No such thing. Of course the trolls will still say Justin has an OPEN government , they are as dumb as he is.
commented 2016-05-12 23:38:47 -0400
It is actually quite impressive of them to have the smarts to invite you at all Ezra. Its as if they actually wanted real answers, amazing. You’re the man Ezra, you were reasonable and measured in your answers and as calm and succinct as I have ever seen you. Not as flamboyant as we are used to, but entirely impressive, and I would hazard to guess, effective. I don’t think you could have come across better.

Edward Jobin I agree, the content of the ‘questionaire’ must come out. Isn’t there an interpreter used in the interviews with the refugees we could entice onto the show or were they all vowed to secrecy also.

Regarding Sophie, I predict she will be as entertaining as Mother Margaret was/is. She is perfect for Justin in so many ways, she lives in her own little Idaho just like Justin, and her lack of self awareness is only matched by her husband and his mommy. They are all nutbars.
Pierre was a lot of things but I don’t think you could say he was not self aware.
Please if you are going to run that clip of Sophie yodelling again, post a warning beforehand. It is just too brutal to watch/listen to.
I wonder if Michelle Obama saw it, I’ll bet she laughed and sneered, and then smacked Barack for drooling.
commented 2016-05-12 22:54:00 -0400
It seems to me we have been assured on several occasions there were no security concerns and they even sent Ralph Goodale to Washington to offer assurances everything is under control. So now it appears they haven’t been honest with the Canadian public or with our American counterparts or they would not have blocked your request. Now even more I want to see what is in these documents that warrants such secrecy.
commented 2016-05-12 22:35:05 -0400
I’d like to know why after the arbitrary time of 300 days these security issues will no longer exist?
commented 2016-05-12 21:37:18 -0400
Good point KARAN SINGH the REBEL should ask theConsertives why — it’s their job to us

You handled with kid gloves EZRA , if you would have been more you know, well the msmers would have had an uneven field day

I still can’t believe that shallow hollow empty suit is the pm

And remember what you said when we first started up—- I collecting all the dead old crows in the bush for you to eat