I am unable to sign into my Premium Content account


Premium Content memberships are separate from a free Rebel account.

To sign into your free Rebel account click here.

To sign into your Premium Content account click here and click Sign In. 

Use the login information you used to subscribe to Premium Content. In order to view Premium Content you must be a paid subscriber. If you have forgotten your password you can click the Forgot Password link below the sign in box.

Third party cookies MUST be enabled in order to sign in or play our Premium Content videos. For steps on checking this type "enable third party cookies" into your search engine as well as your internet browser - for example "Mozilla Firefox".

If you still need assistance ensuring that cookies are on, email support@therebel.media. Please mention which internet browser and device you are using. 

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commented 2018-02-16 17:35:09 -0500
No I just want a simple log in button that I can’t find