February 01, 2016

Ian Lee: “It is specious nonsense to say that Canada’s economy is not diversified." Here is how environmental groups mislead us

Brian LilleyArchive

If you caught Trudeau’s interview on CBC recently, you would have seen an interesting interview he did with an oil worker who wanted to know what he would do to help out what was obviously a struggling sector

While he expressed sympathy to the worker, he once again came back to the oft-repeated refrain that Canada’s economy needed to be diversified.

So I sat down with Ian Lee, Professor of Economics at the Sprott School of Business and asked him to help set the record straight on this charge we often hear from the left and particularly environmentalist groups.


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commented 2016-02-05 15:37:08 -0500
You guys talked about the wide variety of jobs that Canadians hold in the service and information sectors, but how many of these jobs rely on the money produced by the oil sands? You guys didn’t even both to touch on that fact. Oil brings money into our economy and people employed in that sector spend money in the economy which generates jobs. All of those diversified jobs you talked about rely economically on the stimulus produced by the oil industry. Your argument is deeply flawed and just designed to deceive people. Shame on you
commented 2016-02-02 15:18:29 -0500
Brian, maybe next time you & Ian could break down those numbers a little more for us and determine how many of these sectors are takers or makers. I think the importance of our natural resources would be increased. I know the union bosses would be the first to say public sector workers pay taxes too, dammit! I would counter that argument by saying they are also paid with taxpayer money.
commented 2016-02-02 14:03:37 -0500
That would explain why Trudeau doesn’t think blocking pipelines is a problem — he is counting votes and thinks he can manage well enough without the support of the less than half a million workers in the resources sector.
commented 2016-02-02 11:33:50 -0500
I have always thought that anyone who takes selfies are a bit narcisstic. In definition " having an excessive or erotic interest in oneself,one’s physical features, one’s gift of speach, one’s ability to attract attention. There is no one on this planet that has taken more selfies than justin trudeau. What does that tell you about our current prime minister? He is a person totally self- absorbed in his greatness and thorouly convinced that the budget will balance itself…Of course it will balance with deficite spending which will escalate us into a mirror of the u.s. What a retard!
commented 2016-02-02 11:14:58 -0500
CBC should have had an in depth face to face with Wiaton Willie , who obviously knows more about the climate than our beloved comrade Trudeau.
commented 2016-02-02 10:32:13 -0500
Donch just love watching PM Selfie using big words he doesn’t understand – the statement about “We will grow diversified economy” -this is obviously a mindless toss-off talking point , but on the wider scope I don’t believe he or anyone advising him have any idea about this nation’s economic engines -I they did they would be paniced at the rate Ontario is deindustrializing and turning into a big-box store service economy with low wage unskilled job demands.

But hey, adding some dramatic flair to vacuous talking point zingers are so much easier than actually understanding the national economic landscape- and no, PM Selfie, touring some chicken processing plants for campaign photo ops does not constitute a ground floor understanding of our economy..
commented 2016-02-02 09:52:46 -0500
Saw as much of that CBC/Liberal propaganda that I could stand. Had to change the channel when I felt myself starting to vomit. I can’t believe people actually believe all that crap and paid for by our taxes too.
commented 2016-02-02 06:40:21 -0500
What no trolls on this story? Funny how they scatter their shit and run when real facts are presented. Thanks Brian and prof. Lee
commented 2016-02-02 05:12:46 -0500
It’s not that Trudeau is full of shit, it’s that stupid Canadians believe this idiot.

Wait until Trump becomes President. Justin will be getting coffee and donuts like never before.
commented 2016-02-02 01:27:01 -0500
I like Ian Lee. This guy knows what he is talking about from many different angles and he always cuts to the chase. Please bring him back soon and often.
commented 2016-02-02 01:07:22 -0500
O&G makes up about 8% of Canada’s GDP, so diversification is a strong component of the Canadian economy already. JT wants to maintain a terminal crisis in Canada so that he can finance every single boondoggle that comes his way. Canada will have its own Solyndra before long, and billions will be tossed into a pit never to be seen again.
commented 2016-02-02 00:36:26 -0500
Prime Minister Selfie should adhere to this advice: Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.
commented 2016-02-02 00:04:37 -0500
Prof Lee, always love listening to him, Trudeau would do well to sit down with him & get educated on the facts of a diverse economy, which obviously he is totally clueless or is he? He wants to get rid of the oil industry & if that’s not entirely possible, diminish it’s importance as much as he can, so he can peddle his green agenda. So what better way to do this than by trying to convince voters that all the other industries are so much more important & therein lies Canada’s economic future.
commented 2016-02-01 23:56:08 -0500
Those personal 10 minute interviews with the PM (that is supposed to make you think the Libs are transparent) was such a phony setup. The people and the questions were all pre-selected, and rehearsed bs.

They had to find the right actors from the various regions like the Maritimes, Alberta etc. with the right prescribed issues to match the right questions etc. so Junior could practice his face twisting drama acting with his scripted answers.
Once they found and auditioned the actors, probably in CBC studios, they then had to buy plane tickets for them and hotels rooms for accommodation in Ottawa or Toronto, find them transportation and babysit them etc.

The Rebel should send in an FOI to find out how much this charade cost us taxpayers including management coordination fees etc. .
commented 2016-02-01 23:55:02 -0500
While most that was said by Prof. Lee is valid, what was overlooked was the taxes generated by the resource sector and it’s collateral interests such as banking and the investment community, and the taxes paid by highly-paid resource workers. Though public sector workers pay taxes – their employers don’t. The private sector is carrying the load while governments and their workers get the benefits of income security, pensions, and the good life. This must change!
commented 2016-02-01 22:49:28 -0500
Love Prof Lee, but my fellow conservatives drive me crazy. They admit they’re lousy communicators, then do nothing about it. Why didn’t Harper challenge the media and other parties about their ignorance and misinformation leading up to the election?? Common’ Con’s, get it together!!

The Lefty’s are down right psychotic. Who in their right mind, would develop theories and try to run a country without first doing their homework? Even if it’s just to not feel stupid when someone calls you on it. I wouldn’t dream of it, would you? Of course not. But these psychopaths are so arrogant, they don’t even think they need to look stuff up, they think they “already know”.
commented 2016-02-01 22:21:38 -0500
The reason for this lie is undoubtedly so the Liberals can justify funnelling public money into private ventures which they will select. under the guise of economic diversification. And the people who elected Trudeau will think it’s constructive and wonderful. Gotta hand it to PM Butts, he is not stupid. I’d forgotten how much I loathe these vermin.
commented 2016-02-01 21:54:31 -0500
Sure there is lots of diversity in the workplace, but the question should be what part of the diversity actually creates wealth? A banker, lawyer, politician right down to the burger flipper do not create wealth. The wealth comes from those who harvest the trees and crops or extract the minerals and fossil fuels from the earth or from taking those resources and transforming into usable goods that are consumed, used for shelter or to improve societies lot in life. Sure educators and health care professionals are needed in the mix as well as others just to keep the flow of things going ahead. Politicians should be bearing this in mind before they start embarking on some of their silly schemes to tax and impair the true wealth creators as they themselves are more like parasites to the whole process.
commented 2016-02-01 21:42:33 -0500
That was an eye opener for me .
When IAN comes on I pay full attention.
Good interview!
commented 2016-02-01 20:50:18 -0500
Why haven’t the Conservatives called them out on this matter? We need a strong opposition and right now we don’t seem to have one. They shouldn’t be able to get away with this b.s. As soon as they try to sell this crap someone from the Conservative party should get up in the commons or go to the media and force them to clear this misinformation up.
commented 2016-02-01 20:30:05 -0500
Ian is no doubt correct about anti-resource ENGO’s spreading disinformation on this. But, for Liberals “diversification” is also a political and ideological buzzword that they repeat over and over to imply there’s a problem, a lack of diversification, that Liberals will rescue us from. It’s much like their election meme “helping the middle class”, as if that was a problem that needed fixing when 90+% of the population are middle class and thriving (lots of votes in that group).

Neither “diversification” nor “the middle class” represent problems that need fixing. They’re just buzzwords for liberals to spin when chasing votes (always) and ENGO’s pushing an anti-industrial agenda and fund raising.
commented 2016-02-01 20:27:02 -0500
I wonder how long it will be before Canadians start to say ‘enough is enough’ and really mean it?
commented 2016-02-01 20:01:56 -0500
Thank-you Brian Lilley and Ian Lee for dispelling the idea tha Alberta and Canada are not diversified.
commented 2016-02-01 19:58:54 -0500
Hey Brian, embarrassingly I had to look up the definition of “specious.” Great word and soooo apropos! I shall be using it regularly!
commented 2016-02-01 19:54:00 -0500
Hard to give a responsible answer when one only gets their information from PM Butts!
commented 2016-02-01 19:53:45 -0500
Ian Lee is as informative as always and it’s a pleasure to see him on TheRebel. One criticism is that at the end, he conflates Zero-Carbon Economy and Zero-Carbon World. Considering that 97% of all CO₂ emissions are natural in origin (only 3% are man-made and only 0.048% are from Canadian people), a zero-carbon economy does not imply a zero-carbon world in which all plant life dies off. Only some plant life would die off in a zero-carbon economy. Plants thrive best with CO₂ levels around 1500 PPM and we are currently only at 400 PPM.
commented 2016-02-01 19:29:59 -0500
Wow ian lee gives trudeau more credit than he deserves. It is obvious what a socialist bastard he is but lee thinks he is just uninformed. No he knows exactly what he is doing continuing his daddys mission to make canada communist
commented 2016-02-01 19:25:09 -0500
Justin is a dangerous ignoramus
commented 2016-02-01 19:20:09 -0500
Posed in wrong place :(
commented 2016-02-01 19:19:49 -0500
Even Andrew Coyne pointed out, in his “Trudeau’s Classless Remark in Davos” article, under Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s governance Canada’s energy component went from 10% to 9% of GDP, i.e. more baskets with different stuff.