February 05, 2017

Identity politics backfires: How false narrative of “sexism” keeps women out of STEM jobs

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

A study from National Academy of Sciences is busting the myth that women can’t get jobs in science related fields due to sexism

Researchers sent out hypothetical narrative summaries of male and female candidates for assistant professorships to 371 universities across 50 states which were to be evaluated by an equal number of male and female tenured faculty members.

The summaries included a variety of lifestyles like single with no kids, married with no kids, single parent, etc..

The results showed a strong 2:1 preference for females in biology, engineering and psychology and an equal preference between men and women in economics.

As for lifestyle, female faculty preferred divorced moms over married fathers by over 40% and male faculty members preferred married men, but only by a little over 14%, while single women were preferred 3 times to 1 by male faculty and 4 times to 1 by female faculty.

Another study issued by the Association for Psychological Science found that the reason for any disparity is that women aren’t majoring in STEM subjects and therefore, aren’t even applying for these highly coveted STEM jobs.

Gloomy headlines about the futility of women pursuing STEM jobs, create a false injustice. It may provide great talking points for politicians who will use them to gain support but these studies illustrate how identity politics can backfire to the detriment of the groups that the left pretend to champion.

Women aren’t entering these fields because they’re under the false impression that they don’t have a chance and, judging by these reports, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

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commented 2017-02-06 17:43:21 -0500
…if these ‘ideas’ are in the schools, they’ll be in your ‘society’.

so’s the only thing that’ll get rid of this stuff is a market-based edu system..how far is Canada from that? cuz’ that’s probably the only reasonable, lasting solution.

The good news is that this solution is pretty comprehensive.
commented 2017-02-06 10:55:28 -0500
I would like to see the best Person for the job get it. Not the social grind that we need to hire a female so people won’t frown on the company so they pick a candidate that answers those social needs and not the absolute best applicant. Strike one for more mediocrity in the work force.
commented 2017-02-06 03:05:06 -0500
Women stay out of STEM fields because they just don’t have much of an interest in the subject area. Simple as that.
commented 2017-02-06 02:42:20 -0500
God I am so sick of this gender parity shit.
commented 2017-02-05 23:00:06 -0500
Everything the Left does backfires – EVERYTHING!!
commented 2017-02-05 20:52:10 -0500
so?…big whoop. Much of all-political including agendas narratives, propaganda, and their objectives isn’t about recognizing, it’s about changing. All of these studies, of which there could be as many as the Left’s contentions, are only a good first step. You’ve got to stop the rewards received by the lying Press, politicians and overall…the political enablers. That’s by exposing the Progressive-Left’s platform…piece by piece, to honest people while convincing them they don’t want to believe the – usually anemic – lies.