September 19, 2016

If “Climate Barbie” McKenna would lie about THIS, what else will she lie about?

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Canada’s Environment and Climate Change Minister, Catherine McKenna went on CTV’s Question Period with Evan Solomon over the weekend to make some crazy and flatly wrong assertions.

First she threatened to ignite a unity crisis by bullying Saskatchewan into a carbon tax. And then just before the end of the interview, she told a whopper of a lie.

Catherine McKenna said she writes her own tweets.

You’re probably thinking that makes perfect sense since Canada’s Climate Barbie routinely falls victim to parody accounts and low level joke tweets about climate change, like when Alan from Saskatchewan trolled her about eliminating security lighting to save the planet from a carbon doomsday.

We FOI’ed McKenna’s social media because of Alan’s clever troll job and found out she doesn’t write her own tweets. She lied. Twenty-four people help her with her social media.

McKenna has an army of people who stage un-spontaneous photos, draft tweets and help her with her awkward selfies.

Don’t worry Canada, this person who can’t manage her own social media is going to put a national price on carbon whether Saskatchewan likes it or not. What could possibly go wrong?

If McKenna lies about the small stuff like her social media, imagine the big stuff she would lie about.

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commented 2017-11-06 17:19:25 -0500
The enviro-fanatics Trudeau appointed are out of touch with economics, the working class and the everyday normal lives of Canadians. They are there for one reason only…the Liberal agenda.
commented 2016-09-20 20:26:08 -0400
Global warming and cooling has been happening for the last 4.5 billion years. The left, known for their ability to embellish a mouse breaking wind to an atomic explosion, have decided they can predict weather based upon 200 years of records. To put that in perspective, that is comparable to studying the oceans depths by inspecting the top 15 cm.
commented 2016-09-20 16:13:49 -0400
Catherine McKenna is Minister of the Environment and “Climate Change….hahaha!” because it is was 2015 when she was appointed.
Justin Trudeau is Prime Minister because an awful lot of Canadian voters are moral, social, and political morons.
commented 2016-09-20 14:26:04 -0400
Thanks BUGS…. They got a blast from me on that link, I’ll probably be on an ndp stasi watch list now. Hey Bugs, did you go to Climate Hustle? I hope a lot of the rebel posters got to go. Should be mandatory viewing for the libs and dems.

As for our esteemed C. McKenna, she would have a hard time counting to 1. I would love to see her have a climate debate with Tim Ball or Patrick Moore or Mark Morano or my outdoor cat. She would lose to all of them. She must bring pride to our conservative ladies, NOT !!!! It would be of interest to compare McKenna’s IQ with that of Freeland. You’d have to add them together to reach double digits.

DJBT et al
commented 2016-09-20 11:56:53 -0400
For any Albertans reading this, here is a link where you can give our government your feedback about their “Climate Leadership Plan” (i.e. income redistribution/economy hindering plan disguised as climate action):
commented 2016-09-20 10:03:17 -0400
Canada’s Clinton.
commented 2016-09-20 09:34:32 -0400
what else would she lie about. she is a liberal pretty much everything. If there lips are moving they are lying.
commented 2016-09-20 08:50:40 -0400
Bill Elder asked, “So who do we delegate as “Climate Ken”?”

PM Airhead “the puppet” Trudeau.
commented 2016-09-20 08:35:36 -0400
@lloyd Nolan;

The " Glee Cub "?

Now that’s priceless!

How about this?
" The Federal Glee Club of Canada ", where you too can become PM with no experience, and no brain!
I might have exaggerated on the no brain part. After all, Gerald Buttfuck does inject his brains on a regular basis, anally of course, but when Commie Ballerina goes pooh……..
Never mind,
I take it back,
No brain after all!
commented 2016-09-20 07:30:52 -0400
As usual, I might comment, Sheila looks great.
commented 2016-09-20 07:30:13 -0400
I guess that marionet McKenna is there to upgrade the ratio of women in office at JUT cabinet members, what a useless eco-leftist , people going into politics with no credentials and getting to run our economy to the ground, welcome to socialism made in Canada.
commented 2016-09-20 03:58:00 -0400
That’s not a “climate barbie”.

Kath Mckenna is a “climate whore” doing cameos on a subject that is fake.

CO2 makes plants grow – but when you think about it, if CO2 is cut, then all those malnourished vegans on the left will starve themselves even more.

Maybe climate change isn’t so useless a subject after all.
commented 2016-09-20 03:55:31 -0400
Bravo Zulu commented 1 hour ago
Just my thoughts………

She and the fag boy are likely getting it on – how else did she get her job.

Even fag boy is smart enough to know she is a dumb ass.

Not fag boy – closet homosexual. But shhhh, don’t tell his bulimic wife Sophie – it may distract her from writing her next song.
commented 2016-09-20 02:39:46 -0400
Just my thoughts………

She and the fag boy are likely getting it on – how else did she get her job.

Even fag boy is smart enough to know she is a dumb ass.

Call it a returned favour.

So now she rides that bike in public and the fag boy in private.

Just my guess.
commented 2016-09-20 01:18:26 -0400
Back in high school, many, many years ago, our favourite cheerleader was the perky blonde who had the big “W” sewn on her undies buttside when she flashed them… (I went to Western Tech and Commerce in Toronto, eh?)… Bless Catherine McKenna for reviving those “bimbo” memories…
commented 2016-09-20 01:13:10 -0400
Great report Sheila!
commented 2016-09-20 01:05:39 -0400
I don’t find her attractive at all, big long nose, straight bleached hair, traiteress personality and a liar at that. Yup, she surely matches evil trudoop’s power and destructive agenda. Would never give her the time of day.
commented 2016-09-20 01:05:37 -0400
I don’t find her attractive at all, big long nose, straight bleached hair, traiteress personality and a liar at that. Yup, she surely matches evil trudoop’s power and destructive agenda. Would never give her the time of day.
commented 2016-09-19 23:51:40 -0400
McKenna got the job because she looks the part.
She dresses like a university student, she’s riding a bike when she should be working, and she’s as irresponsible as a teenager.
There, all the necessary qualifications required by her pretty boy boss who will bring her with him to show off his token.
And…he’s the Ken!
Hey, David Menzies should ask her if she knows what women’s suffrage.
commented 2016-09-19 23:50:04 -0400
McKenna riding a bike in stiletto shoes?
commented 2016-09-19 23:37:35 -0400
I grow so tired of the hopelessness of the situation and as I reach deep for emotional strength to carry-on and not lose traction in spite of the overwhelming odds against us the very many by the very few… As these overwhelming feelings of gray then to black leading to depression and anger I then realize
“that is how they want us all to feel”… It would make their jobs much easier.
“Anger is much more useful than despair”
commented 2016-09-19 23:05:55 -0400
McKenna’s ignorance never ceases to amaze me! Certainly makes one wonder how she got through law school. Mind you, it is not beyond reason that she might have jumped onto the “environmental” bandwagon as a consequence of being brainwashed prior to and/or during a stint as “a legal adviser for the UN in East Timor and on trade issues in Indonesia.”

The knowledge base of her little army of tweeters is obviously equally inadequate – and her own does not seem to have advanced since her post-Paris appearance on CBC’s Power and Politics, during the course of which she embraced the 1.5 degrees C “goal”.


But McKenna (and/or her official army of tweeters) was evidently having a fabulous time today at the Museum of Nature where it seems there was a Great Debate on identifying Canada’s National Bird.

So, if nothing else, one can reasonably claim that McKenna is, well, definitely for the birds;-)
commented 2016-09-19 22:26:13 -0400
Trudeau and his cabinet are all scripted players. The only thing they do is pose for the cameras and collect their pay. Not one of them is qualified for their positions, including Junior himself. Compared with Harper, boy blunder has nothing going for him, except his father’s name. PET was an intellect, but his boy is dumber than a bag of rubber hammers.
commented 2016-09-19 22:18:24 -0400
Leviticus 2013 commented – "What the hell are her credentials that qualify her as the best person for the job..??! "

La Petite Patate has told you, it’s her genitalia which got her the job. Nice hair also goes a long way in pushing you up the ladder in the tiny ‘tater caucus, but you don’t want better hair than the head potato – career ending thing right there.
commented 2016-09-19 22:17:14 -0400
We need Manitoba to BC in order for the west to separate, otherwise the hysterical climate liars will keep SK landlocked.
commented 2016-09-19 22:01:06 -0400
And furthermore… What the hell are her credentials that qualify her as the best person for the job..??!
commented 2016-09-19 21:59:31 -0400
Billy Howard… You talk like a leftist sympathizer because we do not need BC… We have full spectrum farming, full spectrum logging and development and various forms of energy including oil, natural gas, and coal as well as electricity to sell into the grid… all of these are international commodities and I’m sure that our neighbors to the south would be more than happy to do business with us and allow us access to their ports or we could develop Churchel port in northern Manitoba so please don’t say that separation hinges on a port city being Canadian.. For all the rest we have trucking and railways so what is the problem… We don’t need an alignment with Ontario because all we do is pay them huge dollars as a colony of Canada for the dictatorships that they give us .
commented 2016-09-19 21:46:00 -0400
“Climate Barbie” ROTHFLAO!!! Tooo sweet! I got coffee all over the keyboard.

So who do we delegate as “Climate Ken”?
commented 2016-09-19 21:05:18 -0400
Billy makes a good point. Saskatchewan would be a better sell on separation than even Alberta. I can’t say why, but it’s just a feeling I get.

Bugs, Alberta is acting like a patient on life support and losing the will to live, fast!

As much as I agree with you . Other than on this site you really don’t hear anyone talking about separation. Of course with the lame stream media in this province we won’t hear much talk of it.

And Saskatchewanians, keep telling this bimbo to blow it up her ass with this tax, she looks like she could use some more co2 up there.
commented 2016-09-19 21:04:24 -0400
Billy — I agree re: B.C. Where does that leave Alberta/Sask? Eventually, we have to decide if we’d be better off with the U.S. If pipelines are getting built there and not in Canada, maybe the answer is yes.