April 07, 2017

If you ever wanted a talking Justin Trudeau doll, you can buy one for $130

StaffRebel Columnist

No, this isn't a delayed April Fools Joke. If you actually want a Justin Trudeau doll for some reason, you can buy one. But it isn't cheap.

The doll is being sold by The Bradford Exchange and retails for $130 OR 3 payments of $43.33.

The site describes the doll as “Commemorative talking portrait doll speaks historic phrases in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's own voice! Fully poseable, with custom doll stand.”

Apparently you can hear phrases such as “A positive, optimistic, hopeful vision of public life isn't a naive dream, it can be a powerful force for change” and “Canada is a country strong not in spite of our differences but because of them.”

The Bradford Exchange wants you to keep in mind that “This doll is not a toy. It is a fine collectible to be enjoyed by adult collectors.”

If you buy the doll and for some reason dislike it, you're in luck. It comes with a “satisfaction guarantee” for 365 days. Now if only the real Justin Trudeau came with that.

Let us know in the comments: would you buy this?

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commented 2017-04-12 00:44:40 -0400
I remember in the federal election campaign in 2015, the Conservative ads were mainly focused on Trudeau’s appearance — his flowing hair and so on. I suspect the same sort of people who were obsessed with his image then will be tempted to buy this doll now.
commented 2017-04-09 21:13:06 -0400
If I could afford 1, I would buy it, just to take to the June 3rd. rally in Ottawa and burn it .
commented 2017-04-09 07:33:46 -0400
Damn, I just spent my allowance on the life size Justin poster ( insert ooh,s and aah,s here ) .
commented 2017-04-08 22:05:48 -0400
Next Friday someone from the other side of the house should put one of those dolls in Justin’s seat in the HoC – before it starts…
commented 2017-04-08 21:54:29 -0400
Does this Trudeau Doll talk better than the real Doll. I don’t want to miss out on the Auh, Auh, Duh and it’s Bragging to be a Diverse, Transparent Feminist. The Doll could sit in for Question Period. Nobody would notice the difference!
commented 2017-04-08 16:30:56 -0400
Waste money on that? You’ve gotta be kidding!
commented 2017-04-08 14:51:45 -0400
If this was a real Voodoo doll and it came with the needles it might be worth it!
commented 2017-04-08 08:03:47 -0400
Obama will be ordering his own life size version.
commented 2017-04-08 05:38:36 -0400
The price is unfortunate. It would have made a great target for target practice. If it was something like $3, I would get a hundred and go Faith Goldy on them at a range.

Does it come with all the “Uh, duh, ah, umm, er” and pregnant pauses by Baby Doc? How about his infamous praises of Castro and China?

Does it include all the dopy things he says? You know, “Get all science fictiony”.

Besides the massive order to be sent to the West Block and 24 Sussex, will anyone buy these? Better yet, with the way we are being taxed to death, can anyone without a federal paycheque afford one?

If you think about it, having a doll where you put in a quarter and out comes a two cent piece of gum would be the best portrayal of our Prince Dim.

Sunny Wade, Sunny Wade…
commented 2017-04-08 04:26:06 -0400
And just wait for a big picture of “Chairman Justin” to be hoisted over the arch of the Peace Tower in the coming months… “Sunny Ways”, eh?…
commented 2017-04-08 04:21:48 -0400
Edward… No Problem!… I’m sure that for a few dollars more they will throw in a copy of Chairman Mao’s “Little Red Book”… Bilingual version that is…
commented 2017-04-08 02:27:59 -0400
Such memorable comments like “the budget will balance itself” and “if we kill our enemy they win” If its in his own voice… how many “um er, ahhhh, umms” do we have to listen too. I think it would make a good target at the range; but unfortunately most ranges have a rule about not using garbage as targets.
commented 2017-04-08 01:21:50 -0400
I would like to film the slow lowering of this doll into my septic tank with Sophie singing in the background. Then quickly close the lid.
commented 2017-04-07 23:58:15 -0400
Everyone should buy one. Keep it for 364 days and then with the generous refund rules, we could return them all to the rip off Bradford Exchange. Trudope could then be informed how much we REALLY care. Jay Kelly could keep his.
commented 2017-04-07 23:58:15 -0400
Everyone should buy one. Keep it for 364 days and then with the generous refund rules, we could return them all to the rip off Bradford Exchange. Trudope could then be informed how much we REALLY care. Jay Kelly could keep his.
commented 2017-04-07 23:12:05 -0400
Sad thing is, the doll might be an improvement.
commented 2017-04-07 23:10:20 -0400
“Edward Jobin commented 7 hours ago

You could always use it to scare off crows…"

Nah, they’d still be attracted by the carrion stench of corruption.
commented 2017-04-07 21:25:40 -0400
I wouldn’t take one if they were being handed out for free.
commented 2017-04-07 20:03:51 -0400
And of course, Justin will buy one for himself to have at his bedside.
commented 2017-04-07 20:00:42 -0400
The Bradford Exchange is famous (or infamous) for marketing truly tacky and kitschy “art”.
This Trudeau talking doll piece of junk is the ultimate.
It is hard to imagine the tasteless morons who will buy it.
(Well, I bet Justin buys one….or several to give away as Eid presents.)
commented 2017-04-07 19:36:32 -0400
The trudeau doll cost’s $130. What a bargain. The real trudeau is costing us 130 billion and then some.
commented 2017-04-07 19:28:03 -0400
Maybe THEREBEL could sponsor someone to make a film about ‘Canadian millenial angst against Justin’, or somesuchthing. They could apply for a Canada Council grant! – to be used for some administrative costs and mostly to fund aspiring Canadian videographers! Canadian content, eh?
The money would be used to purchase the dolls by case lot, therefore sparing the Canadian taxpayer money, of course there would have to be a ‘panel’ to decide who gets a doll and who doesn’t.
Then these Canadian taxpayer funded Canadian artistes could beat the crap out of the dolls – or whatever – video it and make their artistic, or whatever statements…filmed with the latest editing trend, it would highlight the videos and their messages and finish with a witty and meaningful ending…whatever that may be.
Of course then you’d have to screen it…
Maybe get Jordan Peterson to help with the grant application…
Hey, if Sam Peckinpah can do it…
commented 2017-04-07 19:08:04 -0400
I assume it has a pull cord at the back of his neck with recordings of his 7 replies to everything? To be life like and all.
commented 2017-04-07 18:43:13 -0400
They should have made it into a real dummy, so that the UN ventriloquists could really show how they manipulate this traitor.
Ventriloquist – a person who can speak or utter sounds so that they seem to come from somewhere else, especially an entertainer who makes their voice appear to come from a dummy of a person or animal.
commented 2017-04-07 18:26:58 -0400
Might not know. grr
commented 2017-04-07 18:23:31 -0400
Peter Netterville: Justin Trudeau wanted to take a selfie with it sitting on his lap but his advisors worried people might not which was the dummy.
commented 2017-04-07 18:05:13 -0400
Dan Mancuso, you are a regular fountain of good ideas!
commented 2017-04-07 18:03:07 -0400
I wouldn’t buy this item, nor would I recommend it to others.
commented 2017-04-07 18:02:40 -0400
Eldon Barrand said, “I understand they are going to use a life sized replica in the house of commons that is more real than he is.”

Would anyone notice he was replaced in the HoC or would they notice that the doll speaks with more intelligence than the original?