June 28, 2019

REVEALED: Only 2% of illegal border crossers into Canada deported

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

A new conservative order paper question shows us just how bad the illegal border crosser crisis is here in Canada.

It’s such chaos, the ministry responsible is having trouble providing all the data.

Trudeau opened his heart and Canadian's wallets to the influx of illegal immigration with his infamous “Welcome to Canada” tweet made back in January 2017.

What resulted was a surge in illegal border crossing from the United States, as failed refugee and immigrant claimants threatened with removal from the United States sauntered into Canada to try their luck here. One problem: a person cannot claim refugee status from the United States as these illegal crossers are. It’s an abuse of the system to accept refugee claimants from what could arguably the freest and most prosperous society that has ever existed in all of humanity.

But that hasn’t stopped the Liberals from allowing a free-for-all to overtake the Canadian Border Services Agency, which is headed up by Ralph Goodale.

Saskatchewan Conservative MP David Anderson used an order paper question to assess the damage:

“With regard to individuals who have illegally or irregularly crossed the Canadian border, since January 1, 2016: {a) how many such Individuals have been subject to deportation or a removal order; and (b) of the individuals in (a), how many (i) remain in Canada, (ii) have been deported or removed from Canada?”

In response, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada claims to have no data prior to April 2017, replying “the requested data is unavailable prior to April 2017 due system limitations”, indicating the bureaucrats are unable to answer the full scope of the OPQ for the time frame requested.

In fact, the ministry cannot even retrieve data as far back as Trudeau's obnoxious tweet, but did say, “All individuals who have crossed irregularly into Canada have been issued a removal order.”

Furthermore, according to Canadian Border Services Agency,

“If you are a refugee claimant, you will receive a conditional Removal Order. If your refugee claim is accepted, the Removal Order will not be enforced. If you become a permanent resident of Canada the Removal Order will be void. If your refugee claim is rejected, the Removal Order will then come into force. Once all avenues of recourse are exhausted, you must leave Canada immediately.”

However, there is no such thing as a refugee from Trump, no matter how much he hurts your feelings and threatens you with the enforcement of laws.

According to the order paper response, between April 2017 and May 2019, 42,170 people crossed the border illegally with 1,026 ordered deported and 526 ordered excluded.

Authorities have only managed to deport 866 of them - a 2% performance rate.

Would you keep your job if you had a 2% job performance rate? So why should Canada’s immigration minister, Ahmed Hussen?

If a country had a completely collapsed immigration system, would it look any different than what is happening here?

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commented 2019-07-02 18:42:46 -0400
Has there been a gender based analysis or a carbon footprint analysis of these immigration policies? If not…why not?
commented 2019-07-02 12:02:58 -0400
Keith Barnes,
“Do not bother about deciding who to vote for in the next election because there just ain’t going to be one.”
When I warn of this, everyone says, " that would be illegal as it is in the constitution"!! lol, as if that will stop him and the REALLY, REALLY SAD FACT IS ALL THE POLICE, COURTS, JUDGES, OTHER LAW ENFORCEMENT, MILITARY, OPPOSITION AND SO ON ALL PAID BY US , WILL DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO STOP HIM OR MAKE HIM ACCOUNTABLE!!!
been warning and warning since early 2015, but, no one cares.
good luck in your new “lives” canuks after october where you will be fleeing for your lives daily, have no rights, freedoms, food, shelter, health care , money, etc and no country
which canada no longer is anyway.
No wonder the world is TURNING THEIR BACKS ON US- and NO ONE is going to come save our sorry asses either as they say now, canadians DESERVE THIS BECAUSE THEY ALLOWED IT!!
canada/canadian/ ‘canadianism’ NO LONGER IS and all it took was one seriously demented, f**ked in the head, trust fund, never done a thing in his elite life, Quebec TRAITOR BORN OF A NAZI COWARD WHO HID FROM CONSCRIPTION DURING WWII AND RE-EMERGED FLYING A NAZI FLAG- AND STILL HE WAS VOTED IN NOT ONCE BUT TWICE AS PRIME MINISTER OF THE FORMER CANADA, NOW A THIRD WORLD SHARIA SEWER THANKS TO HIS SPAWN!- oh and canadians and whatever else is living here and cashing in on us!
commented 2019-07-02 11:51:33 -0400
Henry Reardon,
I am in agreement with sterilizing these so called ‘refugees’ with more than 4 children when they come to canada. That is all they do and they live large off of us – yes, I personally know many who are driving brand new fully loaded BMW’S shortly after arrival as so called ‘refugees’ and also many buy homes within the first couple of years – again after arrivine with nothing while claiming to be refugees.
it is OUR MONEY which pays for all of this- oh and they fly back to the lands they claim ‘refugee’ from umpteen times per year and some even open businesses back in the homeland – no doubt with our government money . yup, they play us like fiddles and we continue to allow it and pay for it while we make all the sacrifices, pay more of our hard earned money and so on as they live the gold plated life here off our backs.
Gee, for all canadians who have lost their jobs because of liberal governments (provincial, federal) and who have no place to live, can’t afford to feed their kids and so on, the fact NO MONEY IS THERE FOR THEM AFTER ALL THE TAXES/STOLEN MONEY TAKEN FROM US, I would have thought Canadians would have WISED UP BY NOW, but I guess as these invaders say repeatedly, ‘Canadians are stupid and gullible and it is easy to take from them and invade’!
commented 2019-07-02 11:50:22 -0400
Those NUMBERS are from 2017, it’s 2019 and I’m thinking that those numbers should be closer too 100,000 people, without papers to get back into the USA? So what happens when Trudeau and this gang of IDIOTS, open the doors to the thousands being collected at the southern border of the USA? Where there is reported numbers of over 1 million and climbing? Are we Canadians ready too hand over our jobs for cheaper wage workers?
commented 2019-07-02 11:40:45 -0400
Sheldon Eisler,
just what I say only, I would take it a step further and deport trudeau, hussen, monsef, alghabra, morneau, goodale and all the other liberals on parliament hill- oh and revoke citizenship from all, seize all their assets/money( including off shore accounts) and ensure NONE EVER TOUCH OUR SOIL AGAIN!
oh, forgot, all the other POLITICAL TRAITORS – the same deal!
commented 2019-07-02 11:37:52 -0400
these deported must have been White Christians .
commented 2019-07-02 11:37:24 -0400
These illegal border jumpers that are given this order, CAN’T get back into the USA without a passport, so then WHAT???
commented 2019-07-02 11:36:54 -0400
Al Peterson,
Finally someone who sees it exactly as it is!
canadians do in fact like it and will continue to vote, support, reward it, until they are no more – just as their former country, Canada, no longer is.
commented 2019-07-01 10:36:39 -0400
So according to Trudeau/Hussen’s “truth”, because we deport 2% of asylum claimants, we DO NOT have open borders.
uh, ooookaaayy.
commented 2019-07-01 00:51:03 -0400
We must like it. We keep voting Liberal.
commented 2019-06-30 15:51:07 -0400
How about a 100% of illegals need to be deported period!!!
commented 2019-06-30 10:07:16 -0400
Another set up to delay the hearing process to take too long so the bastards can grant fakugees citizenship.
Overwhelmed our immigration system, create delay,s in their so called due process. It can now take up to two years for a fakugee claim to be heard if they bother to show up.

This way the illegal welfare leaches get an all expense paid two year vacation at Canadian tax payer expense to buy votes.
After being treated so badly they will be given citizenship, all the while this government has nothing for Canadian homeless, seniors, vets, disabled. Oh sorry I think someone got a five dollar a month increase.
Billions given to other countries while Canadians freeze in the dark.
commented 2019-06-30 09:39:46 -0400
HENRY REARDON commented 11 hours ago.
I’m a little confused. Has the government………….

The lesson here is, don’t deport them….Shoot the Bastards.
The pregnant woman who was stabbed to death in London UK and who’s daughter was born at the scene, from a dead mother, has also died.
Yes, shoot the bastards.
commented 2019-06-29 22:33:07 -0400
I’m a little confused. Has the government issued 886 removal orders or has it actually removed 866 individuals? The former is the creation of a form that may or may not be obeyed by whoever receives the form; the latter is an actual removal of an “irregular” alien. Also, of the people that have actually been removed, how many have simply gone back to the US and re-entered at Roxham Road or other illegal crossing point, either using the same identity or a different one?

The reason I ask is that the Hispanic fellow that shot that woman on the pier in San Francisco a few years back had been deported from the US multiple times and just kept coming back. Apparently, in the US, a lot of deported people just come back again and again, usually illegally. (Which may be their only option if having been deported previously disqualifies you from applying to immigrate legally.)
commented 2019-06-29 13:29:02 -0400
How many remain in Canada is the important question, and the one not answered here.

If they leave on their own, they aren’t considered “deported”. What’s interesting is that the number of people that abandoned their claims is higher than the number of deportations, suggesting the voluntary departure rate is substantial.
commented 2019-06-29 02:19:24 -0400
commented 2019-06-29 02:19:09 -0400
Here’s a tune.. for anyone that’s…..
commented 2019-06-28 19:36:54 -0400
Perhaps it is my imagination but I feel that The Rebel may have a problem. Something dose not smell right and perhaps we are nearing Rebel end times.

I have been thinking and feel it would be a great pity if all us like thinking people should not be able to carry on the conversation. With this in mind I have come up with a way that the conversation could continue. It is just a thought and I would like to put it to you all and see what you think.

I am willing to enter on these pages a new Email address that could be used as a base for continued contact between all of us. Send your comment to my Email address and I will pass it on to the desired recipient, if they also have agreed to receive emails this way. In other words, You will send your email to me and I will pass it on. It is a simple idea but it relies on trust to be successful. I will never abuse anybodies Email address or contact anyone who has not contacted me first. I would suggest that everyone create a new Email address especially for this.

Please give me your thoughts on this
commented 2019-06-28 19:23:49 -0400
Unfortunately, we all now live in a New World, it is fast becoming known as Trudeau’s World, which in turn just happens to be New World Order. As Canadians we have now become second class citizens and our views no longer count.
Do not bother about deciding who to vote for in the next election because there just ain’t going to be one.