November 07, 2016

Masked illegal migrant calls border patrol guard “a terrorist.” Guard’s answer is priceless.

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

In this short video we see a Macedonian border guard and a masked migrant who dared call the guard "a terrorist".

The video is in English but it needs concentration as it is windy.

Migrant: "Are terrorist, YOU"

Border Guard: "This is MY COUNTRY". I am willing to die for my country."

The rest is hard to make out but the invader is not pleased.


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commented 2016-11-13 09:28:49 -0500
Macedonians don’t screw around.
commented 2016-11-08 10:17:40 -0500
Funny how these lefty dregs all do the same thing. They call others what they demonstrate themselves. Terrorists calling other peaceful, law abiding folks terrorists. Antifa calling democrats and free speech advocates fascists. I’m sure you all can add more examples. The sad thing is that the average Canuck buys into it.
commented 2016-11-08 06:29:01 -0500
Bill Elder, Very well said.
commented 2016-11-08 01:34:51 -0500
Well, Centrist Libertarian, that wasn’t too creative… a little disappointing, really. But it was original, so kudos for that. I anxiously await your next witticism. I just hope you invest a bit more time and effort in the composition. Come on, Centrist, you can do it, I know you can. I have more faith in you than you do in yourself. Keep trying and, again, keep in touch; and be sure say hi to Ezrasux for me if you get a chance.
commented 2016-11-08 00:33:14 -0500
Hey Maurice Potvin you just made the list.
commented 2016-11-07 23:35:14 -0500
Human locusts Lloyd. It is sad to deny them but to allow locusts to migrate at will is to allow swarms of remorseless ectozoa to devastate what has been carefully cultured and took centuries to grow with a lot of toil and sacrifice.

Like locusts rather than stay in one locale and prosper by building and improving what they have, they devour all their own resources then fly off to feed on others.
commented 2016-11-07 23:33:13 -0500
" I am willing for you to die for my country".
commented 2016-11-07 23:10:18 -0500
They feel entitled to their entitlements, hey , they have the same gene as the members of the Canadian Libranoes
commented 2016-11-07 23:00:30 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 32,161 Attacks, 205,320 Killed, 287,817 Injured that we know of
commented 2016-11-07 22:40:57 -0500
Migrant sense of entitlement is truly transcendental.
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