February 12, 2019

“Imam of Peace” Mohammed Tawhidi: Islamic reform “will have to start from the West”

Rebel Staff

"The guy that convinced you to blow yourself up would have blown himself up first, if it was true..."

Mohammed Tawhidi, better known as "the Imam of Peace," is a prolific writer, media commentator, and advisor to governments.

With a remarkable 327,000 Twitter followers, Tawhidi spreads his message that Islam must be reformed in order to survive.

Most recently, he shared photographs of his visit to Auschwitz, after being the first Shia imam to ever visit that notorious Nazi death camp.

Naturally, Tawhidi's calls for reform and openness have attracted criticism, and even death threats.

Born in Iran, Tawhidi moved to Iraq, graduated in Islamic studies and was pronounced an iman by Grand Ayatollah Sayid Sadiq Shirazi in 2010.

He then moved to Australia and founded the Islamic Association of South Australia.

"I'm the type of immigrant who came legally," Tawhidi tells me, before describing today's migrants, many of whom "go back on holiday" from the countries they fled.

In our wide-ranging conversation, I asked him whether or not Islam can be reformed, but also about more relatively mundane matters:

Should Western female leaders wear headscarves when they visit Muslim countries?

Should Muslim men be encouraged to shake their hands?

His answers might surprise you...

Tawhidi offered suggestions on the best way for the West to confront the extremists in its midst, explains why "halal certification" is a moneymaking scheme that's often linked to international terrorism, and speaks candidly about the opposition he's received from fellow Muslims, as well as authorities in the West.

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commented 2019-02-18 22:37:25 -0500
Though I agree with some of the points this imam made, especially clergy hypocrisy, Islam CANNOT be reformed. That’s all there is to it. I haven’t yet read the Hadith but I have read the Quran. It has verses about violence to women and infidels with no qualifiers. There are plenty of violent verses in the Old Testament BUT they are in the historical context of orders to those people at that time. And if God is consistent, which he is, why would the Bible be contradicted by the Quran? And why this supposedly perfect book be so full of factual errors and embellishments? Clearly, the Quran isn’t divine but a product of an ignorant wanderer. I suppose I’ll get in trouble for writing this but it’s true.
commented 2019-02-16 07:29:52 -0500
Islam cannot be reformed. It claims it is the word of Allah as revealed by Md. and for all eternity and unchangable. Therefore people must realize that Muslims must accept that and the Kafir too who must submit. For the life of me (no pun intended!) I cannot understand why they follow an Arabian medieval pedophile warlord as their hero who chopped off heads by the thousands and took sex slaves as booty. So much for the religion of peace.
commented 2019-02-14 14:26:18 -0500
I don’t know why some of my comment is crossed out. Not sure why that happens.
commented 2019-02-14 14:25:37 -0500
Except that won’t work Al. If the government refused to give Islam the right to identify as a religion under our laws, because of its political aspects, Islam would be neutered here and either leave or modify themselves for Canada (not the other way around).
My argument is that Political Islam is Islam. Political Islam left to its own devices and given free reign in a western country is a threat. If they want religious status in Canada they have to dump the political part and expect the same treatment as Christianity gets in Canada. This country was built on Christian foundations, the building blocks on which our entire society was built by our forefathers. Why should we play second fiddle to Islam, and weaken our heritage? Why should Islam have political influence of any kind here? We know what happens, and we do not want to end up like Constantinople.
Islam must be held to account . We need better immigration laws and proper respect for our borders, but that still wouldn’t keep political Islam out. We can however, take bad ideas to task in our own country. That is our right, and political Islam is a bad idea in a western country. Apply Canadian law to protect oppressed women, ban identity hiding clothing and stop giving them accommodation for their barbaric cultural practices.
Because of Islam’s political agenda, we need to find a way to keep it out of our politics, institutions and governing bodies.. With these rules and if we put up a fight, the ones who only want to conquer us will leave, and the rest will practice their religion quietly, sans demands, like everyone else does here. If they can’t, they will leave too.
commented 2019-02-14 01:25:46 -0500
The simple solution is to allow no muslims into he country. Apostates are fine but not muslims.
commented 2019-02-13 19:23:33 -0500
“Imam of Peace” Mohammed Tawhidi: Islamic reform “will have to start from the West”

I am a little resentful that we have to deal with it at all. Why should it be our problem? No other group is this needy and intrusive. What obligation do we have to facilitate Islam?
None. Nobody asked us. However, their problems and demands have been dropped in our laps. Even the Canadian ‘moderates’ say ," Islam isn’t going anywhere". Maybe it shouldn’t trigger me, but that always sounds like a threat to my sensibilities.

My hope is that the ‘moderates’ that are here are really those who are ready to disavowed the whole thing, and just haven’t come out of the closet yet. They may as well, because to an orthodox Muslim they are already less than.
commented 2019-02-13 15:56:48 -0500
Tawhidi didn’t clearly answer whether or not he thought Islam was compatible with the west. Maybe I missed it.

I know a few apostates who want nothing to do with Islam and have lived in Canada for decades. They are not happy with this influx. There is so much infighting within Islam that flooding the place with all tribes only ensures violence in our streets. The kind of oppression and violence the apostates I know came here to avoid. In my opinion we should be dissuading Islam and encouraging ex Muslims. If Islam doesn’t like it, they have many other countries they could go to. Apostates think that Canada embracing Islam is sheer lunacy. They thought they were coming here to escape it. But that was before Justin got in.
commented 2019-02-13 15:53:50 -0500
Al, its the word these moderates use, so I have used it. I don’t even think Islam CAN change. The best, is a Muslim like Tawhidi and I call them ‘buffet’ Muslims. Tawhidi may be benign, but I don’t think Islam could ever be. These ‘reformers’ seem to just ignore the nasty bits, but it doesn’t change anything in a larger sense, and I don’t see how it ever could.

Islam is more than a religious/cultural/societal ideology. It is a full on theocracy and the supra supremacist fundamentalist Muslims are not about to give up the political part. How could they? The political part cannot be taken out of Islam, it is Islam. I hold no illusions about what the moderates call ‘reform’.
I take your point though. I will put quotations around reform from now on in an Islamic context and if I forget, please correct me again. Its a good point.
commented 2019-02-13 11:57:27 -0500
Kim Kenney:
Islam has a policy called “taqiyya” and that translates to “lying for the faith”. Muslims are, get ready for it, COMMANDED to lie in order to promote islam by any means even if it requires them to say that the koran is wrong in some way. Everything this imam is saying violates the doctrine of islam and that fact alone should set off alarm bells. Only gullible non muslims will buy into what he is saying and that’s all it takes for the virus of islam to infect a person. Speak to any former muslim and allow them to share the facts with you! There are videos on youtube where imams openly promote the killing of non muslims citing that this is the will of allah and that “peace” ONLY applies to muslims and never to non muslims. Who is lying to you now?
commented 2019-02-13 11:26:20 -0500
KEITH BARNES dont be so dense!! He is one of the good guys!! follow him on twitter and you’ll see!
commented 2019-02-13 09:08:19 -0500
As a member of the dogmatic faith called Islam, this man should not be trusted, for everything that he says go’s against what it says in the Quaran, except that the Quaran states that it is fine to mislead people who are under attack by the Islamic faith. Islam as we know it, is not a religion, it is more a weapon of war.
commented 2019-02-13 06:37:51 -0500
Islam is like AIDS virus.
It must reform itself (mutate) in order to survive.
commented 2019-02-13 01:25:04 -0500
LIZA ROSIE commented 7 hours ago
I hope Islam can reform, but it may take centuries.
Liza, you and many others keep using the word “reform”. This is an incorrect usage which would accomplish the opposite of what you desire. In the Christian reformation it meant getting rid of man-made accretions to the scripture and going back to what the Bible originally said. Hence the term “sola scriptura” -scripture alone-as used by the reformers.

For Islam to reform would meant he same thing- going back to the original Koran. Is the really what you want?

Middle English (as a verb in the senses ‘restore (peace)’ and ‘bring back to the original condition’)”.
commented 2019-02-13 01:11:53 -0500
A ‘moderate’ Muslim is one thing, but too much Islam is quite another. No western country can afford too much of it unless they don’t care if they end up submitting to Islam. That is just the way Islam works. I mean no offence to moderates, but looking around and reviewing some history makes it pretty clear. They generally don’t come to ‘share’. I’m not saying they all want to be violent against non Muslims, but they want what we have and they want to direct things. Islam can’t help but be political., and that poses some serious problems for a country that wants to maintain what they have built and paid for.

Somehow I don’t think any reform is going to help the UK. We could still regain control but we had better stop being afraid to defend and express our position. Defy m103 and radical mp’s. Demographics matter. It is our right to criticise an idea, and that is what the ideology of Islam is, and its not the west’s idea.
commented 2019-02-13 00:06:53 -0500
Islam is the enemy of everyone on the planet and completely incompatible with the West. See the Koran!

I really want to believe Imam Mohammed Tawhidi, he’s open, ingenuous and convincing, and I really want the Islam problem worked out!

But then there’s taqiyya!

This Imam Tawhidi may be in earnest and not lying – to advance the plans of Islamic world domination – and what a disservice to him if he’s not, but this mistrust of all things Islam is the doing of the theocratic construct that is Islam, the cause and effect is, I don’t trust Tawhidi, because of taqiyya and Islam’s history!

I guess when M – 103 becomes legislation (in Canada), soon, mistrust of Islam because of taqiyya will be considered Islamophobia and punishable by law…
commented 2019-02-12 21:50:05 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 36,744 Attacks, 237,488 Killed, 316,613 Injured that we know of
commented 2019-02-12 21:27:44 -0500
Welcome to The Rebel!

I heard an interview from Australia where a pork meat shipper was forced to get a halal certification otherwise the company can’t deliver to major chainstores. Its a truck delivering pork. PORK! And it needs halal certification? Getting the certification certificate is expensive, so its really about giving the Muslim community money.
commented 2019-02-12 20:07:27 -0500
I hear you, and as a group(s) I would prefer Islam didn’t make itself my problem, and if Islam could behave like other ‘religions’ instead of a political ideology I might be more comfortable. I just don’t think that is possible. Having said that I believe Tawhidi is authentic and a moderate Muslim. I just don’t hold out hope that the ideology could become moderate, because then it wouldn’t be Islam. I don’t know if ‘buffet’ muslim would offend him, but that’s what I would classify him as. Most Muslims aren’t like Tawhidi.
I don’t consider Islam as a friendly or benign religion. It is a rather hostile political ideology, at least that is the face it shows us most often.
commented 2019-02-12 19:36:12 -0500
How can anyone believe what a muslim says. To be loyal to their cult they must lie. Beware of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
commented 2019-02-12 19:17:33 -0500
From the mouth of Imam Tawhidi, “A ban on Muslim immigration until we sort ourselves out”. Now that sounds like a plan.

No Charred Remains, and if I had my druthers we would not be seeing all this ‘asylum seeking’ migration from Islamic countries. Tawhidi also sounds sceptical, when after they get in, they spend half their time going back and forth to their motherland, never really leaving the Islamic country or embracing their new one.. Why do they come in the first place?
Also, a slow trickle is one thing, but what has been happening only makes me feel uncomfortable with Islam.

Portions of Halal certification in Canada absolutely funds terrorism. Then again there is so much funnelled out and around now, under the guise of m103 and other government sanctioned programs that you can’t tell the radical/terrorist from the politician in Canada. This country is infiltrated to the core and it didn’t have to be this way.
commented 2019-02-12 19:03:42 -0500
This guy comes across as a genuine reformer of the Islamic faith but is he? Muslims are quite capable of running a good guy bad guy scam on the public. Oh! look, not all Muslims are bad, this one talks like a human being.
If he is genuine, I wish him the best of luck, but if he wears a false flag, then he is nothing more than another Jihad’i and can go to hell.
commented 2019-02-12 18:13:22 -0500
I hope Islam can reform, but it may take centuries. What do we do about the problem of Islam, (because it is a problem in the west), in the meantime? Police (not mutaween) outside mosques and action to reports of calls for violence from Imams is a start. Stopping the flow in the first place is another. How can the cultural and social part of Islam ever change until they dump the political part? How do you reform when there are so many tribes and sects and hierarchy’s? Ask a Saudi how he feels about an Iranian. I just don’t buy reform as a feasibility in Islam’s case.

Tawhidi is a great guy though, and I believe he is sincere.
commented 2019-02-12 18:12:02 -0500
I really like this guy. I have from the first time I listened to him. I regularly check up on him on twitter. However, I would much rather that Islam reform first, then come here. I understand his point, but I would hazard to guess that most Muslims who come to the west don’t do it because they want to fit in. Some do, but not even half. I just don’t see much assimilation around me.

So we are stuck having to put up with Allah’s badly behaved children until they grow up and stop acting like demanding obnoxious brats. Oh goody. Forgive me for being a tad resentful. I don’t think Islam should have ever become our problem in the first place.
commented 2019-02-12 16:48:55 -0500
i guess they all can’t be bad. good luck and keep your head down. talking is always better than hate. lately of course the haters have been winning. honest discussion. liking it more and more.