August 25, 2018

“You dogs, I step on your cross”: Imam claims exemption from Australian law

David MenziesMission Specialist

Hawkesbury City Council dispatched staff to serve Dr. Mustapha Kara-Ali, Imam of an Islamic religious guild that conducts its practices on a property in Colo, New South Wales, with court documents after it was observed that they were illegally clearing land.

The Imam, a Harvard graduate, responded by saying his group is exempt from Australian law and according to the ABC, screamed, “You dogs, I step on your cross” while another unidentified man accompanying Mustapha reportedly spat at the council employees.

His claim of being exempt from the law of the land was not just something uttered in anger during the heat of the moment, because in court documents filed to fight the $8,000 fine it received from the city – Mustapha stated that his organization lives:

“separated from secular lifestyles to pursue a religious mode of worship and an ascetic lifestyle under an oath of self-sacrifice and dedication to the purposes of Diwan Al Dawla.”

According to Mustapha’s world view and his interpretation of the Australian Charities and Not-for profits Commission Act, his guild needn’t follow the law which the state disputes.

Now this brouhaha is headed to court and while the case being presented by the city looks solid, as always the X-factor will be the judge.

In this day and age of cultural sensitivity and political correctness, who’s to say the judge won’t look sympathetically upon the case presented by the Imam and grant his guild an exemption?

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commented 2018-08-25 18:56:27 -0400
AMY LYNN, I do not intend to carry on replying to your stupidity and ignorance.
Go away and show how smart you are elsewhere, it sure does not fly on here.
Don’t bother replying to this as I have forgotten you even exist, you dick wad.
commented 2018-08-25 18:41:44 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 35,901 Attacks, 232,708 Killed, 312,436 Injured that we know of

Just 1 new attack since yesterday: 2 killed, 4 injured. Slow day.
commented 2018-08-25 18:23:47 -0400
I think the law of KOMAT’SU applies here .
In other words bulldoze the thing down .
commented 2018-08-25 18:23:34 -0400
well exempt from the law. aussies go to it wipe out the scum, and claim their unlaw exemption as well.
commented 2018-08-25 18:21:05 -0400
To stand out as a Muslim and condemn anything is very risky.
Look what has happens to both male and female who have.
I believe they have a forced silent majority too.
If the majority of muslims on the planet were attacking it would be over already.
Everyone loves their children and wants better for the next generation.
I will never surrender or give up and there are many more like me.
commented 2018-08-25 18:10:54 -0400
Oh and Amy, to claim that the extreme Muslims are Conservative shows your gross stupidity. Muslims believe that the only laws are gods laws and they must be administered by fellow Muslims. They believe that laws made by man are blasphemy.
commented 2018-08-25 18:04:07 -0400
Amy, there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim, despite your lies, people that understand Islam understand that a key cornerstone of Islam is the belief that the Quran is 100% the word of god. Forget the Hadiths and the rest of that crap. No Muslim would deny that the Quran is 100% the word of god. Now read the Quran and tell me there is such a thing as a moderate Muslim. You cannot believe in the Quran as the word of god and be considered moderate at the same time.
commented 2018-08-25 17:32:14 -0400
Philip, again you have zero knowledge of Islam and its sects. Sunni Islam and Wahhabism, — you know the alQaeda and ISIS types — are Conservative.
commented 2018-08-25 17:25:14 -0400
Amy, you clearly no jack squat about Islam. So, to you a person with these beliefs would be a Liberal Muslim:

- Anti-gay…check
- Female genital mutilation…check
- Leave Islam and you die…check
- Don’t believe in Islam and you should be killed…check
- Women must have sex whenever called upon…check
- Women don’t have the same rights as men…check
- A man can have 4 wives…check
commented 2018-08-25 17:24:08 -0400
AMY LYNN who the hell are you to judge whether or not I “stray from racist websites to check it out.”? Do you now have the power to watch every move I make? Every website I go to and watch? Every news outlet I subscribe to and follow? Do you also know what I believe and what I don’t believe in? Are you some kind of super psychic, a clairvoyant?
You are a MORON that does not know anything about me, other than my name, because it is listed here on the Rebel where I post my comments. You have no idea whether I am Black, Green, Yellow, White or Purple, you probably assume that I am a man but have no idea what I look like or how old I am, in fact, you have no idea as to my intellectual abilities or the level of education I have achieved in my life.
All of which mean that you are a sanctimonious, mealy-mouthed, priggish, hypocritical creep that loves to annoy conservatives and constantly knock down The Rebel, its founders, hosts and of course its commentators.
You, you twisted creep have no grounds on which to stand and make judgments on anyone.
commented 2018-08-25 17:07:12 -0400
Conservative Muslims believe that all the Qur’an and (usually) the Hadith traditions are for all times, except for parts specifically abrogated.

Liberal Muslims want a changed, mellowed-down Islam adapted to their modern lifestyle. Some still read the Qur’an a lot, and others are more secular. They do not pray five times a day, and ignore what the Hadiths say about Muslim women having to wear veils.
commented 2018-08-25 17:04:15 -0400
No they don’t
You are wrong
commented 2018-08-25 16:39:23 -0400
Amy, There is no such thing. There are believers and non-believers. Believers believe the Quran is the absolute word of god. Non-believers know it is pure 100% unadulterated BS. There is no such thing as a partial believer or moderate. Maybe read the Quran.
commented 2018-08-25 16:18:04 -0400
Marty, moderate Muslims by the millions protest against radicals. Problem is you don’t stray from racist websites to check it out.
commented 2018-08-25 13:59:34 -0400
The Australian PM is new, (just this week) so I cannot judge him but the old PM was hand picked by the UN, just one year before Trudeau was selected by the same body. I would give odds on that the new PM is the property of the UN and will side with these Muslim’s.
Last year, the Death Cult in Australia were demanding that the Country be divided in half, to form a new Country that would belong to Islam. This would give them a lot of room to plan and organize the Genocide of the White Race.

Oh, Canada……Watch this space!…..This land ‘was’ our land.
commented 2018-08-25 13:57:19 -0400
He should come here to canukistan where all muslims are above the law- says their leader mohammad trudeau who also is apparently above the laws- oh I forgot, all the invading third world criminals, terrorists and parasites are all above the laws here as well beginning with the permitted illegal entry into the former sovereign canada.
Hell, the only ones here who aren’t above the laws are we actual Canadians- slaves to them all and apparently more than happy to be so!
commented 2018-08-25 13:51:55 -0400
They say immigrants will be accepted and be inclusive into a new society. By that they mean people to be accepted and intregrated. But the cult religion of islam will not integrate, nor will it accept any other than its own twisted teachings, into any other country in the world and stay at peace. It cannot, because of its teachings. Wherever there is war and strife in the world, there are muslims.
commented 2018-08-25 13:35:48 -0400
No where in the world, in any country have Muslims integrated. Oh I know there will be those that say it is not all Muslims, that there are many Muslims that are “moderate”, many Muslims that live quietly etc. etc. etc.
BUT, how many “moderate” quietly living Muslims stand up and condemn the radicals, how many Muslims that claim to be moderate refuse to accept the radicals. Not many, there are a few and we at The Rebel have had the pleasure of hearing from them and listening to their condemnation of the radicals, and I for one am grateful for these brave people in voicing their disdain for the radical sect of Islam.
But most “moderate” Muslims quietly agree with the radicals, agree with the radical teachings of the Imams that shout death to the unbeliever, death to all Jews, death to all homosexuals etc. etc. etc. If they are not agreeing with them then why not say so.
I again refer to the age old adage " You either have to be part of the solution, or you’re going to be part of the problem".
There are supposedly thousands of “moderate” Muslims in the world, if they stood up and opposed the Radicals would it not make a difference? Would it not shut up the monsters?
commented 2018-08-25 12:51:04 -0400
The governments of the NWO are of one mind. That is the utter destruction of civility, common sense and the rule of common law. The “Hive Mind” is the new order, and the leadership of the NWO is the Queen Bee. We will submit or the likes of Jihadi Justin will bring the force of Law against us. This nut case in OZ is just another useful idiot to promote their cause.
commented 2018-08-25 12:29:14 -0400
they integrate so well into western culture