March 16, 2017

Immigration advocate rejects “racist” poll question, but majority want values test

Andrew LawtonRebel Commentator

The media, the Liberals and other self-appointed elites (even though those groups are often interchangeable) would have you believe that any discussion of Canadian values and immigration is inherently racist.

Polling shows these folks are in the minority.

A Radio-Canada poll this week showed that two-thirds of Canadians support some version of values screening. Another poll, conducted by an Atlantic Canada firm revealed two-thirds of east coasters are also in favour of screening.

The head of an immigrant services group in Nova Scotia said that even asking people about Canadian values is offensive.

“I think asking the question comes from a place of misunderstanding and of fear,” Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia’s executive director, Gerry Mills, said to Metro. “Just asking the question, I think, instills in people that perhaps immigrants don’t share Canadian values.”

To say it’s problematic to even ask the question is to pretend that there is never any incompatibility between western culture and that of anywhere else in the world.

But Mills’ comment shows the arrogance of the Left in its belief that they get to dictate the terms by which the majority should live.

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commented 2017-03-17 11:41:08 -0400
Why should we allow people to enter our country who are not tolerant of us? We already have Islam starting to weave its web through our government. Brazen, demanding, and offending Canadians at every turn. I would like to see Islam leave my government and my country. They have already proven that they have no wish to live in peace in Canada. These extremist, fundamentalists are the peaceful Muslims worst nightmare not intolerant Canadians. These bandits are breeding intolerance in Canada. These bandits think they are going to walk in and take our country out from under us and insult us while they are doing it. We can’t let that fly. Can’t do it. That’s not intolerance that is the only sane reaction a parent can have for a child being attacked or their country being taken from under them.

Islam’s invasion of Canada via globalists like Justin Trudeau, has LITERALLY nothing in common with our our history of welcoming grateful immigrants. We have always been welcoming. This is different. This is invasion. We don’t have to welcome subjugation at Islams hands.
commented 2017-03-17 09:10:28 -0400
commented 2017-03-17 02:53:16 -0400
Hey Andrew, I listened to your show last week. My favorite part was when a listener called up and referred to Craig Needles as a moron.
commented 2017-03-17 02:41:47 -0400
Even NP is laying the shite pretty thick these days.
One post to the article articulated it perfectly: "LMAO article comparing early Canadian Irish Catholics to today’s Muslim “minority” Will the Media stop at nothing with this incessant pandering of poor Islam. The religion – (not race!) heck, not even a religion, but rather an archaic, hateful, sexist, controlling, homophobic idealogy. Nice try National Post – wee bit stretched though."
commented 2017-03-17 01:54:29 -0400
They are trying to bully concerned Canadians into silence and compliance.
commented 2017-03-17 01:48:58 -0400
Tammie P.Z. that Daniel Pipes article is a good one, thanks.
Proper screening can be effective I believe. It is worth doing, is not ‘inherently racist’ or any other stupid term the globalists come up with.
It is an insult to our country NOT to vet and screen for Canadian western values.
The only other solution or alternative would be closing the doors completely.
We had better get serious and soon.
commented 2017-03-17 00:14:45 -0400
Hyacinth is correct on the promises/bribes. Those selling out are hoping to be the last beheaded.
It is a well known fact that Islam cannot/has not/will not assimilate/integrate with ANY other political ideology ! The fact is we are not dealing with a religion, we are dealing with an ideology. The intent of course is take over. Caliphate is the word you are looking for. I can not understand why so much of the planet is so willing to infiltrate/infest their own countries with the enemy!
I am not sure if values based questioning is the answer. In my opinion, we should be inviting those persecuted by ‘the religion of peace’ to come to our country and enjoy the freedoms and opportunities a country like Canada used to be can offer.
Perhaps simpler questions during vetting may be a help in determining immigrant intentions such as;
All Jews should move to Israel so they do not have to be hunted around the world – for it or against it? Which one takes precedence – Man made Canadian law developed/refined over generations or Muhummaden Sharia law encouraging pedophilia, suppression of women/girls, suppression of gay and lesbians, beheading those who do not agree or will not submit ( infidel like I ), hatred for all who do not agree with Islam or even dare question it?
If I show you my bare chest do you feel the need to stick a knife in it?
I do not expect all people immigrating to this country to stop believing/living the way they have lived in their home country to a certain extent. I could not care less what you believe in as long as you believe/subscribe to the Rule of Law. If you’re intention is to come to the west to convert it into the shithole you left, you are not welcome here! I do not want Canada to become another country where we all stand in the streets firing military style weapons in the air with nothing but sand huts in the background ( like we used to see in news reports from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Sudan, etc and soon to be many cities in Europe). I don’t believe this activity has stopped but rather the msm has stopped showing it.
Through all this I can not stop thinking of the story of the old woman who took pity on the wounded viper, who after being nursed to health bit the woman and of course caused her death!!
I am glad I got this off my chest before passage of motion M103 but no, I do not feel better.
commented 2017-03-16 22:13:24 -0400
“It smells more agenda driven than money or humanitarian driven.”

Humanitarian? Hardly, that is just a cover story for the sheeple.
An “agenda” is defined as – an underlying often ideological plan or program. Think what goes on behind closed doors, behind the scenes that is kept from the public (political nepotism, favoritism, financing, promises, back-room deals).
For an agenda to occur all heads (those in charge) must capitulate or agree then strive towards that particular agenda (goal). There is something which is the driving force, money and or power motivate many so it is logical to start the premise there. It is hard to imagine that any governing figurehead would willingly capitulate or agree then push forward an agenda knowing that is detrimental to their country and its citizens unless they were to get something out of it (benefit personally). Somebody somewhere is bribing and someone is taking the payment.
commented 2017-03-16 21:01:41 -0400
Hyacinth All you have to do is look at the problems in Europe caused by this massive immigration and the governments response seems to be problems? what problems? and Canada wants to mimic Europe.
It smells more agenda driven than money or humanitarian driven.
commented 2017-03-16 19:44:22 -0400
First of all, I don’t think a Canadian values test is “racist” as it is not specifically geared toward a race of people. Canadians don’t want to necessarily exclude people from certain races to get into the country but they want people who will do well here, thrive, contribute and live peacefully and will follow the law. I don’t know how valid a values test would be. I can see how the questions could be rehearsed by people who want to come in but don’t necessarily believe in the values. It is also interesting to note, that while some people who are accepted into Canada may believe it is okay to assault their wife or children, their attitudes may change when they learn more effective ways to deal with issues. A values test may assist with determining the probability of success and happiness in the country based on some similar shared values. That in itself is not a bad idea. As someone who has worked for years with immigrant communities, I have seen how some cultures struggle so much more here than others because of huge differences in values. The culture shock can lead to depression, an inability to find work, domestic violence and substance abuse and later gang violence with their kids. Another way of looking at this is that we may be doing some would-be immigrants a favour by helping them to determine if they actually stand a chance in Canada, or whether they may be better suited to immigrating to another country which will be easier to adjust. Having met many skilled immigrant workers who haven’t been able to find work here after years, if someone had been a little more honest with them about the cultural struggles, they may have chosen to immigrate to another country which would make a better home.
commented 2017-03-16 17:58:38 -0400
The only racists are the elites on the left and their media.
I really despise the C Feces.
commented 2017-03-16 16:13:27 -0400
The C.B.C. needs to be shut down…
commented 2017-03-16 16:10:38 -0400
Hyacinth, you are right; they have been promised something & they are greedy enough to think they will get it.
commented 2017-03-16 15:46:41 -0400
“The problem for most Western Countries, is to figure out why our leaders are encouraging this massive influx of Heathens.”

Promised bribes (monetary or other).
commented 2017-03-16 15:20:41 -0400
The media nurtures the line of crap that core Canadian identity is to be docile and suck up whatever the government sends their way. We don’t want to be like the noisy Americans who have too many guns and are violent, we’re told. Now Canadians are rearing up on their hind legs and hissing back at our rulers in Ottawa and the media and this frightens them. That’s why they’re working so hard to quell this outbreak of populism and working overtime cranking out the propaganda. To Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia’s executive director, Gerry Mills, I say thank-you for your opinion but I and many other Canadians disagree. Stand up Canada and tell these people to f*** off and mind their own business. We badly need regime change in Ottawa in ’19
commented 2017-03-16 15:13:27 -0400
George-exactly. I think we understand it all too well.
commented 2017-03-16 15:10:15 -0400
This is really getting to be quite the crock. How are we supposed to know if immigrants are willing to adopt Canadian values? Of course they need to be screened/vetted. Kellie’s questions could easily be lied to so I’m not sure how helpful they would be but Bill Werner on his video a little while ago had some great suggestions. The liberals don’t care that they are the fringe and what the majority thinks. They think they’re right and the rest of us should just shut up and accept it.
Also we keep being told that we “misunderstand” the situation but they never explain what exactly we are misunderstanding. Same thing with m-103. Perhaps it’s high time they begin to enlighten all of us morons about the peace and exclusivity of Islam.
commented 2017-03-16 15:07:50 -0400
“I think asking the question comes from a place of misunderstanding and of fear,” Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia’s executive director, Gerry Mills said.
Well Gerry, if you’re reading this you may be half right. The more that I’m given to understand Islam, the more I hold it in contempt. As for fear, I’m a huge fan of fear. It’s such a valuable instinct and one which has helped us (and other species) survive through the ages. Embrace fear, without it we might all be dead I tells ya.
commented 2017-03-16 14:55:03 -0400
Daniel Pipes – Middle East Forum wrote an article called “Smoking Out Islamists via Extreme Vetting”
It is a lengthy article, but, well worth the time it takes to read.
commented 2017-03-16 14:39:26 -0400
Most citizens of Canada agree that Canadian Values exist. Trudeau, in another of the many times he had nothing intelligent to say, ventured this little gem; “there is no such things as Canadian values” .
Naturally it was picked up by his tie admiring boyfriend from CBC and broadcasted throughout the land. So if it’s on the Canadian Social Broadcasting network a few dingbats will think it is true. Those that fear the question must be very weak intellectually if they are afraid to talk about it.
commented 2017-03-16 14:23:59 -0400
A Globe and Mail/Nanos survey in August 2016 found that almost 75 per cent of Canadians, ranging from 70% (Quebec) to 80% (Prairies) by region, support or somewhat support “Making the screening process more onerous for potential immigrants from regions such as the Middle East to reduce potential security threats”.

Kellie Leitch with her message of screening immigrants for anti-Canadian values, in my view, has cleverly tapped into the angst that Canadians have about the entry of terrorists and too much immigration too fast overwhelming our capacity to manage the influx, without her being explicit as to what she is talking about. Those supporting her (“Believe what Kellie Leitch has proposed on immigration is a positive thing”, as per Andrew Lawton) presumably are thinking that she is going to stem the tide of Muslim immigration with her vague reference to screening immigrants for anti-Canadian values.

So what does such screening entail according to Kellie Leitch? Andrew you flashed on the screen a page, “Screening for Canadian Values”, from Leitch’s campaign website:
There she describes those values as including, “Equal opportunity, Hard work, Helping others, Generosity, and Freedom and tolerance (A Canadian identity that is based on freedom and tolerance to allow each of us the chance to pursue our best lives and to become our best selves)”. On her Facebook page she had described what she means as follows: “Screening potential immigrants for anti-Canadian values that include intolerance towards other religions, cultures and sexual orientations, violent and/or misogynist behaviour and/or a lack of acceptance of our Canadian tradition of personal and economic freedoms is a policy proposal that I feel very strongly about.”

So, I ask, does such screening as Kellie Leitch suggests fit the bill as far as, “Making the screening process more onerous for potential immigrants from regions such as the Middle East to reduce potential security threats”?
commented 2017-03-16 14:22:21 -0400
These Retards have no intention of sharing Canadian values, that is not what they are here for.

It is a matter of, You convert to Islam or you die, as far as they are concerned. This is why they are here.

The problem for most Western Countries, is to figure out why our leaders are encouraging this massive influx of Heathens.

What is your answer Jihadi Justin? Just give the public an honest answer. For once in your life, show Daddy that you are different.
commented 2017-03-16 14:15:53 -0400
This immigration advocate can reject the polls all he wants, asking the poll question is not racist….
Calling racist is the predictable response to hearing the truth, essentially shutting down a legitimate discussion.
I’m not sure why there is a need for immigration advocates, since 1991 Canada has accepted approximately 7 million immigrants. Advocacy for more? Really!?
The link below is an interview with Dan Murray of Immigration Watch Canada. Please listen to the entire interview.
commented 2017-03-16 13:38:03 -0400
The main stream media has not been aware of the pulse of the majority of Canadians for a couple of decades now.

The main stream media in the last couple of decades has turn sharply left heading straight towards full on socialism with communism just a bit further down the road.

And the main stream media refuses to look left or right to see what the majority population of Canada wants because they desperately lust for a communist Trudeau run dictatorship, and the CBC is leading that charge towards that dictatorship.