October 14, 2016

Immigration Minister’s “surprise” over refugee children raises questions of competence

Faith GoldyArchive

The Liberals thought they knew what sorts of refugees they were bringing in to our backyard, but actually, they were caught totally off guard.

Canada's Immigration Minister says the government was surprised by how many Syrian children were admitted as refugees last year.

As far as I can see, there are only three options here:

Either basic questions are being asked and Minister McCallum lied.

Or, the questions are being asked and McCallum has no idea about routine affairs in his own office.

Or, perhaps most frighteningly, Canada’s Immigration Minister has confessed the truth: Basic questions aren’t being asked at all.

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commented 2016-10-21 23:58:24 -0400
If I was an alien from another planet and I just arrived here and was told I could vote in our Federal Election and all I had to do to make a decision was watch and listen to the candidates. Once I heard McCallum, the inebriated one and the stammering man child with his constant flow of uhs or ahs, whatever. There is no way I would have voted for either of them, as I would simply not have any confidence in their abilities. A very large part of what they are required to do involves speaking and they are not good enough to fill their positions. Under the same light if you hired a person who had to have good handwriting skills, would you hire someone whose writing you weren’t able to read because it was so messy. Well their verbal handwriting is messy, the voters should have elected someone else. And that’s without looking at all their other inadequacies.
commented 2016-10-21 20:34:17 -0400
I want to know… who the fuck in Markham was dumb enough to vote for this inept peice of shit?

Did a single Markham voter even bother to listen to this pile of shit speak? Or did Markham just vote liberal… for the sake of voting liberal?

Apparently, he’s sober. But he still sounds like a drunken retard whenever he opens his mouth. He is so used to being a drunken idiot, that he slurs his words even when he’s sober!

Are you Markham voters proud of yourselves? Can you honestly look at this pathetic peice of drunken shit and say, “yup, he is the most qualified for the job”?

Trudeau, McCallum, Dion, Monsef etc etc etc are not Canada’s biggest problem. The biggest problem in Canada, are the voters who continue to vote for and support completely incompetent candidates!
Justin Trudeau is a fucking drama teaching, snow board instructor!!!

What the fuck makes this self entitled man-child qualified to lead one of the largest economies in the world????

The provincial liberals have done an astounding job of dumbing down the population, and ensuring their reliance on government handouts, starting with all day kindergarten!

Liberals have been deliberately and strategically dumbing down the next generation in preparation for the government agenda of complete control over its population and its reliance on government subsidies and handouts.
commented 2016-10-19 23:38:04 -0400
Why doesn’t he retire? I suppose his wife finds him annoying too. She would leave him if he was at home 24/7.
commented 2016-10-16 20:31:07 -0400
What everyone needs to understand is that the left wing politicians, although certainly stupid, who are running western countries do have a definate agenda. They are drunk on the UN koolade and have become their puppets while being supported by left wing billionaire elitists. They hate the fact that our countries were built on Christian principles hence they claim we have no culture and no values. So they want to change our values and destroy our culture. They made up the climate change crisis to distract us and distribute our wealth. They are using the fact that we are no longer having enough kids to replace ourselves to implement massive migration. This is extreme globalization. They want to eliminate borders and eliminate races and take the wealth away from the doers so they can give to the parasites. The left see the Muslims as useful idiots to help them accomplish this and the Muslims see the left as useful idiots to accomplish their own suprematist agenda. Both seek world domination. The left is just too stupid to realize that by outbreeding the rest and refusing to assimilate, the Muslims are going to win and there will be no room for stupid lefty kaffirs in a Muslim world. The reason so many Americans are still supporting Trump is because so many have realized this and see him as the last hope for a dying America. Hillary will put the final nails in their coffin.
commented 2016-10-16 20:00:29 -0400
The Liberals are horrible, stupid people.
commented 2016-10-16 16:39:41 -0400
Shebel Raj, mentioned as to " How stupid do these moronic politicians think we are" ?
To answer, I would have to say that they think we are all as dumb as mushrooms (kept in the dark and fed shit). Because it doesn’t matter what they whip by us, we stand and do nothing in response, so we transmit the message that it’s okay. As far as them caring about what kind of element they are bringing to our country, they don’t care. Because what they are very effectively doing is increasing their voting numbers, so we have a Liberal Dictatorship forever. Trudie, the Gerald Butts hand puppet, continues to give our money away to ridiculous causes, to enemy countries, to nothing that will benefit us. All the while sabotaging our economy along with his minions, like Wynne, Notley, and Coderre the Mayor. I knew Steven Harper was right about not creating deficits and staying the course, generating jobs in the energy sector and of course using caution in relation to the refugees. But then a large quantity of very stupid, blind, gullible Canadians, incapable of judging a persons character, listened to the lies from mainstream media and voted for Pretty Boy to be our Prime Minister. Soon our economy will be down around our ankles, we will have millions of hostile immigrants and refugees, with that our welfare demand will skyrocket. There will be further job losses, and with the decrease in our tax base more tax burdens will continue to impact us in order to cover the short fall. Prices will continue to spiral up, Hydro, Heating, Water, Food, Medical Care, Transportation, Cable, yes it’s a dismal future that we face. All thanks to the unqualified, incompetent, traitorous people we communally elected to office. And in the case of Wynne and the Federal Liberals, elected again after their previous scandal ridden reigns of power. We need to get them all out. How bad would it have to get before we turfed them all out on their asses without waiting for the next election? Not something we would normally do here but it needs to be considered because things will only get so bad before there is no going back. And when I see some of the video coming out of Europe, seeing what weak leaders are responsible for allowing to happen, I am amazed that Civil War has not already broken out. I do not want it to develop to that point in my Canada, the country I love and will do what it takes to protect it. The Traitorous Cowards that occupy our governments need to be removed from office. And McCallum, I think during birth he was denied oxygen and that’s why he sounds as he does. What is it about some of these Liberals? McKenna needs a makeover, especially that monkey hair she always has hanging down, McCallum sounds like a drunken old fart. And why the hell doesn’t he get those Gator teeth of his fixed? I know it’s not a fashion show but at least try to look like something that should be respected.

Oh, and Drew Wakariuk. Your entry with the (HIC) (HIC). Had me in stitches. Thanks
commented 2016-10-16 12:59:04 -0400
Correction: ‘Sadly NO’ should have said ‘Gladly NO’.
commented 2016-10-16 12:53:45 -0400
GLENN CARDUCCI said, ‘Someone did, there was an election and the majority put a kid in charge.’
Sadly NO. The majority did not put the ‘kid’ in charge.
The election was a total lie, it was fixed and it was worthy of any third world election where dictators are put in charge.
While we are at it, the ‘KID’ you speak about is not the one in charge. He does not have the brains or the acumen for being ‘in charge’. Gerald Butts and other Muslim influences are ‘in charge’, and the ‘KID’ is only and ever will be a puppet on a string, albeit a rich one.
The entire election was rigged by the MSM, the CBC being the biggest liars and the Unions, using not only their own money but donations from people like George Soros and his organizations. They bought the election and raised up a puppet that is answering to the likes of Butts and Muslims and hell bent on destroying Canada.
commented 2016-10-16 12:41:07 -0400
Glen Carducci, Exactly!! I have to admit I never thought I could hate a politician more than Mulroney – until mohammed trudeau came along!!! Also speaking of RRSP’s, Trudeau who just signed for the banks to seize our bank accounts to prop them up in the event of a financial crisis, has included in on this, RRSP’s AS WELL!!! They will actually seize YOUR RRSP’s IF THEY NEED THE MONEY!!! Now someone please explain to me how ANYONE COULD POSSIBLY SUPPORT THIS TRAITOR WHO CLEARLY HAS NOTHING BUT PURE HATE/DISDAIN/CONTEMPT FOR CANADA AND WE CANADIANS!!
commented 2016-10-16 07:22:48 -0400
One thing about the Liberals, they have never bettered Canada. They have always left the debt higher and taxes even more so. Outside of Lyin’ Bryan Mulrooney, the Conservatives have tried to pay down the debt before inflation destroys the value of RRSP’s and pensions. For you liberals following this website. I wouldn’t worry about the source of the Liberals next tax pool source. Look no further than your own RRSP’s. I am betting they will implement a “one time tax” to get their hands on the cash you have put away for safe keeping. You won’t be able to stop it. The banks will do as ordered and you will be left with only enough to live off providing you have the higher 6 figures stashed away. Then the rest of the country will have to listen to your most popular refrain. “Someone should have done something”. Someone did, there was an election and the majority put a kid in charge.
commented 2016-10-16 07:09:37 -0400
David White: I just read your comment & was glad to see you’ve adopted my name for McCalum, which I coined several years ago. We need everyone to adopt it because as we know it suits him to a tee. Good for you bud! Your a very smart man indeed.
commented 2016-10-16 07:03:05 -0400
Did you know that John McCallum is actually “one of these days, I’m going to get that wabbit” Elmer Fudd? He’s the spitting image of old “wabbit” hunter E Fudd, on the Bugs Bunny Road Runner Show. Talks identically, but not quite as smart as Elmer, but he’s aging so…..only an idiot would believe anything said by the fool, or any other Lying Liberal for that matter.
commented 2016-10-16 04:17:20 -0400
Article in Jihad Watch today about Canadian immigration. Several refugees were interviewed who said anybody could pass the less than an hour interrogation. Check it out.
commented 2016-10-16 03:21:04 -0400
Jay Kelly ,why no Christians or Kurds or Yazidis? Are they not worthy of coming here?
commented 2016-10-16 03:20:32 -0400
Jay Kelly they were not from the camps halfwit, that is a FACT!!!
commented 2016-10-16 01:42:08 -0400
I love the regular dribble of stupidities that Jay Kelly is sure to provide for The Rebel… Like: -“Somehow I think we can pull it off.”…. So Canada’s immigration policy should be based on the ‘Kelly Principle’ of “I think we can pull it off”?… Gosh, I feel warm all over!…
commented 2016-10-16 01:38:33 -0400
Well, when you’re half corked, it’s not easy to remember anything. Just goes to show you he has no idea what he’s doing….didn’t know there would be all these children, oh really!! Pathetic man who will collect a great big pension mostly for making drunk half ass decisions.
commented 2016-10-16 01:18:48 -0400
David White, John Williams, and Deborah Graupner respond as with one voice.

Tens of thousands of refugees have been accepted into Canada in the last few months. They actually came from refugee camps. They fled their homelands because of war and serious threats. They are seeking a safe place.

Canada is seen a welcoming place. Canada is seen a tolerant nation who can welcome those in need.

Somehow I think we can pull it off.
commented 2016-10-16 01:05:47 -0400
@jay KELLY… What are you talking about Jay?" The refugees the most in need." How were the ones (almost all) brought from apartments in Istanbul and Beirut the most in need? Maybe the Yazidis and Christians who were getting their heads chopped off were more in need, yes??? If they all would have come from the camps it could at least be somewhat palatable, but when all the lies appeared, with Fudd and Turdo doing their best Hillary on the STRETCHING the truth methodology, it blew up in their face before it really began. Big purple nose with abundant blackheads. Sure looks like one to many martinis in Fudd’s liquid past.

DJBT and his sicko-phants
commented 2016-10-16 00:12:31 -0400
Mr Magoo said sure why not to Gerald Butts request to take in one million dollars. I mean 1 billion refugees who belong to one particular religious group. “Twinkle toes Magoo they call me”.
commented 2016-10-16 00:09:39 -0400
ROBERT HOPE commented 4 hours ago
“The one thing they are absolutely terrified of is dogs. They are taught that dogs are the same as pigs and will do anything not to come in contact with a dog . Keep that in mind if your neighbourhood starts filling up with these a-holes. That is where a good pit bull would come in handy.”

I live in condo complex, and one of the units next door has a constant turnover of tenants. Most them drug dealers and losers. A muslim couple and their son moved in for a short time. At the time I had no idea they hated dogs. I have a black pomeranian, and I opened my door to let a friend in one evening, and my dog escaped, just as the family was leaving the building. He ran between the woman’s legs, and she screamed a blood curdling scream. I couldn’t help myself, I burst out laughing, and so did my friend. They moved out of the building within a couple of weeks. I still laugh about it. I think they hate dogs, because dogs can tell who the enemy is!
commented 2016-10-15 23:50:06 -0400
When Canada decided to welcome refugees who were most in need, most of the country and many allies rejoiced.

Largely it was the Christian majority who heard a response to the Gospel imperative to “welcome the stranger”.

When it turned out that many of the refugees were children those Christian responders went deep.

The words of Christ are not foreign to most Canadians: “I was a stranger and you welcomed me.”
commented 2016-10-15 22:49:55 -0400
You would think that Provincial leaders would consider their new Welfare costs are going to be double their budget, and tell the Feds to stop this insanity immediately. When these children grow up, along with the snowflake generation; the net result will be worse than Greece’s Bankruptcy.
commented 2016-10-15 20:47:13 -0400
The “Potato” would not have Ministers in his cabinet that have a higher IQ than his…(around 50 I believe).
Look at Moncef, Dion, McKenna, Freeland……….and a many more. McCallum barely made it and I think it’s because Potato was running out of females.
commented 2016-10-15 20:19:02 -0400
This doesn’t surprise me . Three Syrian families moved into my old apartment building . One family had 8 kids under 10 years old and the mother had another bun in the oven. The three families went out together so there was over 20 people on the sidewalk every time they went out . They travel in packs. Winston Churchill once said the " the Muslim is singularly at your feet and collectively at your throat . " They travel in packs which give them false courage and that is how they engage people. By themselves they wouldn’t say sh*t if their mouth was full of it but collectively they are easily aggressive . The one thing they are absolutely terrified of is dogs. They are taught that dogs are the same as pigs and will do anything not to come in contact with a dog . Keep that in mind if your neighbourhood starts filling up with these a-holes. That is where a good pit bull would come in handy.
commented 2016-10-15 18:39:18 -0400
Senility does not stick out in the current Liberal caucus – tells you something
commented 2016-10-15 17:36:13 -0400
Send McCallum to detox or shoot him graveyard dead (along with the morally and intellectually incompetent and mendacious Justin Trudeau). This will be one step in returning Canada to a truly free and liberal democratic society.
commented 2016-10-15 17:02:32 -0400
From what I hear of McCallum, 25,000 refugees are actually just the ADULTS and the children are in addition. So we are actually bringing in some 80,000 so called refugees at least per 25,000. The government, dont they know that those immigrants exercise polygamy and child’ brides marriage??
All immigrants who enter the country should be fingerprinted and DNAid.
commented 2016-10-15 14:09:46 -0400
@dirty HARRY….For God’s sake don’t forget McKenna’ and the refugee fraudster.

DJBT and the rest
commented 2016-10-15 13:56:33 -0400
I’ve come to a conclusion: He’s not drunk. He’s retarded. Like his Prime Minister. One suffers from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome because his mother was a hippy whore and this one was probably raised by raccoons by the look of him. I seriously don’t know which Liberal is more retarded: Trudeau, McCallum, Freeland, Dion. Man it’s a toss up with that line up.