February 10, 2016

"Radical" immigration reforms: Is Canada "moving towards the German model of open borders"?

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Long time refugee advocate and immigration lawyer Guidy Mamann talks about Trudeau's possible overhaul of the Citizenship Act.

These new policies may see both language and residency restrictions eased.

To watch my entire conversation with Guidy Mamann about the government's "refugee rush" and other immigration related topics that impact all Canadians, CLICK HERE.


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commented 2016-02-15 00:43:25 -0500
The liberals are changing rules like obama is to destroy the west.
commented 2016-02-11 18:17:23 -0500
Quite alarmed people would rather ingest the meager statements and blatant display of just how ignorant our partisan mainstream media knows a large number of us are.
Having the rebel to report another ideology, so often mussled to the greater public, is refreshing.
commented 2016-02-11 17:15:27 -0500
“Governments started interfering in our home lives.”
That is the number one problem and has been for a long long time.

“Media started to tell us that we were all bad people if we did not want someone from a different culture living beside us.”
Continual indoctrination via media, agreed.

I still remember, courtesy of television, an old old old black and white commercial “plop plop fizz fizz oh what a relief it is” (alka seltzer ad), it was on again and again until it was etched into the memory.
commented 2016-02-11 13:31:00 -0500
Bravo Zulu – my mom is 78 this year and she calls things as she sees them. It makes me sad to think that my mother could be arrested just for speaking the truth now. All the reasons that you list for what has happened to our country, have all been promoted though our Marxist school systems. The education system has decimated individuality. When I think about it, it has always been about destroying individual thought and responsibility. So that they could turn their racist sentiments against the white people.
commented 2016-02-11 09:08:24 -0500
@ a b commented 15 hours ago
What happened to the Country -once I was so proud and happy immigrating to?

People like you and many others – including me – allowed this to happen.

Women started telling us having children was a despicable thing.

Men started believing it was good to wear pink.

Governments started interfering in our home lives.

Media started to tell us that we were all bad people if we did not want someone from a different culture living beside us.

People started to believe we were all equal.

My arguments:

Without children we are doomed and women do not care – they need to actually have a minimum of three. Ask the average woman how many kids she has or wants to have and you will see. Women have abandoned their primary role and attack anyone who points it out. The continuation of the species!

Men started to grow pansy little pointy beards and clean their finger nails and then their dicks started to get soft earlier on in life – now no one seems to be able to get a hard-on after 38 – unless chemically helped – all because they are not working and not eating meat and not MOVING more and EATING less and not actually standing up to be counted as members of the wolf pack.

I call it the pussification of modern men.

Perfect example – repefugees go wild in Eurabia – what do many men do? Put on skirts and heels and demonstrate by carrying a banner. Real men would have broken out the rifles and shotguns and gone hunting – and done a mass kill. Even the cops could not have stopped that.

Now-a-days the feds and the provincial governments come into our home – this much heat and no more – no trans fats – it is bad for you – put your plastics in this bag or you are fined. No one told them to fuck off and instead they simply folded – providing the various governments more courage to continue to interfere in your direct personal life.

Media? Well – if you cannot see that one you are already beyond help.

Equality? There is none – if it takes my tax dollar to support you – other than those with a disability or a health issue – I am in fact BETTER than you.

Racism? If you are of a different skin colour and all I get from you and yours is hassles about how bad I am – then I start to dislike you – especially if I have to financially support you as well.

If I get told I MUST HIRE you then I am also pissed off.

If you start bitching about how I treat you

If I am told there is money to hire you because of your skin colour then I begin to dislike you. Especially if I am unemployed.

Enforced diversity? Tears a country apart. If you think that is a horrible attitude – I think it is a realistic one.

You can experience racism – which I call realism in all african countries as well as asian and mid east countries. The white guy is not the only person who does this – but those who live in other countries also understand it is NORMAL to want to live with your own.

Diversity is the lie that all are equal – look all over the world – it is not true – and I am quite happy to sytand up and say it in public – those who would argue this have never been anywhere – and if they have they have been protected by wealth and position – missing what the common man experiences.

And in the end I could go on forever – however if yopu got this far – one thing you must never forget – no matter whether you agree with what I have written or not.

Anything trudeau – past – present – or future – needs to be dropped and the family completely disinfected from Canada.
commented 2016-02-11 08:44:24 -0500
@ Deborah Graupner commented 17 hours ago
I hope our little man in our parliament takes the first shot between the eyes!

Two little old ladies who live about 20 miles from me were sitting in Timmies the other day – one of them was my mother – all 81 years of her.

I happened to run into her there quite by accident as I was grabbing some snacks for the crew who I was training in a nearby local farmers field.

She shocked the hell out of me when I heard her say – loud enough for many to hear her – “When that SOB (she used the words not the letters) trudeau the islamic selfie boy is assassinated this country will be a far better place”.

What shocked me even more?

About ten people around her table started to nod and agree with her.

I never ever thought my dear old Mom as a revolutionary – seems the old girl still has some fire in her.

Seems there are some Canadians who are ready to see selfie boy put down – which tells me he is successfully dividing the country.
commented 2016-02-10 18:15:54 -0500
Trudeau is bringing in rapeugees by the hundreds of thousands because he hopes they will vote for the Liberal Party in the future. Won’t he be red in the face when they vote for the Sharia Law party instead.
commented 2016-02-10 17:31:41 -0500
What happened to the Country -once I was so proud and happy immigrating to?
commented 2016-02-10 15:56:51 -0500
Jack Johnson, Ezra is reporting on the facts, and the information scares, as it should. Maybe Ezra is going to file a lawsuit, as I believe he is a lawyer. If I were him, I would be finding someone experienced in such matters who specializes in that type of law to do so.
commented 2016-02-10 15:25:54 -0500
I hope our little man in our parliament takes the first shot between the eyes!
commented 2016-02-10 14:58:23 -0500
Canada is now the soft underbelly of North America. It is known that various terrorist cells have been operating in Canada for decades. Now, they operate with the support of governments ready to tailor whatever policies to suit their ends. Only annexation by the US can gain Western Canadians their their freedom.
commented 2016-02-10 14:43:28 -0500
PEGIDA CANADA, anyone? Contact: horationelson@myself.com Let us get organized. The Email address is protected.
commented 2016-02-10 13:50:44 -0500
Jack Johnson. Why don’t you file your shit on another web sit?
commented 2016-02-10 13:41:07 -0500
Why don’t you do something about it Ezra like filing a lawsuit of some kind? Instead of just constantly trying to scare everybody?
commented 2016-02-10 13:08:42 -0500
Here’s the truth we are in an economic down turn we do not have jobs for the unskilled we do not have jobs even for the skilled our welfare rolls are at their limit our hospitals are over crowded we don’t have enough housing we are running a debt for these reasons WE SHOULD STOP ALL IMMIGRATION until our real unemployment drops to 4 % Remember there are no such thing as disable everyone is able to do something, if they can play all day on an x box or ps 4 or the internet or are able to wash dishes they are able lets start putting our able body people to work get them off welfare give them some hope.
commented 2016-02-10 12:56:39 -0500
I’ve been suspecting this for a while now. Even under conservatives we already had the highest per capita immigration intake in the world, which is costing Canadians 35 billion dollars each year. The huge numbers are not only economically draining but is a menace to the host society too.
Now with turdo liberals we’ll certainly end up with open borders, i.e. no upper limit on immigration numbers.
commented 2016-02-10 12:43:44 -0500
how do you dial 911 and ask for help if you don’t speak English?