January 14, 2016

In last State of the Union, "Obama is basically calling more than half of the American people liars"

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On my January 13 show, Breitbart.com Senior-Editor-at-Large Joel Pollak broke down President Obama's last ever State of the Union address, looking at "the top 10 lies."

Here's a clip in which Pollak notes that not even Democrats Clinton and Sanders agree with Obama that the economy is doing just fine.


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commented 2016-01-17 05:20:35 -0500
Franca Mills…. There have been a number of leaks in recent years by ex-military personnel in the United States, who have friends in the Secret Service, that they have their hands full trying to avert just that… (Maybe it’s the though of Joe Biden taking over that has stayed more than one hand!?!)… Anyway, take comfort from the thought that in just one year plus three days, at high noon, this Muslim deceiver’s reign will be over, and he will be taking Air Force One, back to Chicago, for the last time….
commented 2016-01-15 10:25:53 -0500
@ Nathan W are you saying that muslim men are not raping women?
tell that to the women that got raped. you better look the definition of reality goof!
commented 2016-01-15 04:56:35 -0500
“Yannie Znayew”… Russian for “I don’t know”… Why would anybody be expected to be respected for the validity of his/her views if they don’t have the guts to post under their real name?… Chicken shit validity; chicken shit views…
commented 2016-01-15 02:01:00 -0500
Well,,,, he is the other person, that i would say should know a liar if he seen one, he has been looking at one every day of his life if he looks in a mirror,,,of course Hillary has it down PAT.
commented 2016-01-14 22:48:27 -0500
Why hasnt anymore taken this filthy muslim out
commented 2016-01-14 17:32:00 -0500
Ah what the heck. Nathan W try to grasp this thought. Unlike the left, Canadian and American conservatives love their countries and are sick and tired of watching the left destroy them. It’s called passion.
commented 2016-01-14 16:32:58 -0500
Wow some folks around here can sure get hateful, angry and insulting when someone comes along and messes with your warped views of reality.
commented 2016-01-14 16:20:27 -0500
Lad Reme – I’ve been saying this all along. B.O. was paid to take down America. That slimy Nat was also paid to attack Canada, and we see the results of his and UN’s efforts. I’m praying that Netanyahu succeeds in blocking this evil pretender.
commented 2016-01-14 16:13:12 -0500
Prez Obama is trying to get himself voted in as Commander in Chief of the UN.
Netanyahu, at this very moment is talking to the heads of moderate Arab States with the intention of blocking Obama. Let us hope he succeeds.

If Obama should become C in C of the UN he will just about rule the world. This is very scare’y stuff.
commented 2016-01-14 15:27:11 -0500
Obama’s big failure as president is his inability to bring people together. People don’t trust him, because just as in this instance, he uses half truths to divide people. The sooner he is gone and forgotten the better off the USA and the world.
commented 2016-01-14 13:27:17 -0500
Yannie Znayew
Saddam Hussein was a ruthless and brutal dictator who executed his political enemies and committed genocide on his own people. He started two wars, one with Iran and the other with Kuwait. Hussein spread Islamic radicalism to new heights and caused huge unrest in the entire middle east. The invasion of Iraq by the USA was a big mistake by Bush but radical and violent Islam was ready to fill the void so the fight was already brewing.
Netanyahu is an outstanding leader and has handled the Hamas pigs exactly the way he should. These Hamas pigs use their own innocent women and children as human shields to protect their weapons and ammunition. Netanyahu uses weapons and ammunition as shields to protect his own innocent women and children.
commented 2016-01-14 13:19:26 -0500
Yannie…nonsense…. Netanyahu, unlike Barky, cares about the security and prosperity of his country…one of the best leaders in the world taday…
commented 2016-01-14 13:18:59 -0500
Its scary, but there are more ’Yannie’s’ where this one came from. His convoluted rewrite of the truth is toxic waste.

8 years of Obama will peak at debt more than any previous President in American history.
For the life of me, I cannot decide, is Obama stupid? Is he evil? Or is he just so self absorbed he doesn’t realize how far from the truth he has drifted? The ‘hero in his own mind’ has taken a left turn off the deep end. His grasp on reality has slipped. Thank God his reign of terror is almost over, and I pray a Republican can get into the White House. The US would still be up shts creek, but at least they would have a strong paddle. We’ll still be up shts creek, but a Republican will put our junior PM in his place, make him cry, and hopefully help fast track his removal. If a Democrat gets in, we will have no choice but to try to ride out the epic storm, and see if anyone survives. We think its ugly now…
commented 2016-01-14 13:00:46 -0500
Deborah Graupner, the bigger liar was George W. Bush, who invaded Iraq on totally false evidence. The body count under his watch has been considerably higher. I’d rank him as one of the most fraudulent undertakers in American history. And don’t get me started on Netanyahu, who’s demonizing of Palestinians is nothing short of criminal.
commented 2016-01-14 12:54:18 -0500
Well that’s rich coming from that lying traitor to America, and the free world. If anyone is a liar, it’s that trashy president. I can’t even stand looking at him anymore. Shaking his finger at the people. If he pointed that finger at me, I’d grab it and break it!

On another note – did anyone watch the show Frontline? The show on Benjamin Netanyahu? If you didn’t see it, you should try to see if you can get it on-line. This is a very good show about Benjamin’s life, but it includes his relations with Obama, and is very interesting. Obama hates his guts, and I totally admire that Netanyahu is fighting for his people. He is a real leader and God will bless him for standing for Israel.
commented 2016-01-14 12:46:22 -0500
Debt in the USA under 8 years of Obama started at 10.6 Trillion and will peak at 20 Trillion. Obama inherited the Global Recession, which was hatched in the Clinton era, and then de-based the economy by printing/selling Treasury Bills to keep the country floating. Same as printing money in the old days. The Republicans fought Obama through Congress and lost. Boehner (House Speaker) gave in to Obama just before he retired and now Obama will rack up another trillion in debt before he finally leaves in Jan 2017.

Under 8 years of George W Bush the debt started at 5 Trillion and peaked at 10.6 Trillion, while he conducted the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Bush also had to substantially increase spending of Dept of Homeland Security, FBI, NSA, etc because of Sep 11 attacks and rise of international terrorism.

Some people argue the US economy will implode and that it’s just a matter of time. When that happens it will be a stock market crash and all out war.
commented 2016-01-14 12:27:11 -0500
Like it or not, Canada is joined at the hip with the Americans economically, and the American economy has become a house of cards. When the US economy does finally fall apart Canada will have NO chance of mitigating the effects here because we now have the worlds biggest moron as PM.
commented 2016-01-14 12:19:27 -0500
Most people know that Oblowzo is the liar.