December 21, 2016

To prevent migrant New Years Eve attacks, women in Vienna will be given “anti-rape” alarms

StaffRebel Columnist

Austrian police aren't taking any chances this New Years Eve after last year's massive migrant sexual assault spree in Cologne, Germany.

According to RT, the gadgets emit a 'shrill sound' to ward off potential attackers and draw police.

“It’s a national campaign aimed primarily at women on New Year’s Eve,” Interior Ministry spokesman Karl-Heinz Grundboeck said on Tuesday.

About 6000 alarms are said to be given out in the Old Town of Vienna where major celebrations are held.

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commented 2016-12-25 15:32:56 -0500
The rate increase by 55% huge jump. Canada rate of ratio of rapes on New Years is 190% higher than there to begin with. How about focusing on university white male lsndoing rapes?? As that is the highest majority in Canada. But let’s distract people and worry about other countries instead of fixing our own.
commented 2016-12-22 01:34:57 -0500
Lloyd Nolan instead of a call to pray it is like a call to rape.
commented 2016-12-22 01:33:51 -0500
Lloyd Nolan damn you beat me to that one, i was thinking the same thing, it would not surprise me if that is what the government has in mind.
commented 2016-12-21 19:55:03 -0500
Yeah right , other Muslim men hear the alarm , and run to the rape scene and get in on the action
commented 2016-12-21 18:19:34 -0500
Why lashing?
It Is a serious crime!
Stone the lunatics!

commented 2016-12-21 17:38:55 -0500
How about this: attack a woman, touch a woman who doesn’t want you to do that, touch or attack a boy, you get arrested, quickly tried, lose your family’s benefits and government housing, and you get deported with no possibility of return. Oh yes, if a new citizenship you lose that too.

If your family wants to follow you, they can pay themselves. An open door border is a two way street – you can leave if you don’t like it.

Maybe, since they like sharia so much, a good old sharia back lashing before they get tossed out.
commented 2016-12-21 17:19:50 -0500
How about a Muslim free zone. Like the whole west.
commented 2016-12-21 17:05:29 -0500
Both here and abroad our governments have worked to make us targets, trying to take away any weapons we might possibly defend ourselves with.

Bring in people who expect Canada to change for them. People who hate us. Tell them vote Liberal, remember we brought you here. Free every thing for you, while regular Canadian.s pay pay pay.
Why they have even created new Carbon taxes for us to pay.
Canadian,s have a long history of fighting back. You got lucky this time Trudeau/Notley.
We the regular people will remember come next election.
commented 2016-12-21 16:57:22 -0500
When someone says they are DUTCH— I really do want to see a genuine Dutch person. Not a Nigger or Arab or a Moroccan or a Nigerian or a Monkey—— I just want to see a real live Dutch Person.
commented 2016-12-21 16:50:41 -0500
It this a Joke? When a Muslim decides to rape you—-you Blow a Whistle.
Problem solved.
Do you pay these Politicians a wage?
commented 2016-12-21 16:40:59 -0500
The Real question is— Why are females in , Vienna , forced to put up with these Muslim pigs ?
When somebody says that they are Austrian—-
I really don’t want to see a Nigger or an Arab.
commented 2016-12-21 16:34:19 -0500
This is a false sense of protection. Watching a recent video of what happened in Cologne, the police will likely be seeking protection for themselves. They won’t be able to respond to these alarms, as they don’t have the man power.
commented 2016-12-21 16:20:51 -0500
I think a Merkel mask would be better and pepper spray.But seriously no women in her right mind is going down there new years eve unless they are packing.
commented 2016-12-21 16:09:50 -0500
I have been giving the wife an anti-rape drug for the last decade.
It works.
commented 2016-12-21 16:03:26 -0500
I would think a 9mm would be much better than a whistle. It does make a loud noise as well , but would be far superior to a whistle.
commented 2016-12-21 15:58:52 -0500
Kieth said “If these alarms are about 30cm long, made out of Lead with multiple steel spikes sticking out of them, then perhaps they may be of some use. Otherwise, forget it.”
Now I get it. The scream which alerts the police is emitted by the perp after a good wallop to the head wether that be the empty one or the small one :)
commented 2016-12-21 15:50:21 -0500
I personally think it might be a better idea to have a national campaign aimed primarily at the perpetrators, rather than one “aimed primarily at women on New Year’s Eve,” i.e., the victims. Something like, you know, a return to law and order, enforcement, and, here’s a radical thought, convictions and sentences that actually act as a deterrent to crime.

These anti-rape alarms might do some good if the authorities were also to deploy effective and sufficient policing and security forces. But I fear a repeat of last year, when there wasn’t enough security available to identify and assist the screaming victims, and protect them from the frenzied portion of the mobs who were having sexual emergencies.
commented 2016-12-21 15:46:35 -0500
Who knew paramedics are so thin skinned? Dammit, Ezra, APOLOGIZE NOW!
commented 2016-12-21 15:30:58 -0500
The protection should include fluorescent paint so you can round up the perpetrators later and deport them.
commented 2016-12-21 15:02:57 -0500
Ezra I donate to this channel, but don’t call our paramedics ambulance drivers . Good lord Ezra they are now paramedics, and have been since the early 1980,s . You just alienated thousands of paramedics from your leads ! You need to apologize to paramedics Canada wide . Dam Ezra , this is what happens when the research is not done ! Enough, apologize to paramedics Canada wide !!! Sorry but this has to be done !!
commented 2016-12-21 14:48:32 -0500
They could just lay back and enjoy it.
commented 2016-12-21 14:46:26 -0500
If these alarms are about 30cm long, made out of Lead with multiple steel spikes sticking out of them, then perhaps they may be of some use. Otherwise, forget it.
commented 2016-12-21 14:18:01 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 32,479 Attacks, 208,190 Killed, 291,461 Injured that we know of.
commented 2016-12-21 13:52:34 -0500
What a joke!
commented 2016-12-21 13:40:06 -0500
How about a bullet?