May 16, 2018

Injecting truth into Canada’s politicized climate change debate: (Guest: Michelle Stirling, Friends of Science)

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show


The deadline for Kinder Morgan to decide if the company is going to go forward with its Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project is May 31 - just two short weeks away.

The pipeline project is the definition of a “no-brainer”. The current pipeline that has operated without incident for nearly seven decades, will be twinned in the existing easement.

But the project is being met with fierce opposition from the BC government, foreign NGOs and CBC’s manufactured Canadian icon, David Suzuki.

How did our nation get to the point that a shantytown squatter’s camp of hippies and an unelected NDP premier in BC are holding the economy of our entire country in their filthy socialist mitts?

Friends of Science has some ideas about how that happened.

They’ve been called a shadowy climate denial group by Desmog Blog and Greenpeace have accused them of being part of a decades long coordinated effort to attack climate science as a way to delay action on climate change.

But, Friends of Science says the “current obsession with global warming is misguided in that climate fluctuations are natural phenomena, and suggest that “adaptation should be emphasized rather than misguided attempts at control.”

Joining me tonight from Friends of Science is Michelle Stirling to discuss their latest reports combatting the Federal Liberal’s politicized climate change agenda, the embedded anti-oil activists in Trudeau's government and the new documentary they’re bringing to Edmonton.

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commented 2018-05-25 19:38:31 -0400
why is it so easy for the elm[environmental lying movement] to continue their garbage. i guess when you have scum like suzuki, gore and nye the lying guy, what should we expect. our planet is doing pretty good, but alas less pollution would be great for us all. panic and lies are not the answer. can the ELM actually tell the truth. we have time to make our planet better without eliminating fossil fuels today.
commented 2018-05-18 01:54:07 -0400
That’s the point Colin Cramton… Climate Barbie does not know what “the right temperature is”, neither is she willing to debate the issue she is Canada’s minister “responsible for”, with the likes of a Dr. Tim Ball or Dr. Judith Curry, because she knows she is going to get “blown out of the water”… Thus,THE COUNTRY WITH THE SECOND LARGEST LAND MASS ON EARTH, Canada, keeps taxing its citizens with “carbon taxes” for God knows what reason… Now, is that not the very definition of “craziness” or what??…
commented 2018-05-17 21:58:22 -0400
does climate barbie know what the right temperature is?
commented 2018-05-17 15:58:36 -0400
Andrew the fake PhD Gordo Steele Stephenson, you always open your mouth and remove all doubt, just another lying liberal troll. Thanks for proving that, the only thing you have ever proven. You are a waste of space, breath, and time. You have never proven anything, provided no evidence of your “claims” and have zero credibility, under any of your many aliases. Your safety is not in jeopardy, just your credibility, because only your left uses violence against opposing opinions; how very telling.
commented 2018-05-17 10:39:57 -0400
Friends of Science should be highlighted more often.
Michelle Stirling is indeed an amazing spokesperson. I would love to see her on the Rebel more often. She makes Climate Barbie look like a child pretending to be a grown up.
commented 2018-05-17 10:29:46 -0400
Picked up a button at the Friends of Science event in Calgary:
Proud to be a Denier, Not a Liar.
commented 2018-05-17 10:02:45 -0400
All of this is just distraction anyway. The climate warming industry will make politicians, and their globalist masters lots of money, but not us. You know what else makes them lots of money? War and chaos. The climate hoax works for them two fold. They are keeping us busy complaining about our oil and gas industries being shut down while they replace us with Islam and any other third world dreg. The chaos around the planet is being choreographed to insure more conflict and more ‘refugees’.

As the globalists/deep state destroy everything they touch and things crumble as a result, they say, “see, the west really IS evil. Don’t you feel ashamed? Here, take in and pay for all these people to make amends. Give your country over to others, be their doormat. It is the only way you can redeem yourselves.!”
Before you know it the electoral base is sufficiently skewed to insure foreigners run our country.

This is war, make no mistake. ‘Climate change’ is a distraction, that and gender confusion. Both blown out of proportion to keep us occupied.
commented 2018-05-17 09:59:11 -0400
Why wouldn’t those with a vested interest, including Canadians whose livelihoods are suffering, want to expose the lies of the left to try to spread the truth to those who follow blindly and are cutting off their own noses to spite their face? It is obvious to anyone with an ounce of intelligence that Canada has been elected to sit things out. No one else, just us.
commented 2018-05-17 08:43:54 -0400
I see Andrew was first in the cue showing of that PHD in Bullshit. Tell us Andrew, with regard to those rising oceans you have spoken of in the past, is there a valid reason why two of your go to geniuses, Gore and Suzuki, have ocean front mansions in their portfolios. And why would the bastion of global warming / climate change doom and gloom, the UN no less, want to do a $2 billion facelift to their digs,which are on the BANKS of the East River ffs/ Would you consider those sound business decisions right in the face of the so called inevitable catastrophic ocean rise? If you build on the edge of water you are always at risk, history points that out repeatedly. My opinion is that man’s contribution to climate change is like a pimple on an elephant’s ass…..lf you look really hard you can see it, but in the end it is simply insignificant. As for today’s weather….cloudy with a chance of meatballs. Don’t worry leftards, they are tofu.
commented 2018-05-17 06:42:24 -0400
Very informative show Sheila. Friends of Science Michelle Sterling is a great guest and I always learn excellent information about the fake weather movement. Suzuki is a fraudster.keep pointing that out.
commented 2018-05-17 05:16:38 -0400
Yes Andrew, two petroleum geologists would have an financial interest in the man made climate change scam just like carbon trader Al Gore and all those career climate alarmist scientists.
commented 2018-05-17 04:36:56 -0400
I’m with Sheila Gunn Reid on a previous post – say, isn’t it about time that Climate Barbie recreated her famous bicycle ride to work in high heels?…
commented 2018-05-17 04:33:15 -0400
And another good reason to re-visit the previous posts by Dr. Tim Ball on The Rebel and more recently the “craziness” verdict by Dr. Judith Curry…
commented 2018-05-17 01:51:50 -0400
Gotta laugh at people like Andrew who never seem to notice who is getting richer while they claim others are in it for the money.
commented 2018-05-17 01:50:58 -0400
Andrew i thought you cared what SCIENTISTS say? Oh sorry we should listen to David Suzuki on this instead right? LMAO!
commented 2018-05-17 01:49:58 -0400
Andrew no one denies climate changes. Sorry if you hate the truth. Now go save the ever dwindling Polar Bears LMAO!
commented 2018-05-17 01:22:35 -0400
“Carbon Tax will Kill the Economy”; Like everything J.Trudeau has done thus far’.
commented 2018-05-17 00:27:12 -0400
Michelle Stirling is an excellent communicator for Friends of Science. About time that conservative politicians became Friends of Science! Join Friends of Science to help them get their message of truth out to provide a counter-narrative to the lies about so-called man-made climate change.
commented 2018-05-16 23:24:24 -0400
Perhaps the “gender based analysis” , how a project effects woman and men, is a good thing in that it is a human based analysis in relation to a project which is more than can be said of cancelling a project based on ill advised environmental effects that they so broadly and vaguely define. It should be called a human based analysis. I think they assume its an analysis on how a project will affect women but men are a gender too. Men losing jobs should be included in and factor highly in a gender based analysis.
commented 2018-05-16 23:00:10 -0400
We need another hundred Michelle Stirlings telling the truth about climate change fake science. She deals with scientific facts and not politicized myths that the likes of Suzuki and Trudeau spew out.
commented 2018-05-16 22:56:38 -0400
First, CO2 is not a pollutant. Second, CO2 is a poor greenhouse gas. After the initial greenhouse effect, further concentrations produce a diminishing effect – a logarithmically decreasing effect. Third, sending money to the UN will not change the temperature of the planet.

Environmental activists are the low paid useful idiot arm of big foreign energy concerns. Some of them are running the country now.
commented 2018-05-16 22:35:53 -0400
The dyslexic village idiot got first post to spread misinformation.
commented 2018-05-16 22:27:27 -0400
In the UK, ‘Climate Change’ has been replaced and is now referred to as ‘Climate Variation’ but it is still the same old BS. How is it that if the climate is getting warmer, a group of German prisoners of war managed to escape from a Canadian POW Camp, in 1944 Canada, by walking across Lake Ontario on the ice? Think about all the smoke and Carbon created by the war, add to this all the smoke from coal and wood fires of that error. As a kid, I can remember holding my hand up in front of my face and not seeing it because of the thick yellow Smog. This when there was six inches of snow on the ground.
commented 2018-05-16 21:36:30 -0400
Did he ask where their funding comes from, and why they go to such elaborate lengths to disguise it? The fact that it was founded by a couple of petroleum geologists suggests that yes, they may well have a financial interest in climate change denial.