April 28, 2016

INSANE: How North Carolina officials react when undercover reporters ADMIT to being opposite sex bathroom predators

StaffRebel Columnist

You're going to want to sit down for this.

Two undercover reporters posing as sexual predators admitted to North Carolina university officials that they take photos of women and men in their washrooms because it turns them on.

The Project Veritas journalists consisting of James O’Keefe and a female reporter recorded their encounters with the officials.

What this showcases is that the state’s recent bathroom bill - which mandates people use the bathroom correspondent with the sex they were assigned at birth – was not being enforced.

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O’Keefe even admits to University of North Carolina Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Jill Moffitt that he takes photos while using the women's washroom.

“I’m going to really, really suggest that in your case – because this is for better or worse a bit of a ‘fetish.’ Is that fair?” Moffitt asks him.

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“I just didn’t want to use that word,” O’Keefe replies, but admits that's the word he was going to bring up.

Moffitt didn't want anything else to be revealed. “Don’t tell me anything more...what you’re doing is you’re alerting me to what we call sexual exploitation.”

“When I admitted my purpose for using the women’s restroom the school official responsible for enforcing compliance with Title IX stopped me from a full admission in order to avoid exercising the school’s obligation under Federal Law, Title IX,” O’Keefe reports.

Meanwhile the female reporter told diversity education director Deborah Miles at University of North Carolina Asheville that being in a men's washroom 'turned her on'.

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“I like being in the guys’ bathroom. There’s guys in there. I like guys,” she said.

She too admitted to taking 'snaps' using the application Snapchat while in the male washroom.

When she tells the administrator that she finds it to be 'exciting', the employee agrees with her because she's 'not supposed to do it'.

It only goes to show that when it comes to privacy and people's rights, the left are willing to look the other way.

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commented 2016-05-01 14:06:35 -0400
The more I hear about this issue the stupider it sounds and the madder I get. This was needless government interference which has only had the effect of creating a problem(s).

I have said that one should use the facility which matches your anatomy. However, that is not entirely representative of how I feel about it. I have shared washroom facilities with transsexuals, knew it , or sometimes wasn’t sure but didn’t really care. Over many many decades this has happened only a handful of times, as they comprise a minutia of the population.

Gays and transsexuals are not a new invention.They have always utilized the bathroom they could get away with entering. That is about it. It was working just fine thank you. Now we will indeed have all sorts of miscreants using this new law for kicks.
commented 2016-04-29 11:46:28 -0400
- I can’t for the life of me figure out who is more of a threat to Canada, and the West in general, Islamists or lefty progressives…
commented 2016-04-28 22:42:30 -0400
Somebody…please….send this to Bryan Adams!!!! or those two old guys (Ringo and The Boss!!!) who are trying to be so trendy and keep their customers.
commented 2016-04-28 16:42:10 -0400
What a bunch of sick puppies, in a very sick and disturbed society! We should close all universities because they are babysitting services for those who don’t want to work. These are no longer places for higher education but a place to go and lose your mind.
commented 2016-04-28 15:26:53 -0400
Again the lefties need to make everyone “feel” good about themselves. If you are a transgender, pedophile, molester, voyeur or any of the other creepy types in today’s society, then go out and have your head examined.
This is all a result of the leftist ideas in Hollywood. You can’t watch a TV show nowadays without gays or lesbians being portrayed. The shear number of times they do this makes you think that every other person out there is of that persuasion.
It ain’t the case!

PS: I have no problem with gays or lesbians I do, on the other hand, have a problem with it being shoved in my face.

Dump Trudeau
commented 2016-04-28 13:34:13 -0400
Listen Andrew. Women do molest little boys. I am so sick of this shit. How many times have we heard of a sick bitch molesting a child so she can earn money or impress her new boyfriend. This is all bullshit. You have a dick you use the men’s. You have a vagina you use the women’s. Enough of this coddle entitlement generation. Please all of you, just go kill yourselves because if I catch your disgusting ass in my grandkids bathroom, you won’t be walking out.
commented 2016-04-28 13:22:49 -0400
Perverted men having the legal authority to look at women and girls go to the bathroom.

Much like a rapist, this is an act of power over females.

So much twisted shit going on out there.

The great news is that trannies have a high suicide rate.