October 30, 2015

Insurance Bureau's Halloween safety tips warn against masks -- but what about driving in a niqab?

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

The Insurance Bureau of Canada has offered its top ten tips for a fun, safe Halloween.

I like tip number 5:

"Consider using makeup instead of a mask to ensure your child has a clear, unobstructed view. If a mask is necessary, enlarge the eyes or while walking push the mask up.”

I wonder if the Insurance Bureau of Canada might ever have to issue a top ten list of tips for people driving with masks on. 

What are the insurance consequences of women driving with niqabs? If someone driving a niqab gets into an accident, what would the law say?

Or would the law — like politicians, like insurance companies — be too scared of being called racist to even mention the obvious safety danger?


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commented 2015-11-01 06:00:20 -0500
Do I hear “Darwin awards” anyone?
commented 2015-10-31 21:08:55 -0400
Ummm, scuse me – Jay? You need help there buddy. No seriously, you bin raggin’ on about Danes so incessantly it’s scary dude.
commented 2015-10-31 16:46:10 -0400
Guy, to start with is the serving of raw ground beef to their ‘guests’ and to their own young children who have no say in the matter. I am told that they even serve it in some so-called ‘Canadian’ restaurants.
Then there is the language thing. They speak some sort of secret language among themselves that no-one else can understand, not even other Europeans.
Then there are the ‘procreation tours’ sponsored by the government to send childless couples on a cruise where they might ‘do the nasty’.
And, of course, there is the male only exchange of socks.
commented 2015-10-31 13:15:53 -0400
Jay Kelly said “… risks of visiting people of Danish background …” – Please enlighten us as to the “barbaric cultural practises” of the the Danish people.
commented 2015-10-30 23:47:32 -0400
And the Insurance Bureau of Canada never seems to mention the risks of visiting people of Danish background in Canada. (Yes, there are 200,000 people in Canada who claim Danish background.)

“Oh, they are just following their quaint cultural traditions.”
Yeah, right. Call barbaric cultural practises what they are.
commented 2015-10-30 23:21:19 -0400
The insurance bureau can piss off – if some woman who would be pounded to within an inch of her life by her husband if she removed that face covering gets in an accident she is covered by the word “culture” – the rest of us get to suck the big one.
commented 2015-10-30 20:58:54 -0400
Darrel Padlesky,
in Saudi Arabia women are not allowed to drive, because, if the car breaks down they might get raped !
ever heard such an insane excuse ?
commented 2015-10-30 20:40:05 -0400
Monday I was making a left turn at a stop sign. On coming traffic had a stop sign. ⅓ through my turn I realised that the van coming at me at high speed wasn’t going to stop. I hit the brakes and horn. Niqab with a cell phone to her ear. The woman beside her made an “I’m sorry” gesture, waved, and they continued on as if nothing had happened.

How did she pass the driver’s test? How could she see anything unless its right in front of her? No cell phones while driving, or do these rules only apply to some and not all?
commented 2015-10-30 20:14:14 -0400
I thought I read somewhere that in Sharia Law women weren’t not allowed to drive so it may be even worse.
commented 2015-10-30 20:09:23 -0400
Insurance company’s should triple the Insurance rate for anyone drives wearing a Niqab. Better still, make it illegal to drive while wearing this garment. It makes them vision impaired.
commented 2015-10-30 19:33:34 -0400
The other danger with driving in a niqab is that it’s to long and touches the floor it can get cought when putting on the breaks
commented 2015-10-30 18:54:28 -0400
This will never be brought up…too politically incorrect. They’d be labeled “racist”…which is another example of how, through political correctness and human rights “tribunals”, Islamists are achieving their threat of slow infiltration.