Why was The Rebel knocked off the Internet for a day?

The Rebel was knocked off the Internet this weekend.

Just gone

And we couldn’t even e-mail you to explain what was going on.

We’re finally back up. But we’re pretty shaken.

What happens next time — if we’re kicked off the Internet for a week? For a month?

Here’s what happened:

We’re taking steps to fix this.

We have our own video player now — we don’t rely 100% on YouTube.

We’ve built an app, that’s in beta testing mode — that means it’s not the final product, but you can still download it (Apple or Android) and try it out, while we work out the bugs. It’s free.

But let’s be honest. Unless you are a billion-dollar company, they’ll always find a way to get you. Little guys like us get picked off all the time. 

We survived yesterday’s one-day blackout. But it’s just a matter of time until another such attack comes along. 

That’s not a conspiracy theory. Justin Trudeau has threatened Facebook that if they don’t censor his political enemies before next year’s election, he’ll force them to do so, through legislation

Can you please help us? Help us improve the app — you can download the prototype version for free now, and help us work out the wrinkles.

But can you please help us financially too — by helping us to replace the ad money that YouTube has removed from us, helping us overcome the constant hacking attacks that leftists direct at our websites?

Other media have lined up for hand-outs from Justin Trudeau. We’ll never do that. Ever.

We’re 100% supported by our viewers. Will you help us now? Please consider chipping in $10, $25 or even $100 to keep us strong.

One day, when the real attack comes, I want to be ready. Or else, one day, you’ll wake up and we’ll have been un-personed — just made to disappear, without a trace. And you won’t even be able to find out why.

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