February 24, 2019

INTERVIEW: Bernier, Tyler Thompson discuss all-important Burnaby South by-election

David MenziesMission Specialist

Monday, February 25 is Election Day in Burnaby South. And it’s a significant by-election to be sure.

For starters, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is hoping to finally win a seat. Meanwhile, this by-election also serves as the first true test for the brand new People’s Party of Canada.

In this interview, I check in to see how the battle is going with PPC Leader Maxime Bernier, and the PPC candidate hoping to win Burnaby South, Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson.

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commented 2019-02-25 15:42:28 -0500
liza Rosie commented 3 hours ago
Ron that link goes to a leaving facebook page.
I forwarded it to the PPC Office as it is not good advertising.
commented 2019-02-25 15:26:01 -0500
CHARRED REMAINS commented 10 mins ago
Updates are always given in polls.. that’s how we know who the prime minister is before they close in Alberta Saskatchewan or British Columbia..


The polling stations where people actually vote and the surveys where people are asked how they might vote on a particular day are both called “polls” but are two different things. It is the busibodies trying to get people to disclose what is secret for a very good reason that I think should be banned altogether.

The polling stations in Burnaby are still open at time of this post and asking the busibody none-of your-f*cking-business questions are in fact illegal today.
commented 2019-02-25 15:00:16 -0500
Charred, I don’t think that it is legal to have new polls the day of an election in Canada.
commented 2019-02-25 13:50:00 -0500
Mark Chadwick,

No I didn’t say that, especially considering I hated Wynne.

But sure, let’s bet – you think Maxime Bernier is going to PM and I think that’s ridiculous. This is a two person race – Trudeau vs Scheer. Bernier is fringe.
commented 2019-02-25 13:42:21 -0500
To my surprise and delight Punjab TV gave Laura Lynn a very fair airing….CBC could learn a few lessons from their professionalism….


Just as a note to any who didn’t know…Laura Lynn is a scatterling of Africa…she was born in Uganda under Idi Amin Dada.
commented 2019-02-25 13:07:06 -0500
Why vote for PPC in this riding:
It’s a by-election and inconsequential to the Liberal majority.
Bernier believes in free speech and free press by talking to Menzies and Rebel Media, whereas Scheer is against free press by his constant attack on Rebel Media
Scheer needs to see a big vote % for PPC in order to continue his (apparent) embracing of conservative values.
Jagmeet has it in the bag, IMHO.
commented 2019-02-25 13:04:45 -0500
Ron that link goes to a leaving facebook page.
Can’t wait for the results today. I have a good feeling about this byelection.
commented 2019-02-25 12:53:22 -0500
Glenn Craig commented 41 mins ago
Andrew…electoral defeat will spell a ledership review that could be the end of Scheers corrupting the CPC…every cloud has a silver lining"

I agree. Scheer’s in trouble. He should be the easy winner given the trouble Trudeau has faced lately – SNC should be a gift but Scheer’s hands aren’t entirely clean on it either so he won’t ask too many questions. The next problem is that their talent pool is getting pretty thin these days. Scheer didnt’ win because he was good, he won because he was OK, and there wasn’t much else to pick from other than Bernier, who was/is a very divisive character. Raitt is tossed around, but she’s not really any more conservative than Scheer is – Harper kept them muzzled, and Scheer’s been tossing them entirely.

“Conservatives have a rock or hard place choice…either let Trudeau win or remove real conservative voice for parliament altogether…..no need to split the vote …none whatsoever.”
Indeed, it’s a tough place, but the reality is that a Rebel style conservative is essentially unelectable – that’s why they inevitably drift to the centre. Disaffected Liberals are a far more fertile source of votes than trying to rally a base that already mostly votes for you. The vote splitting muddies the waters. Let’s put it this way – if the Conservative vote splits nearly down the middle (plausible given the leadership results) it will be catastrophic for the Right. That’s how Notley became premier of Alberta – the Right would be reduced to rural prairies and maybe a few in the not-quite-Shield bits of Ontario.

“But just on the subject of polls…if anyone is really concerned about third party influence in elections then polling should be banned. " I’m on the fence about this one. Groupthink is very real – astroturfing works although the Rebel seems to think it should be allowed. However, there are several notable examples of getting it wrong, indicating minimal influence. The second poll (22-8) is unfortunately Mainstreet, which has had some very prominent “misses”, missing the NDP’s win in Nanaimo and Nenshi’s win in Calgary. Not a great pollster.
commented 2019-02-25 12:27:22 -0500
Des Zacharias commented 2 hours ago
What do you make of THIS business??https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fshawnpaulmelville.com%2F2019%2F02%2F18%2Fsoros-tides-foundation-and-the-ppc%2F%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR0UEZFGf4L_rWfIwXzjcVAsmRTvTlofjgRoZaIrFaUKp0mCr1klEgPW3vc&h=AT2prHRBcrdeKx_9pj2kmwK1BD0tDLBhKwS7VkLFZjkPdvAbnaC2YJpC5RF2kcWkdRNmIGUiy1T5hWW7FoKiuJDtXn95phtt3naF9qUsiW0o_NkIWfjci3CBnLpqbb0IGEykUhlK-Xs8m-OGHuo_xkqa22Kp
In my opinion, what this is saying is George Soros, Trudeau’s Liberals and the PPC are linked, and the UN’s Global Migration on Refugees that Trudeau signed in Dec. 2018 is going to kill Canada sooner than later.
Question: Why would Facebook warn us, they are part of it? Any Lawyers that will hopefully say that I read it wrong?
commented 2019-02-25 11:56:24 -0500
Andrew…electoral defeat will spell a ledership review that could be the end of Scheers corrupting the CPC…every cloud has a silver lining.

Conservatives have a rock or hard place choice…either let Trudeau win or remove real conservative voice for parliament altogether…..no need to split the vote …none whatsoever.

But just on the subject of polls…if anyone is really concerned about third party influence in elections then polling should be banned.
commented 2019-02-25 11:51:23 -0500
Des Zacharias , I think establishing a connection between Bernier and all the other players is a bit tenuous, but it certainly doesn’t detract from the overall veracity provided in the link in your comment.
We have been “had” and we are still being “had”.
commented 2019-02-25 11:40:14 -0500
On second thought, I’ve been browsing the polls, and it seems like TT is doing a fantastic job of splitting the vote. Shin (CPC) was polling at a not-bad 30% in the fall (not great, but with the libs-NDP nearly perfectly split and some uncertainty in small-sample polling, a win was plausible) to 22-8 CPC-PPC – virtually guaranteeing one of the left wing parties will win. Which? Can’t say. Too close to call.

Outremont will probably swing to the Liberals. Mulcair’s win wasn’t huge, even though party leaders usually dominate, and the NDP are dead in Quebec.

If the PPC splits off double digits of the vote, York-Simcoe suddenly becomes a swing riding instead of a conservatives stronghold. The CPC only beat the Libs by 13% there in 2015.

Peter Netterville commented 16 hours ago
“How is it that a know-all-about-every-subject such as Andrew be so clueless about what a Christian really is? "

I think you’d find ten different answers from ten different people, including self-identified Xtians.

This one, though, seems full of hate towards gay/trans people, and has spent years trying to eradicate them from the public sphere. Again, not compatible with a “libertarian” perspective, which respects diversity as a fundamental manifestation of individual freedom.
commented 2019-02-25 10:51:16 -0500
I will be supporting Max this fall. However, I am under no illusions about the outcome.

I am firmly convinced that urban Canadians – who overwhelming vote for parties that promise to wipe their arses with their own money – will have to experience real cold and hunger before they give any thought to the consequences of their political choices. And I’m not convinced it will necessarily happen even then.
commented 2019-02-25 10:05:29 -0500
John I think you also said Trump and Ford didn’t have a chance . So I take it as a win for Max . I hope your day job isn’t a odds maker in Vegas . Now go to your room Gerry .
commented 2019-02-25 09:24:15 -0500
Hi Max you give me hope for Canada.
This will be the second time I will watch a Quebec by-election along with the other two
in my life.
commented 2019-02-25 08:53:26 -0500
Oh look…it’s John Wick….the Andrew Stephenson sound-alike.
commented 2019-02-25 08:46:02 -0500
Ideally, in the next election, I would like to see the Conservatives and Liberals end up close (Liberals slightly ahead but with a minority government), the NDP with nothing, and the PPC getting enough seats that could be combined with the Conservatives to take power and form a majority. This would give Maxime a lot of leverage with which to do some shaping of the government and have an influence on the CPC.
And then when it is seen that Maxime is increasing in popularity and Scheer is weak the next leader of the whole group (a new party?) could be Maxime.
I am dreaming, and I am sure someone will be able to point out my math errors, but worth a thought:)
commented 2019-02-25 07:36:49 -0500
It will be interesting to see in the months to come if Johnny “the poof” Wick is correct or those on this website that support Mad Max.

For the record, I will vote for Max if it looks like his candidate in my riding has a chance to win, otherwise I will hold my nose and strategically vote for the CPC candidate.

My primary goal is to get the fool out of the PM chair and his lying gaggle of thieves out of power.

Canada as a strong nation will be destroyed if the Liberals stay in power another term.
commented 2019-02-25 07:17:36 -0500
Ron Joseph said, “Have a good evening PETER, I hope you aren’t talking to us about vote splitting tomorrow night.”

Odd, I didn’t mention anything about the split vote in this article.

Now that you brought up the topic … … ;o)
commented 2019-02-25 03:05:14 -0500
John Wick… I just “love” your passion for hope and objectivity… And your love of the Easter Bunny, the musings of the Smiling Chipmunk to prevail, and any resemblance of the truth, et al… The “truth” is that in the coming months you and your kind are going to be “bitch slapped” by what the PPC is able to accomplish…
commented 2019-02-25 02:15:17 -0500
I’m proud to be one of numerous volunteers for Laura-Lynn’s campaign! If you get a chance to feel the energy all the volunteers brings in with the shared vision that Maxime and the PPC stands for, do it! Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day!
commented 2019-02-25 01:51:58 -0500
If Johnny had a hammer,
he’d drop it in the morning
He’d drop it in the evening
all over this land.

He’s been promising for 4 months.
It still a hasn’t happened.
So we now he’s full of BS
and so does everyone else
all over this land.

With apologies to Pete Seeger
commented 2019-02-25 01:14:54 -0500
With corrupt leaders like JT and Sheer it’s no wonder this country is headed down the same path as Venezuela . Maxime Bernier is the only true leader with morals and integrity . Unfortunately low intellect , low info “ Canadians “ probably don’t have either of the for for mentioned principles . Libcons are more than happy to let corruption reign supreme with the same old antiquated idealism and definitely are not serving the people of Canada best interests . Go Maxime ! Go PPC ! Let’s Make Canada Great Again !!!!!!!!
commented 2019-02-25 00:22:17 -0500
The CPC no longer respects conservative values. Conservative values will always be.
commented 2019-02-24 23:57:34 -0500
Good show by the Menzoid. I remain committed to Western Separatism but Max and the PPC are best choice on the federal stage. The word “conservative” no longer has any fixed meaning. People should think of other words to express their point of view.
commented 2019-02-24 23:43:01 -0500
Maxime doesn’t have a chance, but it’s entertaining seeing people here betting everything on someone who can’t even beat Scheer – never mind Trudeau.
commented 2019-02-24 23:31:53 -0500
Hear hear John Galt!
commented 2019-02-24 23:30:54 -0500
I forgot about Freeland being banned from Russia. She is damned near banned from the U.S. as well, after the nafta fiasco.
I’m glad LLTT is running. I am looking forward to having someone start the conversation on a political level about the damage that gender studies and gay sex ed is doing in public schools to sexualize and confuse our kids. Parents have been tricked into thinking its a good idea. It keeps NO one safe, except maybe the pedophiles, many of which are in positions of power over children.