March 19, 2019

Interview with Gerolf Annemans, MEP

Rebel Staff

I spoke to fellow Member of the European Parliament, the Flemish Gerolf Annemans, MEP. Annemans is the vice president of the parliamentary group to which I belong known as the ENF.

The ENF, or the Europe of Nations and Freedom is a populist group which comprises 37 members out of the total 751 sitting MEPs.

ENF membership includes Gerard Batten, who recently gave me his insight on the upcoming March 29th Brexit deadline.

We chatted about how undemocratic the European Parliament is, the huge costs run up by Parliament, the high cost of MEPs, and the ultimate cost to the EU taxpayers.

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commented 2019-03-20 04:28:50 -0400
Its a monster, eating up everything off the plates of the common folks. not only will you be taxed by your government for the EU, but the EU will also tax you.

The EU simply sounds like creeping socialism.
commented 2019-03-19 16:28:26 -0400
UK, get out on March 29, or you will be paying even after the EU collapses in a few years.