December 05, 2016

UPDATED with Protest footage: Interview with a men's rights activist after seeing the film, The Red Pill

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

Feminist film maker Cassie Jaye's film "The Red Pill" was scheduled to be shown at Ottawa's Mayfair theatre, but was shut down by the usual group of leftist, totalitarian Marxists. Instead, it was screened twice at Ottawa City Hall.

In one of the scenes of Cassie's film, Dr. Janice Fiamengo gives a speech on the history of men in society which runs counter to the destructive narrative of the Marxist view.

That view holds that women must always be presented as the victims, and men are always the oppressors. (Unless they are gay or non-white or Muslim.)

The scene from Janice's lecture was short, and omitted the singing of the International Communist anthem, "The Internationale" by feminists trying to disrupt Janice's lecture.

The Rebel has two pieces on this important and interesting film:

Holly Nicholas on "The Red Pill," who looks also at CAFE, the group that is screening the film. CAFE also wants to open a men's shelter and provide legal counsel for men who have been abused by their female spouses and the system.

Ezra Levanton how "feminists" shut down "The Red Pill" showing at the Mayfair.

Protest footage from the 3:00 showing has just been found that makes the case rather perfectly, that modern feminism is about totalitarian Marxism, as these protesters even use Soviet iconography and hide their faces to try and stop the film from being shown.


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commented 2016-12-06 16:22:01 -0500
@keith Barnes…before we can get there here is the rest of the strategy…..disband and dissolve the CBC first…not so as to prevent public outcry over what happens next…but to dispell the illusion that there actually is one…..then rescind the Order in Council that authorises the funding of Status of Women….this can simply be done by cabinet at their discretion…the matter does not even need to be tabled in parliament. With no further funding from Status of Womyn for “policy research” the womyn’s studies departments of the universities will wither and die…..that simple….oh the usual fourteen lesbians will bang on pots and pans but it will blow over and be forgotten quickly.
commented 2016-12-05 22:20:24 -0500
The Marxist who have infiltrated educational systems, all over the western world, should be congratulated for doing a good job.

They should then be lined up, and shot.

The students who believe in them, need to be sent to special schools to learn about Democracy.