August 04, 2016

“France will become an Islamic Republic”: MEP, novelist and historian Philippe de Villiers

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

A blunt and courageous interview with one of France's leading intellectuals and former politicians. 

Complete transcript below:

The French political class was bought by Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Without a doubt? — As far as I’m concerned, no doubt. Today we have no more right to talk about France. It is clear that they want to kill France, because they say France is finished, it is a space in the cosmic market — They make fun of France? — Yes. — They make fun of the French? — Yes, I am adamant:

They hate her. Because … France will become an Islamic republic …

In fact you go on the internet and you find everything about Bilderberg and so on, Trilateral, I mean, they are not conspiring! They have the power! Indeed Chirac, Giscard (d’Estaing), Sarkozy, Hollande, to take four.

History — they don’t give a damn; history of France and world history.

Because these are marketing people, people of the moment.

— The history of France, they couldn’t care less, you say. Do they also not care about France?

Yes. — They couldn’t care less about France? — Yes.

They don’t care about the French, yes I am adamant.

They hate her. I’ll tell you, what they hate in her.

They hate Christianity.

Christian roots. Yes. That’s really it. You see?

Christian France is so present and so ancient,

and so it’s in its institutions, that it’s everywhere in the interstices,

including in Christmas crèches, we put into general council etc.

So it’s everywhere. You would have to eradicate all French literature and all the monuments,

for the stones to stop talking.

— A programmed Islamization of France?

Today we face two threats simultaneously:

The Americanization of the world, which is at the same time world’s commodification, including the commodification of life. This is the venal body; and the Islamization of the world.

Because France will become an Islamic republic, for three reasons: the first is that Muslims are rediscovering the Koran and the sunnah.

And so they come back to text.

In the text and in the history the Islamic State is closer to the Koran than the so-called moderate Muslims.

The Koran does not “moderate” you! [Make you more moderate]

And in the Koran and in the Sunnah the world is divided into two houses:

the house of Islam— Dar al-Islam — and the house of war — Dar al-Harb.

The one who explained it best for me , the first one, for two and a half long hours it was King Hassan II, who loved me very much and whom I loved.

In fact he said to me, “Oh I saw you on TV.

You are right about Maastricht. We are mare nostrum, [our sea, i.e. the Mediterranean].

It’s madness to take Europe to the north, because the more you pull to the north,

the more it will go west,

the more it will be Atlanticist. Because Anglo-Saxon Europe is Atlanticism.

It’s their tradition.” And then he told me:

“Do not believe for a moment that Moroccan Muslims

will become French Muslims!

No. Besides, I don’t want them to. I am the Emir of believers.

No. They belong to the Ummah.”

And he explained the Ummah, supra-nationality …

Not the super-, the supra-: there is only one nationality when one is Muslim.

“This is the Ummah. We belong to the community of believers.”

So detaching a Muslim from the community of believers is not easy.

Good. After that I met Magdi Allam, who was my neighbor in the European Parliament for five years.

He’s an Egyptian who converted to the Catholic faith.

And who was baptized by Pope Benedict XVI, on one night in March 2008. There were four riflemen behind him for five years.

Four! Day and night. Four carabinieri. All right.

With guns at the ready, even in the bathroom.

And you know what happened? Everyone was turning their backs, because we were… everyone was scared, actually. Because of him. And he told me:

“You know Philippe, the clash of civilizations I do not believe in it.”

I said: “Oh, really? Why?” “Because you’re going to roll over.”

So there was a fatwa on him. So I know what it is, someone who has a fatwa!

I’ve seen it, it was my friend, his name is Christiano in French, since he was baptized; and he told me what Sharia was etc. He told me.

But a mosque is not a place of worship. It’s much more than that, of course!

So let’s not assimilate it with the Catho-centrism!

or a Catho-egocentrism, as if Islam were parallel to the Catholic faith.

It’s very different! And saying that, doesn’t mean criticizing Islam!

A mosque is not a church. Voilà!

Then after that I saw, ah, the famous Tariq Ramadan.

and I saw him, before me, exercising taqiyya.

The taqiyya this is actually the duty of Muslims to dissimulate the truth, when they are a minority. Voilà!

And so we had a brief exchange before: at make-up and at the make-up removal.

and I said to him: “This is taqiyya.” Because he said the opposite of what he wrote, see?

But this is not a problem with respect to the Koran,

if you are a minority … voilà.

So the three reasons why I believe that France will become an Islamic republic:

The first reason is that it is the project of Islam;

That is to say that Islam is a peaceful religion AFTER the conquest, always!… not BEFORE!

— So it will obviously happen with the support of French politicians?

So the second reason is, that there is the fertility differential.

John Hume [ Northern Ireland Labour politician] said, speaking of Braudel [Fernand Braudel, historian], he said: “You know, Braudel and I always thought that there’s only one thing that counts in history, and it is the demographic waterline.” Voilà.

Here, in fact, they’re using demographic weapon.

I don’t remember who said one time, and also Annie Laurent [French journalist and writer]. “Childbirth is the jihad of women”.

And then thirdly the spirit of dhimmitude: making sure that we would have dhimmis here, yes, already!

So: we must explain that the dhimmis are semi-citizens.

There are Jews and Christians who are in the land of Islam and who do not have civil rights and they pay a tax and are humiliated; and they live like that. Yes. In order to survive. Voilà.

And so in fact, when I see Juppé [French politician] for me, he’s not only physically incarnating a tax, but this guy, he embodies the dhimmitude. When he said that scarves on buses, it’s fine with him, etc., halal menu and so on, anyway…And one day he said: “I never read the Koran.”

So a French politician today, with six or ten million Muslims, and who doesn’t read the Koran, is a fool!

Actually, what they want, is the Great Replacement [of people].

[Part II of this interview is being worked on now and may be ready by tonight]

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commented 2016-08-05 02:53:20 -0400
Keep it up France, it only took 600 years for Spain to rid itself of islam.
commented 2016-08-04 23:41:32 -0400
Probably, when it comes down to it, it is the birth-rate that matters.

French Muslims have a much higher birth-rate than Catholic French, and a vastly higher birth-rate than secular French.

Your can plot the data and come to some pretty clear predictions.
commented 2016-08-04 23:06:45 -0400
It appears that France is walking into their own destruction without even the slightest defensive action.
Is the situation there similar to Canada where we have no Opposition Parties in Parliament ?
commented 2016-08-04 23:01:29 -0400
Yep, they will kill and outnumber everyone else in time and BAM , new Islamic republic. Story of the middle east.
commented 2016-08-04 20:34:33 -0400
Canada is ripe for the taking as well, since less then 5% of Canadians would bother to take the time to learn the life-or-death points outlined by the French author.
commented 2016-08-04 19:08:41 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: 31,464 Attacks, 199,832 Killed, 280,601 Injured…. that we know of.
commented 2016-08-04 19:01:09 -0400
I wonder what the ghost of Martel thinks of the current Franks.

At least he is in heaven as opposed to Muhammad, prophet of Satan, named Allah.
commented 2016-08-04 18:37:23 -0400
France needs Marine Le Pen, Marion Le Pen, and the French National Front!
commented 2016-08-04 18:24:34 -0400
France needs the Marine Le Pen!