June 28, 2016

INVESTIGATION update: NB teachers report “excitement” among “students of a certain culture” on day of Brussels terror attack

Faith GoldyArchive

Today, we're following up on a story we broke for you on Monday: A 2,700 page document-dump from Fredericton High School in New Brunswick. The Rebel filed our access to information request after a tip from one parent, who reported migrant students – adult men, really-- in their twenties hitting on fourteen-year-old girls, and intimidating young Canadian boys in the classroom.

According to numerous email exchanges between teachers at Fredericton High, migrant students are becoming risks in the classroom; bullying and intimidating the others.

I get it: rough-housing, particularly  between boys, isn’t exactly shocking -- even if one’s in his twenties and the other in his tweens. But, what about this -- all taken from these documents. 

* Syrian refugee students threatening a Canadian boy for simply brushing against a Syrian girl’s back with his own, while the two were seated back to back? Even after the Canadian boy apologized, Syrian students became aggressive, which led this teacher to say she’s “worried about retribution towards the Canadian student in the days to come.”

* 19- and 20—year-old migrant students making racist comments to their non-Syrian classmates.

* Migrant students counting RPGs among their favourite hobbies, as teachers are reduced to telling them we don’t do that in Canada.

Perhaps one of the most shocking emails I came across was dated March 22, 2016:

“Today’s events in Europe may have a trickle factor in our wing for students of a certain culture. There is a lot of energy or excitement with the students that we should be mindful of today.”

What happened in Europe on March 22 of this year? The Brussels bombings.

What I’m sharing with you right now is not conjecture, not speculation, or mere allegations from people far from the supposed going-ons.

These are just the facts—agreed upon and reiterated in over 2,700 pages of correspondence between school staff.

And what I’ve shown you today is just a glimpse in to the astounding world revealed to us in the pile of documents we’ve received -- so far.

Join me this Thursday night for a full report on sharia creep in Canada’s Fredericton High School; and, stay tuned for another update on this file tomorrow.

PS: See ALL my reports on ONE PAGE by clicking HERE.

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commented 2016-06-29 02:26:58 -0400
If a kid in an elementary school makes fun of another student because he is “gay” The Rebel will be there.

The Rebel has shown itself to stand up for the oppressed and particularly the homosexual who may feel part of a minority.
commented 2016-06-29 02:03:53 -0400
David Tremblay make up some more crap in your moms basement, leave the real world to real people like us. Your BS is so pathetic.
commented 2016-06-29 00:33:24 -0400
“I was just kidding Nancy”

Thank heavens for that. The hateful comments on this site are not reflective of our comments.
commented 2016-06-28 23:53:52 -0400
“Because they are misogynist, retarded, camel humping , sand dwelling, Neanderthal, assholes. Does that answer your question?? "

LOL well if you put it THAT way. I was just kidding Nancy.
commented 2016-06-28 23:52:29 -0400
Henry Chausovsky said:

NNAUMBUA FARRELL, this is not about arabs, this is about the religion of PEACE, which promotes misogynous behavior, hatred, rape, violence, terror, etc. Is it enough? Faith doesn’t promote hatred, she exposes the facts, truth, which definitely is not your liking."

You’re preaching to the choir brother. ;) I was just kidding.
commented 2016-06-28 23:48:53 -0400
What do you think will happen once they figure out that they can get away with this kind of behaviour in our country. Yes, future Jhadi terrorists in the making. All thanks to Trudope and his merry band of socialists.
commented 2016-06-28 23:47:20 -0400
David Tremblay meet Noah Smith. WTF?
commented 2016-06-28 22:56:44 -0400
i go to that highschool, and i can confirm the teachers are real
commented 2016-06-28 22:03:51 -0400
NNAUMBUA FARRELL, this is not about arabs, this is about the religion of PEACE, which promotes misogynous behavior, hatred, rape, violence, terror, etc. Is it enough? Faith doesn’t promote hatred, she exposes the facts, truth, which definitely is not your liking.
commented 2016-06-28 21:14:29 -0400
NNAUMBUA FARRELL commented 31 mins ago
Sigh. Faith why do you hate Arabs?
Because they are misogynist, retarded, camel humping , sand dwelling, Neanderthal, assholes. Does that answer your question??
commented 2016-06-28 20:56:22 -0400
Reading some of the comments by the teachers about “War affected youth”. Funny how we, Cananda, USA, Australia didn’t have that problem with Vietnamese boat people. They seemed to settle and become productive members of our societies. Arabs don’t seem to have the same mental ability to become normal. Fucking retards. And the teachers are no better with their white glove approach.
commented 2016-06-28 20:49:28 -0400
David Tremblay, the emails somewhat contradict what you say. Seems the staff are quite concerned about the misogyny of it’s newcomers.
commented 2016-06-28 20:44:05 -0400
What self respecting 22 year old teenager DOESN’T hit on 14 year olds and use RPGs in his spare time?!
commented 2016-06-28 20:41:18 -0400
“Migrant students counting RPGs among their favourite hobbies, as teachers are reduced to telling them we don’t do that in Canada.”

Sigh. Faith why do you hate Arabs?
commented 2016-06-28 20:35:45 -0400
So, the obvious take away is that the teachers and parents hate Arabs and should be professionally disciplined and ostracized respectively right?
commented 2016-06-28 20:29:12 -0400
Pay Attention, Zoolander. Britain has decided not to be ruled over by your so called “elites”. the same, hopefully will come to you regardless of the fact that you can beat up on a coked up, drunken Indian who is 6" shorter than you….of course that won’t bother you because you have the same IQ as a house plant but it may give pause to your ventriloquist, Buttehead. read the comments on the MSM in Canada…few are impressed with what is happening in Liberal land…and the Syrian fukc up is going to get out, one way or another. Well done, Rebel!!
commented 2016-06-28 20:15:32 -0400
Such incidents are useful in that the young jihadis have made themselves known to everyone.

But ….

Notice that the authorities are not doing anything about it?

Once this cowardice becomes known jihadis will take the next step.
commented 2016-06-28 20:00:24 -0400
Sticking your head in the sand just makes your ass a bigger target. Trudeau et al and the remain whining elites don’t have to worry about stuff like this. They’re safely hidden away in their privileged gated white communities and their kids go to privileged private all white schools. Go back to sleep Tremblay.
commented 2016-06-28 19:39:46 -0400
So why aren’t these pro-facists who are mostly white and say they want to end whiteness committing mass suicide? I guess they feel the obligation to take others with them. Sweden would be a good example of this.
commented 2016-06-28 18:47:48 -0400
Tremblay, even among leftard trolls, you’re a laughingstock. Put the keyboard away before you injure yourself, and go take your pill. If you want to blither and drool down your chin about pro-ISIS propaganda, do it at the Star and Crescent or Caliphate Bullshit Cheerleaders. Both would be glad to offer you a job, unless they fired you already for your inability to get your head out of la-la-land.
commented 2016-06-28 18:36:24 -0400
I think back to my highschool days when bullies were universally despised and dealt with by other students to a point where they changed or left (for their own safety)

How Canadian manhood has changed.
commented 2016-06-28 16:58:37 -0400
Please stop supporting ISIS by spreading fictional anti islamic propaganda. ISIS wants the entire world to hate all muslims and you are directly helping these evil terrorists. Unless of course your goal is to help ISIS….I’m beginning to suspect ISIS owns the Rebel since it is so determined to help them. I live near Fredericton and know several staff members at this high school and these reports are nothing more than unsubstantiated paranoia.
commented 2016-06-28 16:27:31 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: 31,220 Attacks, 197,810 Killed, 277,695 Injured.
commented 2016-06-28 16:25:53 -0400
Thank you for showing evidence of Sharia Creep in Fredericton High, and for making this information public. From this, it’s clear the public has NO IDEA what’s going on in schools, and teachers are afraid to call out which culture is causing violent backlash in schools.

This report also makes clear there’s a regressive ideology creep in high schools. And none of us are immune to it. All of us bow down to some elements of the regressive agenda for fear of reprisal, even from our most rational-sounding friends. It’s divide and conquer at work. So expect something below to offend you.

If you’re offended by anything below, it just proves how divisive and pervasive regressive thought is:

There’s a lot more to fear in schools from regressives:

- Radical anti-capitalism, (keeping people from competing with established business)

- Anti-conservatism, (you’re never going to be liberal enough for regressives)

- Anti-Christian, (pro-Islam, pro-immigrant, anti-criticism of insane immigration policy)

- Radical 3rd-wave feminism (hatred of men plus a victim mentality inflicted on girls… because feminism has NOTHING to do with the interests, rights, and safety of women),

- Anti-fascism (hatred of whites… If you’re white, you must feel guilty about the color of your skin and only date outside your race or else you’re a racist Nazi),

- Black Lives Matter (More white guilt. #BLM imposes victim mentality on minorities, instead of personal responsibility. Implies white lives DON’T MATTER and AREN’T SACRED.),

- Trans demi-deification (hatred of maintaining your birth gender, incentivizing extremist regressives to lie about their gender for lawsuit money),

- Anti-slut-shaming (which is actually “tolerance” for the hyper-sexualizing of children in the presence of pro-rape radical Islamists who and are commanded by Allah to brutally attack them for it).

What could possibly go wrong? When the same girls who want to free the nipple are wearing scarves in solidarity with the “choice” of female Muslim immigrants, you know the world’s gone completely mental.

And some say it’s by accident. Others look at the facts and say, “Oh. Well that sounds like white genocide.” Which sounds crazy.

Except that the Antifa Squad (anti-capitalist violent regressives who call themselves anti-fascists) said “Racism and Whiteness are the same thing. In order to end racism, we must end Whiteness. That’s the only solution. If you’re white, do the right thing and have non-White children. Also, make sure other Whites who date Whites are aware that they are racists perpetuating racism. Once there are few enough Whites in a couple of generations, the non-Whites will surely be able to capitalize on the opportunity to end racism for good. This is why us Whites are better off not having White offspring. That is the only way we can reduce our inherent racism to a forgivable level. We must end racism, not participate in it…”

i.e. Their opinion is that being white is unforgivably racist. Dating someone of your own race is also racist, and you, as a good, non-racist person, SHOULD MAKE SURE TO interfere with their relationship.

This according to a radically violent, anti-speech hate group who incited the public stabbings of 7 people in Sacramento and brutal beatings with flag-shaped clubs in broad daylight on Sunday.
commented 2016-06-28 16:17:29 -0400
nothing good will come of this, get them out now, or better yet make the pm , s kids go to school with the savages
commented 2016-06-28 15:37:19 -0400
“students of a certain culture”

OK, I’ll say it – MUSLIM.
commented 2016-06-28 15:23:19 -0400
IF the kids are energized by ISIS bombings abroad, what do you think the point of view will be for their parents? Trudeau is going to regret letting in people from war-torn areas without sufficient background checks. Then again, if these ISIS supporters vote Liberal everything might be okay! After all, voting liberal is far more important than securing our borders.
commented 2016-06-28 14:41:50 -0400
cbc is too busy with anti trump pro mrs slick willie articles aka pandering to their very small flock of borderline imbeciles, to bother reporting anything canadian. oh wait these “refugees” arent actually canadians for at least another 3 minutes.
commented 2016-06-28 14:32:12 -0400
LOL ….Well said Faith, what color T-shirt will it be….black?
commented 2016-06-28 14:18:43 -0400
I was in NB for 3 weeks in March-April, read the Moncton Times-Transcript every day, watched the CTV Atlantic newscast, never heard either of those so-called news sources mention a word about the reported problem at Chebucto Heights school or the rumors about even worse problems at Fredericton High School. But any time I brought up the subject at the coffee shop, there were always people there who knew exactly what I was talking about.
Who do the mainstream media think they’re fooling?