April 23, 2015

iPhone vs Android: Roommates attack each other with beer bottle in bloody smartphone argument

Rebel Staff

Police in Oklahoma were called to the scene after a fanboy argument got out of control.

21-year-old Elias Acevedo and his roommate, Jiaro Mendez got highly intoxicated  reports KTUL. They then began arguing over their cell phones and which one was superior.

According to The Smoking Gun, Acevedo stabbed Mendez in the head. Police were called and they found Mendez covered in blood.
Acevedo was booked into the county jail for felony assault with a deadly weapon.

It is unknown which roommate preferred which phone.

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commented 2017-05-14 06:04:46 -0400
But yes, in android I can still download <a href=“”https://appspopo.com/tutuapp/“>https://appspopo.com/tutuapp/”>tutuapp</a> so I will go with both lol.
commented 2017-05-14 06:04:06 -0400
I will go with iPhone because it have preinstalled apps like <a href=“”https://appspopo.com/tutuapp/“>https://appspopo.com/tutuapp/”>TUTUApp</a> which I find very useful because TUTUApp store allows you to download paid apps for free. Poor android.
commented 2015-04-25 04:34:39 -0400
I am for open market … Android.
commented 2015-04-23 20:35:10 -0400
Guy needs lessons on how to stay on target with a knife…
Any m o s q u e in Oklahoma would no doubt oblige Acevedo…
Just sayin…
commented 2015-04-23 19:45:53 -0400
It had to have been the iPhone person that did the stabbing. Cultists who can’t admit Android is just better.
commented 2015-04-23 19:35:38 -0400
What a stupid thing to argue about. Anyways everybody knows Androids are better! :)
commented 2015-04-23 18:55:31 -0400
Yup, heads sure do bleed. Stupid story.
commented 2015-04-23 18:23:01 -0400
I use a Blackberry…