February 23, 2016

Iranian, Afghan refugees in Holland attack secular Syrian for not wearing a headscarf

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

Over 100 people from religious Muslim nations, Iran and Afghanistan, attack each other over Syrian refugee woman at a migrant center in the Netherlands yesterday for refusing to wear a head scarf.

This is a significant story as many people believe that culture and religion and behaviour are somehow more accidents of geography than deeply held beliefs.

While the media everywhere tries to downplay the significance of this event, one must draw one conclusion from it. 

You can take Muslims out of sharia based nations, but its considerably more challenging to ask them to abandon deeply held beliefs, which happen to be anathema to liberal democracy. 

Sharia law is a fact of Islam. There is no Islam without the belief that the sharia must be enforced. This is not limited to Islamic nations but is the obligation of religious Muslims to enforce outside of those states, precisely to make non-Muslim areas conform to sharia and Islamic supremacy. 

This is a meaningful event. It is the defacto violent enforcement of the worst possible legal codes on earth in a jurisdiction which was one of the most liberal and tolerant in the world. 

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commented 2016-02-25 01:59:32 -0500
Rob maybe you need to read more REAL news to see what the problem is. Now go hate Jews like a good leftie andmarch with the hamas bigoted supporters.
commented 2016-02-24 18:57:52 -0500
Rob…..get your head out of your butt! We do NOT need ‘bleeding heart’ liberals at this time. These people are a real and present danger to our society. Stop hiding from it!
commented 2016-02-24 18:57:51 -0500
Rob…..get your head out of your butt! We do NOT need ‘bleeding heart’ liberals at this time. These people are a real and present danger to our society. Stop hiding from it!
commented 2016-02-24 18:56:49 -0500
Coming to towns and cities in Canada soon!!! When will we EVER learn?
commented 2016-02-24 17:58:46 -0500
wow, I can’t believe what I am reading in article as well as comments. This isn’t reporting news, it’s causing shit. Is there a KKK link somewhere?
commented 2016-02-24 14:35:51 -0500
Too little attention is paid to nationality and family composition? What about when they’re “settled” and run into each other in the streets. What a stupid analysis! They’re uncivilized and will continue to be so once out of the camps.
commented 2016-02-24 12:53:18 -0500
Proof positive that these people are not fit to live in a civilized country. As long as they believe in the Dogma of idiocy called Islam, they will never be compatible with Human Beings.
They prove, every day, by their actions that they are nothing more than savages.

Trudeau the Muslim Dictator of Canada, thinks that allowing these deranged people to reside here, will ensure his continued position as Dictator. He should realize that he is only a Kuffer conversion, any Imam can denounce him as false, this would mean instant death for him.

Trudeau should take note of new laws, in the UK.

New refugees have six months to find a job, or they will be deported.
No Government benefits for four years, subsidized housing and so on.
Deportation for convicted criminals, after serving their jail time.

It is time for Trudeau to grow up, it is not necessary for him to try and beat his Father, in his attempts to ruin Canada.
commented 2016-02-24 12:21:58 -0500
These people are coming from an extreme cult like mentality from which they have been indoctrinated from a young age. They need to have undergone a deprogramming process before entering the country. Not after. It is same with mass rapes in Cologne. Would any country admit someone like Paul Bernardo into their country? Well knowing there are widely held disturbing beliefs about women among some Muslims again they needed to have addressed these issues before not after allowing possible rapists to enter their country. Like we don’t have enough crime to combat without elevating the risk to the public.
commented 2016-02-24 09:20:13 -0500
Robert said, “These are the people the political leaders of these countries want their citizens to believe are the “future”.”

I guess the truthfulness of the political leaders in that future will depend upon the future the politicians are trying to build. If as has been evidenced and reported in Western society that there is a drive by the political left elite to commit cultural suicide for perceived and real sins of the past, then their actions are appropriate to their goal.
commented 2016-02-24 07:42:55 -0500
What a bunch of savages. These are the people the political leaders of these countries want their citizens to believe are the “future”.
commented 2016-02-24 01:33:48 -0500
Where is that idiot Penson to tell us how they should be able to apply sharia as they wish , of course he would miss the fact she is not a Muslim since he is not smart enough to actually read the stories.
commented 2016-02-24 01:31:31 -0500
The media party will only tell this story if they can spin it as some Jewish plot.
commented 2016-02-23 23:05:22 -0500
We need to let some of these peace loving muslim attend the next liberal cabinet meeting.
commented 2016-02-23 22:58:42 -0500
I know this is not a very nice thing to say, but doesn’t Germany have some ovens that they are not using right now?
commented 2016-02-23 20:30:02 -0500
Should have let them continue

Tired of this

Round them up and boot themout
commented 2016-02-23 19:00:37 -0500
Secularism won’t save you.
commented 2016-02-23 18:18:54 -0500
Arm them…..it will go much quicker.
commented 2016-02-23 18:08:30 -0500
Muslims killing Muslims. I don’t see the problem.
commented 2016-02-23 18:05:30 -0500
Violence and treatment of women and animals equally – brought to you today by the religion of “peace and love”…

Attention Muslims: it is 2016, not 716…