March 01, 2017

Iranian Oscar winner’s Trump-bashing message highlights Hollywood hypocrisy

Candice MalcolmRebel Contributor

If you’re like me, you probably did not watch the Oscar’s on Sunday evening. What used to be an enjoyable celebration of art, culture and entertainment has turned into just another opportunity for smug elites to lecture everyday people about political issues they don’t really understand. 

The winner of this year’s best foreign language picture went to a film called The Salesman, a Farsi-language film by Iranian filmmaker Asghar Farhadi.

Now, I knew nothing about this film, and I know very little about how the winners are selected, but I could have told you weeks ago that this film was going to win.

That’s because Farhadi is from Iran, and under Trump’s executive order on immigration, he as well as other actors in the film, were temporarily banned from entering the country.

Farhadi didn’t come to Los Angeles to accept his award, and instead chose two successful Americans from Iran to represent him at the ceremony and to read his victory statement.

Not surprisingly, this statement was an overt political attack against Trump and his travel ban.

The Hollywood elites, of course, cheered on Farhai’s message, without consider the messenger.

How does someone from Iran get to take the moral high ground in talking about human rights, democracy, inhumane laws, aggression, war?

WATCH as I explain why Iran is a modern-day dystopia.

Before any Iranian national wants to lecture us about humans rights and dignity, they should at least mention the horror that is daily life in Iran.

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commented 2017-03-02 02:17:25 -0500
If these celebs love marxism so much then they should live in the same size house as the average person does. If they love refugees so much they can house and feed them and let them play with their kids when they are not home.
commented 2017-03-01 19:36:59 -0500
I’m old enough to remember Bob Hope as the perennial host, who used to joke at the expense of the nominees and winners, as well as politicians. The controversy in those days was if someone was not mocked by Bob Hope, they were insulted. Obviously, Bob Hope, a Roosevelt Democrat, would be banned as a NAZI by today’s powder puff celebrities. I doubt Clint Eastwood will ever receive another nomination even though his movies are heads, shoulders, hips, toes above the crap that now does.
commented 2017-03-01 19:15:43 -0500
These Oscars are a total Comedy of Errors.
The parade of self indulging yahoos being rewarded for being something they’re not, is truly amusing.
Beatty & Dunaway announcing the biggest award of the night to the wrong movie has to be one of the dumbest moves in Oscar history.
It was such obvious ignorance, that it was a crowning touch to such a superficial event.
It will be the only thing I will remember about a show that I never watched one minute of.
commented 2017-03-01 17:43:35 -0500
I fully expected that vessel of universal knowledge and understanding, Lyndsey Lohan to chime in. Once she receives her first “light” beating, she may have to change her tune. Can’t wait.
commented 2017-03-01 17:05:07 -0500
this is why i do not watch the Oscar’s anymore and who r these people that try to lecture us if it is so bad here why do they not go back to their own country?……..because they have no voice there!
commented 2017-03-01 16:02:25 -0500
Iran has an evil regime in power. That is because they follow the Koran.
commented 2017-03-01 14:54:44 -0500
I boycott all these shows now and have for years. These elitist are the reason I no longer go to movies, to be lectured by those who feel superior to the little people. TV and radio are the same too. Every commercial is part of the agenda for mass brainwashing. I don’t even subject my pets to their lies anymore!
commented 2017-03-01 14:39:55 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 32,904 Attacks, 210,900 Killed, 294,910 Injured that we know of.