April 28, 2015

Is Alberta's ex-Justice Minister getting special treatment by the courts?

Rebel Staff

Former Justice Minister Jonathan Denis was in a Calgary courtroom Tuesday dealing with a legal dispute with his estranged wife Breanna Palmer. The matter was closed to the public.

After the two hour court session before a Court of Queen's bench judge, the two emerged with nothing to say to the media.

Denis' lawyer, Jeff Wise spoke briefly saying his client was looking forward to having the matter dealt with.

The matter remains shrouded in secrecy with neither party's name appearing on the court docket, listing the hearing as D. vs. P.

Rebel.media asked Premier Jim Prentice it appeared Denis was getting special treatment by keeping the public in the dark.

He said he had faith in the justice system to deal with this matter properly.

The court proceeding cost Denis his job when Premier Jim Prentice asked him to resign his cabinet position.


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commented 2015-04-28 21:09:51 -0400
If he comes out relatively unscathed….he has whatever residual love and respect with his former partner to than for that…not some back room deal with his network. His life is now at the mercy and capricious whim of that woman.

You have no idea the awesome legal power and resource she can summon…all the way up to the SCC who have sitting members who helped compose it ….yes it is enough to bring down an Attorney General…if he happens to be male….no I am not kidding….no I am not exaggerating…no I am not a crank or a kook.
commented 2015-04-28 20:26:20 -0400
ALL let me repeat ALL matters of family court are shrouded against public scrutiny….there is nothing out of the ordinary here…read the family law.

What is more ….it doesn’t matter if he is the attorney general (or was) or if he is Tony Soprano…..HE IS SCREWED!!!!

Marc Patrone….if this is your first venture involving family court….you have a lot to learn….and what you learn …you are not going to believe.

Nobody believes it.

They dismiss those who make an outcry against it as Kooks at best and woman hating anti-feminist anti-women’s equity villains at worst.

No sir…there is no special deal for Mr Denis…..and the biggest shame and waste of lesson learned is that if he had the chance to be Minister of Justice after he gets drawn and quartered….ther might have been hope for changing what takes place in that Court of Star Chamber.

Now here is one thing that most people refuse to believe…..PERJURY IS NOT AN ISSUE IN THAT COURTROOM….I know you don’t believe that…nobdy does until they experience it and even then…they “just don’t believe it”.

MRAs have actually sent women under cover into family court lawyers….tape recorded them being advised to say they were abused or threatened even if it is not true….taken the tapes to authorities and posted them on line….so what….it is considered normal procedure….under provisions of the family violence prevention act no allegation made by a woman needs to be proven.

Mr Patrone…to even think for one minute that this man is going to get special treatment in family court is making me and all of my colleagues at Faters 4 Justice and in the MRA laugh at your naivety…if you would like I can direct some of them here to this thread to second…endorse…and expand on what I have said.