May 02, 2018

Is Canada’'s “peacekeeping” mission to Mali a bloodbath waiting to happen?

David MenziesMission Specialist


Is sending Canadian troops to Mali this summer a bloodbath waiting to happen?

Ostensibly, this is a peacekeeping mission. But critics say there’s no peace to keep in Mali.

Indeed, since 2013, more than 160 UN peacekeepers have been killed. And just last weekend, Islamist Jihadis killed 40 civilians.

So do Canadians agree with the Trudeau Liberals that sending troops to this African nation is a good idea?

We took to the streets of Toronto to find out…

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commented 2018-06-07 07:31:36 -0400
ANTHONY BENJAMIN commented 1 month ago
And these people are allowed to vote?
Glad you said that so I don’t have to.
commented 2018-05-05 21:12:09 -0400
I have not been to Toronto for a long time. Are you sure you were in Toronto?
commented 2018-05-04 04:18:13 -0400
Always interesting to me that the usual trollish folk never comment on certain topics.
commented 2018-05-04 04:06:30 -0400
ANTHONY BENJAMIN commented 1 day ago
And these people are allowed to vote?

They let these people breathe the same air as the rest of us? Could be contagious.
commented 2018-05-04 01:01:12 -0400
Start ordering the body bags now. So much damage for Socks Clown to do, and so little time…
commented 2018-05-03 16:47:12 -0400
Part of the plan of Jihadi Justin and the Lieberals to get troops out of the country should Jihadi Justin make a play for his “admired” dictatorship quest. The Lieberals have figured out rank and file military personnel are more likely to stand with the citizens than support a tyrannical Gov’t.
commented 2018-05-03 12:03:01 -0400
So sending “peacekeepers” into an area where there’s no peace to keep without the proper weapons in an area where “peacekeepers” are getting killed. What could go wrong there?
commented 2018-05-03 08:13:45 -0400
His whole plan is to stir up a bunch of shit there and then create a human pipeline from their country to Canada… The only reason they’re going here is because it is a new place of untouched Muslim potential … Be prepared folks …. We are about to enter a whole brand new place for mass migration and forced integration of angry Muslims .!
commented 2018-05-03 08:01:22 -0400
Canada has no interests in Mali. The place is a cesspool of Muslim corruption.
There are more Muslim terrorists in Mali than all of the Middle East. 250 NATO personnel have already died for nothing.
Our armed forces are poorly equipped for the task, outdated PPE, antiquated and poorly maintained vehicles, obsolete weaponry, inadequately trained young people.

A significant number of our children are going to be coming back in body bags. AND FOR WHAT??? …. So Trudeau can say Canada participated in a UN mission.

The blood of these kids is on Trudeau’s hands…………. Get the tombstones ready.
commented 2018-05-03 06:12:31 -0400
There’s only two things wrong with Trudeau.

Everything he says.
Everything he does.
commented 2018-05-03 02:13:27 -0400
Keith and Helen Harvey, Your summary is accurate. What worries me is the really dumb unemployed Refugees will be hanging around the streets soon. The Menzoid will get some intelligent answers then.
commented 2018-05-03 01:32:11 -0400
Never mind sending troops to Mali, pretty soon we will need troops here in Canada. What with all the Jihadis that Little Trudie Tater Tot is importing and allowing to violate our border. Maybe “Mission Mali” is an attempt to make things safer in that area so that Trudie can welcome Jihadi Scum from Mali to Canada. We have to maintain as much of a balance as possible of Parasitic Welfare Maggots coming to Canada from all over the world. We wouldn’t want to give the impression that we are racist, because surely all of these beggars are going to discover how really racist we are here in Canada. We are going to allow their criminality here, pay them all kinds of FREE MONEY, FREE HEALTHCARE, yes boys and girls this is the land of the FREEBEE. You will be FREE here and we will give you everything FREE, FREE, FREE. You just have to put up with our out of control RACISM. We HATE you, that’s why we are so tolerant, charitable, welcoming, caring, accommodating and willing to look after you, educate you, give you money, give you healthcare. Oh No, wait we are like that because we are just Fucking Stupid.
commented 2018-05-03 01:10:36 -0400
The wonderful liberal ontarians who didn’t have enough debt with Wynne think Trudo is intelligent and does a good job.
commented 2018-05-03 00:53:08 -0400
Also, there’s no peace there as others have noted, it’s a bloody war zone, so what the heck are we safekeeping anyway? Another useless, dangerous decision by Trudeau, to make himself feel good. Menzies you interviewed quite a few people inthe same area, that does not speak well for the intelligence of Torontonians, is that why Wynnbag was elected with a mandate, despite all those scandals she had been involved in at that time?
commented 2018-05-03 00:42:21 -0400
Menzies, sorry, I had to shut off the video, the whole bunch you talked to were ignoramus. Oh, if the UN is involved, it’s a good thing…….. problems are not solved by fighting (good point), but I guess it must be ok to send innocent young men, women to get killed perhaps & for what, that won’t stop their stinking corrupt government from carrying on & getting richer on the backs of others.
Trudeau shouldn’t be putting anyone in harm’s way unless he himself takes part in it.
commented 2018-05-02 22:25:40 -0400
Maurice Potvan—- I’ve seen American TV Specials where the male prisoners are tortured in every way, even sexually. This enemy that the MSM loves are sub-human.
As Stefan Molyneau suggests, if women want to keep the right to vote, they should be asked to do more than dance with the troops before they head to the Battlefield.
I believe Feminists should be on the front line, as they are expendable.
commented 2018-05-02 22:15:39 -0400
Now, Trudeau is accepting Muslim Nigerians into Canada. He seems to love to import defeated Jihadis into Canada. How many former militants of Boko Haram and Islamic State or Al-Qaeda from Nigeria, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Chad and Burkino Faso may end up in Canada through “Operation Frequence”? Trudeau has made it abundantly clear that Christian refugees from these same Muslim majority nations are not welcome in Canada.
“The War Against Boko Haram” (30 minutes)
“Operation Frequence”
Canadian Parliament media QP on Nigerian “refugees” (16 minutes)
commented 2018-05-02 21:36:48 -0400
There are no “peace keeping” missions to be had in the traditional sense today and many, many, many military and retired military people have stated this – over and over and over again to the media and to the government – but the media promotes it as peace keeping in order to keep the cash from the Canadian government flowing in to their pockets.

This trip to Mali will be combat – or at a minimum, combat support.

I find it disgusting the term “peace keeping” is used – it is a lie to make people think Canada is doing something good – when in fact it is entering a full blown war that has had many western casualties.

And of course the media and the government of Canada will never tell you this.

As a person who has completed six tours of duty to “vacation locations” I can assure you that what I am stating is absolutely the truth

The media and lieberal government are out and out liars.
commented 2018-05-02 20:30:42 -0400
My last post was full of typos but you get the drift.
commented 2018-05-02 20:27:48 -0400
Send all the Libs there and we will finally have peace.
commented 2018-05-02 20:15:10 -0400
And our feminist “very intelligent” Prime Minister insists that it’s gender-balanced peace keeping force. Can you even imagine how captured female peace keepers will be treated by these warring Islamic factions? They will be subjected to unimaginable torture, humiliation, sexual abuse and cruelty but these vicious monsters, and the blame will rest squarely on Trudeau. Besides, if, as Trudeau and his LGTBQ etc. compatriots insist, gender is fluid, how the hell will they ever know if the troops are gender balanced?
commented 2018-05-02 20:14:09 -0400
commented 2018-05-02 20:04:32 -0400
Uninformed voters.
You could tell NONE of them had a clue what you were asking David. Not a clue. And it appeared that all of the people you interviewed were of voting age. That is why we have a Trudeau gov’t. Voted in by a ton of uninformed voters.
Thanks for doing this David.
It is however quite revealing. Not good.

Regardless who orders the troops to go and for what ever reason, (in this case politicing) I’ll Spport Our Troops. Return safe.
commented 2018-05-02 19:58:41 -0400
In Jan. 2013, Harper was going to send our Troops to Mali, but apparently the people (including Charles Adler of Sun News) convinced him otherwise.
At least if Harper had sent troops there, he wouldn’t have brought half of Mali back to Canada as Refugees, like Trudeau will. Trudeau realizes that people with IQ’s below 80, will vote for him every time.
commented 2018-05-02 19:49:19 -0400
Sending Troops to Mali, on what appears to be a potential suicide mission, this is exactly what Trudeau wants. If all these guys should get knocked out, our great PM will just replace them with members of the Death Cult. Oh yes, Canada is going to have a Halal Army, who will think nothing of shooting Canadians.

Note, I am not trying to suggest that it would be easy to knock out Canadian Troops, I have been on joint exercises with these Guys, both in Germany and in Canada. They know what they are doing and can look after themselves.
commented 2018-05-02 19:22:22 -0400
Not exactly sure if I liked what I just saw. On one hand, good reporting and kudos to you Menzoid for putting up with the kooks, crazies and freaks. On the otherhand the responses were rather sad. So many idiots that aren’t even aware what is going and are either Trudeau fans or out right pacifist pussies that would hate it even if it was a good idea.
commented 2018-05-02 19:10:04 -0400
I had to laugh at the guy that said he thought it was a good idea to send our troops to Mali. I wonder what he would say if he was being sent there?
commented 2018-05-02 19:08:22 -0400
ANTHONY BENJAMIN said, “And these people are allowed to vote?”
Anthony that is why we are burdened with the selfie obsessed, dress-up artist, part time drama instructor named Justin Trudeau. Because people like those voted for the ass.
commented 2018-05-02 19:05:20 -0400
Lee, your plan makes more sense, and, would be a better use of our military; I’m sure members would readily agree.
commented 2018-05-02 18:49:34 -0400
I would prefer to send those peacekeepers to places like Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, PQ and Emerson, MB instead of Mali. Our armed forces would be actually, you know, DEFENDING Canada from invasion, and very easily we could get a much bigger bang for our bucks.