November 04, 2016

Is Europe Doomed?

Lauren SouthernArchive

People on the right have been talking about the decline of Europe for a while now, and those fears have only been stoked by the migrant crisis. 

Fears of demographic changes happening without assimilation are only being expedited with this influx of people from the Middle East and Africa.

With most of these migrants being jobless, they are a strain on the economy, as well as police resources when crime spikes. Worst of all, they are coming in such high numbers that assimilation is near impossible.

Most of these migrants are coming from fascist Islamic regimes, and will now help increase and further radicalize current Muslim enclaves.

How long can Europe sustain a growing population that are averse to their values?

How long before Europe is no longer Europe anymore?

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commented 2016-11-06 13:34:11 -0500
I wonder if Centrist even watch the video he/she/it posted. Far from bashing any one group, it took issue mostly with elites and governments out of control.
commented 2016-11-06 13:15:50 -0500
Europe is finished. Justin bin EL BOW is on track to ensuring the same fate for Canada! Methinks maybe only Russia will survive assuming Killary does not start a nuclear war as she has alluded to……..!
commented 2016-11-06 10:24:58 -0500
Centrist…can you not make your point without overuse of profanity, it`s stupid, and denotes a lack of vocabulary. BTW What the heck do you suggest, other than not to do what you tiresomly go on and on aboutÉ
commented 2016-11-06 10:12:10 -0500
So, Hailey, what are you saying? That these African Islamist countries are really fine places to live? The fact that you are male would have a bit to do with it, I’m thinking. please be specific as to how nice these countries are.
commented 2016-11-06 10:11:05 -0500
to late Europe is finished. they have lost the will to fight for what they believe. Canada is no better,
commented 2016-11-06 09:54:32 -0500
Speak up people, you can’t be afraid to put your name on the line for fear of liberal reprisal. Its sad really, on the 11th of this month we are to celebrate our Veterans, these people put their life on the line for our freedoms and many lost that life, and today we are to afraid to even speak out against things we know in our hearts are wrong and unjust for fear that we be outed as bigots or racists by known hate groups who operate with direction and support from our own government, that is fascist repression folks, right here in our little Canada…
commented 2016-11-06 01:42:19 -0500
Tobias; I have one Swedish friend who was aware and relocated a year ago. Problem was he moved his family to Germany . Frying pan to fire.
commented 2016-11-05 23:35:22 -0400
Speaking to family in the EU? They haven’t got a clue to what is really happening. Their MSM is even worse than it is in Canada or the USA. When I pointed out a few stories, they hadn’t even heard of them Such as the New Year’s Eve incidents all across the EU, Rotherham in England, the murder of the Swedish girl at a refugee center and so on, I was stunned!
commented 2016-11-05 22:42:44 -0400
Sadly she is right, a few will resist like Russia , Poland, Hungary , but the damage’s done.
commented 2016-11-05 22:21:22 -0400
Centrist Libertarian “I stand by my views proudly”
Good for you…but find your views ridiculous. Do me a favor please and tell me your approximate age and background and how many Islamic countries you have lived in or even visited, and what made you decide the views you so proudly proclaim….
Once you do that I would gladly debate the veracity of the article that you are so vehemently opposing.
I will briefly tell you my background. I am retired and spent the majority of my professional life overseas, mostly in the Arabian Gulf and Asian countries including the largest muslim nation Indonesia.
I also lived in Europe and Africa and travelled extensively in both continents.
Perhaps if you can logically and factually dispute anything you have ranted about the Rebel News, your “proud views” may have some validity…
commented 2016-11-05 18:26:46 -0400
A prediction is only a guess. I hope it doesn’t get that far.

But good to see Hungary fix their shrinking pop problem by taking in Germans.
commented 2016-11-05 17:47:38 -0400
About as doomed as Canada.

commented 2016-11-05 15:22:19 -0400
When/if they put out the call for north americans to save them from another self imposed tyranny, we can safely flip them the bone and keep out troops here to protect our borders from Islamic jihad – but we will send them Tater Tot over to be the first EU Mufti
commented 2016-11-05 15:19:28 -0400
What sort of idiot does not see that Sharia is simply not compatible with Western Values. I believe a civil war is coming. I know what side I will be on.
commented 2016-11-05 11:54:53 -0400
@ Centrist Librarian . . . .
Was it no Obama and ole Hitlery that created the mess in the ME we see today ?
They are far-left loons, like you I suspect.
Does Justin make you feel safer?
The insane left are the enablers of the terrorist cult . . . and according to some of the Wiki emails are even co sponsors ! ! !
commented 2016-11-05 11:51:20 -0400
@dallas…..He doesn’t dare say that in French in Quebec, especially not within earshot of the Bloc Quebecois.
commented 2016-11-05 11:49:46 -0400
History Is Repeating Itself As Germans Start Moving Into Neighboring Hungary While Merkel Cements Her Alliance With Islam

Western Europeans Flock To Christian, Traditionalist Hungary To Escape Migrant Crisis
commented 2016-11-05 11:43:51 -0400
europe is GONE! It"ll be hilarious when the non-elite white refugees try to escape to Canada or the USA. “None is too many” version 2.0. Trouble is; where are WE going to run once trudeau is done?
The left wing media freaks out about what is arguably rather impotent right wing extremism. Thanks to them and their fellow travellers, their fantasies may very well become an horrific reality.
This isn’t europe. Trump is a symptom of things gone waaayy off track.
Normal people are too lazy to sort things out. Great people have to step up.
commented 2016-11-05 10:20:55 -0400
In the second WW I’ve read that over 60-million people lost their lives. In the coming Shia vs. Sunni war there are estimates that the numbers will be over 400-million. It will be a bloodbath. Just watch Erdogan and his path of destruction. I think he is the antiChrist of the Bible. He’s already been calling himself god, and performing (false) miracles. This is the guy to watch. He is the greatest danger to the EU right now. But I’ve also read that the Russian Union, the EU and the Asian Union will combine to form the last world empire, or beast as it is called in the Bible. This final world empire will be represented by a leopard. Obama has done everything he can to assist Erdogan. Why Turkey remains in NATO is the big question. The world is being deceived on a level never seen before or will see again. I believe this all part of God’s plan, so those who believe need to keep the faith, and help as many people as they can to see what is coming to this world.
commented 2016-11-05 07:33:04 -0400
And Canada’s vacuous PM concurs: “There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada.”
commented 2016-11-05 05:08:37 -0400
Strange, strange comment ANONYMOUS:- “Maybe some of the eastern european countries will ask for the old soviet union to reform, in order to get protection to deal with the Muslims.”… Really strange… Do you have even an inkling of what it was like during those 47 years of Soviet rule to have your friends and family sent off to work to a certain death and burial on the Madagan “Road of Bones”?… Why even toy with the idea that in order to preserve your national and cultural identity you have to resort to that ultimate horror?…
commented 2016-11-05 04:27:11 -0400
Not all of Europe will be doomed. Instead, you will see a role reversal between eastern and western Europe. The West will turn into a shit hole. The good western europeans will move to the east, and to make it a good place to live in.

My prediction is that many western europeans will move to Hungary, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, or Iceland.

Maybe some of the eastern european countries will ask for the old soviet union to reform, in order to get protection to deal with the Muslims.

Here is a more cynical prediction. The Muslims will get rounded up, and be sent to a Siberian gulag.
commented 2016-11-05 02:56:18 -0400
It is good to hear such a sensible presentation from a young person. It is reassuring that such voices will still be present in coming decades. This issue is not an “old person’s” issue. It is, ironically, in a young person’s interest that this perspective is understood.
commented 2016-11-05 00:32:22 -0400
@ron Joseph….I used to try and analyse which trolls were hydra heads of the same entity and which ones were tag team …sort of like…

On this site I have already kicked ChuLau’s ass….but they keep either comming back or sending in a fresh one.

I now feel like a white male rat in a social engineering experiment…I actually think there is a research project of academic feminism/criminology/sjw studies being conducted on this site….no that is not paranoia MRA sites uncovered such things before…

Ezra….do a little ATIPP rock turning at SWC….
commented 2016-11-05 00:04:58 -0400
Wow—I thought our main enemies were far left Liberals and Islam. Now the Libertarians have joined them. He is right about one thing; we will need guns. Otherwise we will just get slaughtered like the Western European Citizens.
commented 2016-11-04 22:43:42 -0400
@centerist Libertarian…I arrived in Quebec in the 1970s as one not born there…their ardent nationalism made me a refugee in my own country by 1980 after the first separatist referendum…and that experience is why I have no sympathy for the Acadians who like to shame me for the expulsion.

Everyone needs a place they can call their own.

I now live in the Shire and I am an Orcaphobe…and I do not owe an appology or an explaination to you or to anyone else.
commented 2016-11-04 21:51:43 -0400
We in the far west must ensure that no euro-weenies decide to migrate here. Enough of bailing these half-wits out as we have done in numerous wars in the last hundred years. They caused their problems. Let them solve them.
commented 2016-11-04 21:25:46 -0400
All predicted by Mark Steyn in “America Alone”. This is old news, the EU seems bent on the islamification of Europe and are too far into their plan to reverse course now. The best hope for the west now is to make sure that North America and other Commonwealth countries do not follow the same path or else all will be lost.
commented 2016-11-04 21:00:20 -0400
Hey Centrist Libertarian, YOU GET THE FUCK OVER YOUR SELF.
There’s only one problem, Islam. Get rid of that and any other problem disappears as well.
commented 2016-11-04 20:10:53 -0400
Centrist i doubt the libertarian party would be happy to have a dipshit like you claiming to represent them.