April 09, 2015

Is Islam compatible with Western culture? 42% of Muslims say NO

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Two large public opinion polls have found that the majority of people don't think Islam is compatible with Western society.

The large polls done in 2013 and 2014 are important. And they were done before the attacks in Ottawa and the rise of ISIS.

What does this mean? Is there a way for Islam and the West to coexist? Ezra Levant thinks so, but Muslims must denounce jihad.

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commented 2015-04-16 12:05:05 -0400
the people perpetrating these heinous crimes are not religious in any way, they are simply "Terrorists ". I came from a country plagued by these type of people for over thirty years and I found there is only one way to deal with terrorists, and the sooner we start taking this action the better.
commented 2015-04-15 18:23:03 -0400
ISILam – the Religion of Perps! tm
So even nearly half of the muslims now openly admit it.

Now wait for the enemedia to try to re-explain their own islam back to them, assuring them they’re all “misunderstanding” it!
commented 2015-04-15 18:19:10 -0400
Muslims, Jews and Christians DO NOT WORSHIP THE SAME GOD.

Christianity is wrong:

Christians have forgotten part of the divine revelations they received: “From those, too, who call themselves Christians, We did take a covenant, but they forgot a good part of the message that was sent them: so we estranged them, with enmity and hatred between the one and the other, to the day of judgment. And soon will Allah show them what it is they have done.” — Qur’an 5:14

Jesus is not the Son of God:

“O People of the Scripture! Do not exaggerate in your religion nor utter aught concerning Allah save the truth. The Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, was only a messenger of Allah, and His word which He conveyed unto Mary, and a spirit from Him. So believe in Allah and His messengers, and say not “Three” – Cease! (it is) better for you! – Allah is only One Allah. Far is it removed from His Transcendent Majesty that He should have a son. His is all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth. And Allah is sufficient as Defender.” — Qur’an 4:171

“It is not befitting to (the majesty of) Allah that He should beget a son. Glory be to Him! when He determines a matter, He only says to it, ‘Be,’ and it is.” — Qur’an 19:35

Those who believe that Jesus is God’s Son are accursed:

“The Jews call ‘Uzair a son of Allah, and the Christians call Christ the son of Allah. That is a saying from their mouth; (in this) they but imitate what the unbelievers of old used to say. Allah’s curse be on them: how they are deluded away from the Truth! ” — Qur’an 9:30

Jesus was not crucified:

“And because of their saying: We slew the Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, Allah’s messenger – they slew him not nor crucified him, but it appeared so unto them; and lo! those who disagree concerning it are in doubt thereof; they have no knowledge thereof save pursuit of a conjecture; they slew him not for certain.” — Qur’an 4:157

…and I won’t even bother addressing islam’s take on Judaism, because it’s far too lengthy for a single post, and too full of hatred, racism and the eternal endorsement of genocide against the Jewish people.
commented 2015-04-15 18:13:35 -0400
Barry, islam is NOT a “religion” at all (much less one “of peace!”) – neither is it a set of legal and social laws, an economic or education system nor a life philosophy or a social order. There is nothing “legal” (nor political) about extortion. Neither is extortion “social” in any way. Theft is not a valid “economic system,” nor is it a form of “educational life-philosophy” to endorse us-versus-them and might-makes-right.

Islam is ONLY the world’s largest, most ancient yet ongoing extortion-racket /CRIME syndicate, and the only “religious” part in it, is where it’s members blame a “god” for their own criminal desires and actions:

“God told us to commit these crimes!”

commented 2015-04-14 17:16:41 -0400
Islam and western society cannot be mixed successfully. Islam is not only a religion it is a set of legal and social laws, an economic system, an educational system, a (para)military system, a life philosophy and a social order all rolled into one. It is inflexible, patriarchal, and the total antithesis of democracy, equal human rights and a pluralistic social order. It is hard to imagine two cultures being more wildly different. Muslims who move to a western country such as Canada cannot even consider embracing their new cultural home and, according to their Muslim marching orders, they must work to change it all to their way thinking and doing. As Obama and other gutless western leaders love to state “we are not at war with Islam”. Funny thing is, they are very much at war with us both internationally and insidiously right here in the middle of our own society. Some will call me racist but stating the truth is not racism. I refuse to bury my head in the sand to appease those who would aid and abet our demise.
commented 2015-04-13 18:31:16 -0400
42% of muslims told the truth…the other 58% not so much..
commented 2015-04-13 13:51:03 -0400
Canadians should get one thing straight. Islam only has one agenda and that is to rule the world with Sharia’h Law. If you do not convert to Islam you will be decapitated, it’s as simple as that. At present the Muslims in Canada are pretty quiet, this is because there are not enough of them here to become aggressive toward none believers. Once the Islamic population grows enough, their attitude will change. Look at Europe for examples of how evil they become when they have a big enough gang.

As long as people keep voting Liberal or NDP the situation will get worse. These two, so called, Political Party are in bed with Islam and will promise them the world in exchange for their votes.

commented 2015-04-12 21:29:38 -0400
Yvette, I get the idea that Muslims worship the same God. Abraham and Hagar bore Ishmael from whose line Muhammad descended. Abraham and Sarah bore Isaac from whose line Jesus descended. We have that much in common. But because of the animosity between Sarah and Hagar over legitimacy of heirs and inheritance legacy, the family has been at each other’s throats ever since. God promised Ishmael he’d make his descendents “a great nation” but never did he agree that nation would be a global caliphate. God meant the tribes to co-exist in peace, not to persist with greed and duplicity over property and power. And Tarek Fatah claims that idea is endorsed by the Quran. But he is the only Muslim I’ve ever heard say that although I bet Jasser would confirm it.

And it’s true Muslims regard Jesus as a prophet. But they say he is a lesser prophet than Muhammad. They say belief in the trinity is a sin worthy of a death penalty. They say at the Second Coming, Jesus will fight with Muhammad to defeat Christians and Jews.

The problem I see with Islam in the context of western secular society is its supremacist leadership. It political ideology and goal of establishing a world caliphate under which gender, race and faith apartheid and slavery will be enforced.

Islam, like other religions but more so, is controlled by what I regard as organized criminals interested in satisfying greed and power lust with no regard whatsoever to serving God.
commented 2015-04-12 21:10:12 -0400
Liza, one generation away from becoming minorities under Islam … but women’s rights in Canada are not at risk? Islam won’t replace laws that legislate the vote and equity for women in Canada? It’s schizophrenic to think Islam doesn’t oppress half of humanity by gender and another 5/7 by faith.
commented 2015-04-12 20:47:45 -0400
I don`t think it is possible to screen out the good Muslims from the bad ones. Ezra cites the Mayor of Calgary as an example of a Liberal Muslim who shares Canadian values but what people need to realize is the Mayor of Calgary is an Ismaili Muslim, i.e. a member of a small sect that is headed up by a Swiss born playboy – The Aga Khan (whose step-mother was the Hollywood actress Rita Hayworth). Sunni and Shia Muslim`s do not consider Ismaili to be Muslim.

I believe that with the exception of Ismaili`s we should not be letting ANY Muslim`s enter Canada!
commented 2015-04-12 19:39:17 -0400
Yvette, I don’t think Christianity and islam is alike at all other than maybe that they both believe in God. But what god do the muslims believe in that they can be filled with so much psychotic rage and be sanctioned by their Koran to kill everybody who is not a muslim? This does not go on here much other than a few isolated incidents, but look at the middle sickening east. Where in the bible, new testament, does it say that Christians should go out and find non Christians and kill them? Yeah, not much similarity there. Why would the catholic church print such BS as in your bulletin about the Vatican 2? If it was an attempt to get along with muslims, that failed miserably. Personally I can’t stand anything that muslims believe in or stand for because of all the mass killings of Christians in the middle east and north Africa.
commented 2015-04-12 17:50:08 -0400
I am among the 60% who are convinced that the political/religious ideology of Orthodox Islam is incompatible with all infidel cultures and societies. My position is based on the the Koran and Sunna which make up 14% and 86% of Allah’s Sharia law. To make the ideology compatible with our civilization it would require a very large percentage of Allah’s eternally existing and valid Suras; and, the deeds and statements of Mohammad, identified by Allah as the ’ideal human being" and the model for all believers. In short, reform would be tantamount to gutting the ideology al all Devine authority and validity. It would cease to exist. I hope reformers like Irshad Manji can do the job; but, that is not likely to happen for a few centuries.
commented 2015-04-12 17:14:03 -0400
Excellent article Janice, really good reading. Thanks for nothing Pierre, " the Canadian public has never endorsed or given consent to this transformative policy. Clearly, it’s implementation is non-democratic."
The article also says , that our founding French and English populations are one generation away, one, from becoming the minority in Canada.
A point to remember, “Canada’s top immigrant source countries continue to retain their core identities, as they have for centuries, or even millennia. Only Canada, as well as Australia, are constitutionally mandated for the very fabric of their nations to undergo comprehensive cultural transformation.”
commented 2015-04-12 16:27:01 -0400
When refreshing my memory on Pierre Trudeau’s role in Canadian multiculturalism, I came across these. “Toward the end of his life, when asked his feelings on multiculturalism during a parliamentary visit, Trudeau indicated with sadness, stating that “this was not what he wanted””. http://canadafirst.nfshost.com/?tag=pierre-trudeau
commented 2015-04-12 12:23:18 -0400
The similarities mentioned are correct except for the last part in my opinion. Other than the basic, God, Jesus, Mary concepts, their seems little reconcilable between Christianity and Islam. In belief as well as practice, Christianity couldn’t be further apart from the teachings of Islam, regarding our concepts of peace or social justice or moral values. Very possibly the antithesis, is how it looks to me.
commented 2015-04-12 01:30:44 -0400
Last Sunday, my church bulletin also contained an insert titled "The Dignity Of Muslims, Vatican II and Islam. I would appreciate your comments. According to the author of this article, Biagio Mazza states that in the 1960’s, the Second Vatican council were aware of longstanding tensions & quarrels between practitioners of Islam & Christianity which had led to many distortions of both religions & the Council decided to address the relationship of these two. Two separate documents followed, “Lumen Gentium & Nostra Aetate”. Lumen Gentium affirms that Christians, Muslims & Jews all worship the same God & that the Muslims acknowledge the Creator & that they adore the one merciful God who will judge humanity on the last day. The Nostra document states Muslims venerate Jesus as a prophet & honor his virgin mother & even at times devoutly invoke. It goes on to say that the church has a high regard for Muslims & that they worship God, Creator of heaven & earth & that we have much in common with Islam, both in belief & in practice regarding promotion of peace, social justice & moral values.
Well, blow me down……..What did I miss?…….Or is it that the participants at the Vatican Council all had their heads stuck in the sand when they wrote these 2 docs.
commented 2015-04-12 00:04:05 -0400
Vladdi, were you Muslim, and have now converted to Christianity?
commented 2015-04-11 23:55:41 -0400
Muslims DON’T share Western values at all – quite the opposite!

As I’ve said before (and, since islam will never change, no doubt I’ll be forced to say again – and again!):

Islamic sharia “law” (crime) is the EXACT OPPOSITE of Western LAW.

Our LAW is based on the Golden Rule, which most simply defines all circumstantial, situational morality as

“Do Not Attack First.”

So all is forbidden, unless and until very specifically agreed to.

This means our only real right is to not be attacked first, and our only real responsibility is to not attack (thereby innocent) others first. Period.

It also therefore means we aren’t allowed to do anything either TO, or FOR each other, without getting the others’ express assent first.

And it applies at all levels of human social interaction, from the individual, family, clan, tribe, nation, state, empire and global (international) levels.

It’s why even the largest group or gang of individual humans, “the state” isn’t allowed to attack any of its real live human individual citizen component parts first, and so it’s why we have an expectation of “Innocent Until Proven Guilty,” and not – as criminal libertine “liberal” gangsters always seem to prefer, the exact opposite, or “Guilty Until Never Proven Innocent!”

From this social contract, the West establishes trust, and through that trust, economic progress, and Civilization.

Islam, being based on the exact opposite, where all is allowed except and until that which is very specifically disallowed, asserts it’s always everyone’s holy right and duty to attack everyone else first, to do whatever they can (might makes right!) TO others, as long as they can claim to be doing it FOR them (for their own good)!

From embracing this brazen rule of criminal chaos, they inflict distrust, economic stagnation, and savage barbarism on everyone.



Further, Islam is inherently a form of SEDITION – because it never agreed with the Christian notion of separating secular (road-paving, taxation) and religious realms (render unto Caesar) and went with “Render The World Unto Muhammad!”

So it doesn’t believe in national sovereignty, preferring global theocracy (‘ummah’) ruled by the Caliphate government!

Islam is ONLY a crime syndicate, and the only “religious” part in it’s where they say:

“God told us to commit these crimes!”

Muslims are never national citizens; they regard all national sovereignties as temporary, man-made false idols which must all be eventually destroyed and replaced with the one-world global muslim Ummah, to be ruled by their theocratic caliphate, and their duty is to wage offensive war to extort, enslave, and murder all the non-muslims.

Terrorism is an inherent, not an incidental, nor in any way a “radical,” component of islam.


No self-determined muslim believes in any sovereign national governments nor countries at all, ever!

Sharia is allegedly the perfect law of allah, based directly on the Qur’an!

So it always applies to all humans everywhere!


Recall the Ayatollah Khomeini’s words during his 1980 speech in Qom, the Shi’ite spiritual hub:

“We do not worship Iran, we worship Allah. For patriotism is another name for paganism. I say let this land burn. I say let this land [Iran] go up in smoke, provided Islam emerges triumphant in the rest of the world.”

So, since islam is a subversive anti-national and anti-legal entity, why on earth are any of its “muslim” members ever afforded any legal standing to promote their criminal treasonous sedition, before any of our courts of law?!

Islam’s Sharia is either compatible with our Western, morality-based law (in which case it is superfluous) or it is not (in which case it is illegal).

There is only one universally accepted version of sharia crime (‘law’) and that is the original, Haneefite version as recorded in The Hedaya and used by the Ottoman Empire to rule all of islam for centuries; all moslems in all their countries are very aware of its simple might-makes-right and us-versus-them tenets and strictures.

There is really only one Qur’an, one islam, and one sharia.

So, since islam is a subversive anti-national and anti-legal entity, why on earth are any of its “muslim” members ever afforded any legal standing to promote their criminal treasonous sedition, before any of our courts of law?!

Allowing foreign (sharia “law”) courts to exist in your country is to enable those foreign governments to govern in your country; it’s obviously TREASON.
commented 2015-04-11 23:22:02 -0400
That’s a good point Rick. So why would we want to have to live with all that tribal warring on our streets. They have to leave it at the door. How to facilitate that?
commented 2015-04-11 21:42:10 -0400
“Is Islam compatible with Western culture?” … Hell, a large part of Islam isn’t compatible with itself!!
commented 2015-04-11 16:53:13 -0400
We are seeing the factual results of Muslim infiltration. We are seeing the factual results of Muslim expansion and jihad. We’ve been told for years that the Crusades were “Western” expansionism and colonialism and whatever-else-ism… might it have been a push back AGAINST Muslim jihad? Consider that, 1000 or so years ago, the Roman Catholic Church held sway both as a religion and as a government in Europe, and that both religions have as their “holy city” Jerusalem. But what if we’ve been taught is a falsehood? What if the reason for Richard the Lionheart and others (who are documented — Ridley Scott’s movie “Kingdom Of Heaven” is based on historical fact) was in retaliation to Muslim incursion into European lands?
commented 2015-04-11 12:45:39 -0400
A close friend, born & raised in India before coming to Canada, revealed a view that comes from India’s close proximity to muslims which is: “If you’re walking along a village road and coming towards you is a muslim and a deadly venomous snake, Kill the muslim first”. Indians, of all people, have long known how duplicitous Islam is and the danger that their warped ideology presents. While discussion of Islam is more prominent in the media since the 9/11 attacks empowerd them, at least we in the west have woken up to the danger they present and can, if we wise up, take steps to counter their savage fanaticism. To Anglicise a Latin phrase, which we must make Islam well aware of, “If you want peace, prepare for war”.
commented 2015-04-11 09:32:59 -0400
I’ve been saying Islam and Western values were not compatible for a few years now. My opinion is reinforced – daily! They are our enemy!
Shut the border to any Muslim immigration until this Islamic terrorist problem is in hand. Round up all the suspect Islamic terrorists, agitators for Sharia law and any Muslim who is not for Canada and deport them.
What is more important, being nice and polite and bending over backwards to appease a bunch of bloodthirsty savages living in the 7th century who want to take over the world and kill anybody who doesn’t go along, or protecting Canada and our way of life.
F**k political correctness and f**k the politically correct. If you don’t want to protect our country then maybe you should be kicked out with the rest of the terrorist scum!
Oh Canada I stand on guard for thee…
commented 2015-04-11 07:31:32 -0400
Muslim culture is not only not compatible with Western values and culture, it is not compatible with life.
commented 2015-04-11 02:56:22 -0400
I have lived in Belgium and in England, where complete areas are Muslim, this is not the form of assimilation that was intended, this is an assimilation by a barbarian hord. The Eastend of London used to be Jewish and is where Jews and dockers faught Mosleys thugs in the 1930s. Now the Jews are not allowed to visit the cemetery where their parents are buried because new Muslim thugs have replaced Mosley. This is not what we want for Canada, but it is what is going to happen if we allow unlimited Muslim access to our country
commented 2015-04-11 00:36:19 -0400
A country with out strong borders, and a strong sense of culture, (with no guilt complex about it), will be assimilated and absorbed. My opinion is, anyone is welcome, and welcome to practice their faith, but you better have some respect for mine. The culture of the country you immigrate to trumps yours. You come to Canada, you have to know that your culture will not trump mine. I don’t believe Islam is compatible with western society, but that is not to say those Muslims wishing to live in peace, who appreciate what our freedom means to us, won’t be welcome. We don’t want your 14 centuries of madness. We are not going to end up like the UK. No country should have to bend over backwards to accommodate. Those wishing to come here, need to adjust their ways to us.
commented 2015-04-10 23:21:47 -0400
You can try to better the immigration system (and how many years will that take?) and meanwhile what are we supposed to do with the thousands of obedient brain dead muslims that are already here being saturated with the imams constant war like preaching of jihad, infidels, etc. This process might take maybe a century or two? Plus the fact that islam/sharia wants to impose their sharia on us in all of our business, government, schools, everything. That’s not dealing with the reality of the urgency of this threat. The final solution is to ban it (Islam/shaira) from rearing it’s ugly head in all democratic countries.
commented 2015-04-10 21:16:08 -0400
We have 14 centuries to study and we all have the internet (for_now). There is no excuse.
commented 2015-04-10 19:14:56 -0400
We know there are groups coming to Canada who want freedom from old cultural rules ,biases and the opportunity to live in peace. Unfortunately, there are individuals coming along, whose prime purpose is to keep people enslaved and to spread their non-democratic values. I’m sure there are many Muslim families who have no wish to see their sons used as cannon fodder. Ezra is right! We must find a better method with our immigration system. I would say … keep those believing in jihad out, which will mean profiling.