April 10, 2016

ISIS jihadi warns mom in Belgium: “Don't go out on Monday”

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

This story, widely reported in Belgian media, is now translated into English where an Islamic State jihadi warns his mother in Belgium not to go to popular public places tomorrow. (April 11)

Excerpt from the full English translation:

This SMS was published by numerous medias on Friday, with all the usual precautions. But the police, who indeed know the identity of the mother and her son, take the matter very seriously and additional troops provide security in public places (cinema, party rooms, Shopping centres) in the city dear to Bart De
Wever. “It is, however, difficult to judge whether these threats are serious or not,” Wouter Bruyns, spokesman of the Antwerp police, told our colleagues fromNieuwsblad.

The original Belgian French article can be seen here

Given events in Belgium over the past few months, warnings such as this should be given consideration most certainly.

The dilemma is exacerbated by European nations' reluctance to warn the public. If they do, they incur massive costs to civil society without the need for an actual attack; if they don't inform the public, they risk a few dead.

The dilemma could be readily resolved were these nations to identify the threat -- Islam -- and take action against its agents.

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commented 2016-04-10 22:14:07 -0400
I remember when growing up during the Cold War there was an incident in Berlin when people kept on dancing at a club after a bomb threat had been announced ….a reporter outside interviewing the young people leaving the disco got this response from one young man…..“People have been threatening to blow me up every day of my life….IST BIN EIN BERLINER” …it became a popular slogan and graffitti.

If there is a group like the Finish “Sons of Odin” in Belgium…tomorrow is no day to stay home….you should be out there giving your over extended police assistance as additional eyes and ears over your cell phones.
commented 2016-04-10 21:42:00 -0400
Belgium imported Islamic extremism so I figure they should get it good and hard. It’s sad that it must be innocent citizens dying and not the political trash who are responsible.
commented 2016-04-10 17:37:20 -0400
I have come to the conclusion that Euros are simply getting what they deserve.
commented 2016-04-10 12:39:51 -0400
There is only one answer to this problem.

Throw every MF Muslim out of the Country.

If they were born there, then as they say in Russia, Toughski Shitski.

Problem solved
commented 2016-04-10 10:10:30 -0400
Let’s see, there are a bunch of bullies in the world, not only harming, but actually killing innocent people, and the victims are looked at as the criminals. Is this slightly backwards, or am I just old fashioned?
commented 2016-04-10 09:22:13 -0400
Why are jihadis automatically assumed to be “insane”? They are simply following the words and instructions of their Koran and the 1400 year old traditions of Mohammed and company.

Seriously, they are just followers of their religion’s teachings of “we are superior” and “kill all non-believers”. Not insane; just true adherents of their faith.