January 24, 2017

“I’d heard stories about this lady...” Is Maggie Trudeau the “Madame X” in Trump’s book?

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

So I was reading this book: Trump: Surviving at the Top. It was the sequel to Trump’s first best-seller, The Art of the Deal, which he wrote 30 years ago.

In the later book, Trump wrote about his personal life, in the mid 1970s. He wrote a bit about Montreal, and how he met his first wife, Ivana Trump there.

And he described the scene in Manhattan when he was a single guy:

“Wild things happened all the time back then, and nobody thought very much of it. For instance, one day a friend called me at the office and said he needed to set up a date for a certain well-known married woman. This woman was visiting from out of town and was, he said — using a typical swinging-seventies expression — 'really hot.'

“I had a girlfriend at that time, and so did he, but I knew a guy named Ben who was very worldly-wise. Ben, I was sure, could serve as this woman’s escort and be discreet about it. I called him immediately, and though he said he was tired and had been planning to stay home that night, Ben eventually agreed, as a personal favor to me, to take this woman out. She turned out to be the wife of a man who was then the prime minister of a major country.”

Really? A wife of a major country’s prime minister, partying like crazy in Manhattan in the mid-seventies? 

More from the book:

“I’d heard stories about this lady, but I never thought much of them until that night. We met at the house of the friend who’d phoned me. After we’d all chatted for a while in the living room, the four of us who already knew each other drifted out to the kitchen, leaving Ben and Madame X in the living room to get better acquainted. Which they did. In fact, when we drifted back in, about ten minutes later, she and Ben were involved in an incredibly torrid scene on the couch. I remember standing there and thinking to myself, “well, Donald, you’re not in Queens anymore.”

I wonder who that could be...

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commented 2017-01-29 17:36:00 -0500
I wonder if Marg has anything of Castro’s with which to obtain some DNA. Somebody should find out who mummy and Justin’s housekeepers/nannies are and commission them. Would that not be amazing! Sure would explain some things, as if commie Pierre wasn’t bad enough.
commented 2017-01-28 16:24:36 -0500
There is no evidence of what you claim, Kelly. In fact this has been already shown to be disinformation created by a smear campaign against Trump. The MSM had the BS allegation for a year at least and the NYT, Wash Post, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC ,all found the allegations unwarranted and unfit to print.

I wonder how they all made that same error?
commented 2017-01-28 13:35:15 -0500
Don’t believe every slanderous and libel thing that you read Jay.
commented 2017-01-27 23:08:46 -0500
It is weird. Those looking at Donald Trump’s sexuality find his marriage history plus the charge of raping a thirteen year old (which was dismissed).

But in Russia the evidence is said to be that he hired six adult women prostitutes to urinate on the bed.

Something does not add up.
commented 2017-01-27 13:32:33 -0500
Jay… Democracy is a process not a party’s wishes making demands upon its country and citizens.
commented 2017-01-26 23:52:54 -0500
The Rebel is one of the most clear-spoken critics of Canadian democracy. Is it unfair of them to delve back into history to find some dirt against Justin Trudeau’s mother?
commented 2017-01-26 23:04:07 -0500
Boo Hoo Hoo..
Poor sinclairs and Trudeau’s..!!
commented 2017-01-26 19:34:14 -0500
There isn’t a public figure today that doesn’t have their families and associates delved into. That;s why so many people considering public service discuss it with their families first, because once in, there is no shield from public scrutiny. Justin came from an ‘open’ marriage and a broken family. What didn’t we know about the mates and families of other past leaders? It’s kind of hard to ignore Margret’s loose past since she is the mother of our Prime Minister. His young children are off limits, but since it’s still, for the time being at least, a free country , an article on a connection between the now President and the mother of the now Prime Minister is of interest and fair dunkum. Justin"s upbringing was what it was. How does that reflect on him today as a leader? It’s a consideration in my mind.
commented 2017-01-26 12:07:26 -0500
I am very much opposed to the Trudeau government, and I will debate them in the public arena. However, I am even more opposed to articles such as this, focusing on his family members, or private life. Going after him, namely his policies, should not be by going after his family members. JT does appear to be a family man and we all have families. This article should be removed.
commented 2017-01-26 02:34:52 -0500
No sympathy for any Trudeau’s, with the damage those dysfunctional, degenerate, traitors have and are doing to my country, they get what they created for themselves. They are all far from being role models, they have lied to Canada and deserve all the bad press we can muster. Pierre embarrassed this nation to the world and his son is doing the same and much more. This family is going to spend us into bankruptcy and some people think it should be hands off, I don’t think so. You don’t want to hear it, close your sensitive little ears and hum.
commented 2017-01-26 01:22:35 -0500
Canadian mongrel said..
And to Baby Doc’s credit, I don’t think he has those abusive tendencies of his father.
Canadian mongrel I don’t know about that… Maybe you don’t live in the west but he’s pretty damn abusive to us.
Also I think it’s taking and giving too much credit to assume that Junior deserves any credit at all …!!!!!
His mother was a slippery girl long long long before PET found his way to her.!! We all make our own decisions and live with the consequences and I wonder how we got this far as a species when our children 2000 years ago suffered ADD and bipolar disorder and all the other junk that the unproven science of psychology has dreamed up to legitimize temper tantrum’s, bad behavior and justified them acting that way.
The basic facts are Maggie Sinclair Trudeau a.k.a. mattress Maggie was a whore and her husband was a jesuit and a card-carrying member of the Communist party, closet queer and the spawn from that unholy union is now making decisions that negatively impact the majority of the lives of 35 million people that he has absolutely no compassion for.
And as the mob gathers around the around the prime minister’s palace here in Canada it would not surprise me one bit to hear from the lips of “Princess Sophie”…" Let them eat cake". They are a dangerous and weird family and they should be content to live the perversions of their incredible wealth from trust funds and leave ordinary people to go about ordinary lives.
commented 2017-01-26 01:00:12 -0500
Has anyone ever noticed that most bipolar people are spoiled, usually but not always female, White and from usually but not always upper middle-class families…! I’m beginning to wonder if bipolar is a learned behavior from allowing your children to raise themselves while you compensate for guilt with money and allowing them to become very accustomed with unhealthy liberties and no discipline in the family.
commented 2017-01-25 22:36:45 -0500
Mick’s or Keith’s offspring may be PM of Canada
Who knows ?
commented 2017-01-25 19:07:06 -0500
Ok let’s get real here people. Why would a man (especially the Prime Minister) marry a woman young enough to be his daughter (at least) who is a complete party animal and gave it away like free pies at the state fair? Let’s just say nobody wore a neck scarf like PET and judging by his perfect pirouette behind the queen (was he signalling who the real queen is?) was lighter in the loafers than Liberace. As Mike Myers referenced in Austin Powers, “I can’t believe Liberace was gay, I didn’t see that coming.”

EVERYBODY knew about Maggie. My favorite episode of That 70’s show when the gang heads to Canada to buy beer, and the 2 RCMP guys (played hilariously by Eugene Levy and Dave Thomas) ask Hyde what his business in Canada is:

Hyde: I’m hoping to nail Margaret Trudeau

2 RCMP cops: Been there, done that.
commented 2017-01-25 17:23:32 -0500
Well well, it’s a small world after all. ha ha ha
commented 2017-01-25 15:41:49 -0500
I think attacking Trumps autistic son is off limits, a form of bullying he should not have to endure at his young age, but everything else is fair game. In my opinion Maggie is definitely not off limits. Otherwise we start sounding like the Marxist PC police. Who gets to decide?

I’m not going to criticise Justin’s spawn, as I call them, other than to say that I pray they never enter politics, but his mother, wife, brother,dead father and all of their’s and Justin’s acquaintances are fair game and occasionally pertinent. I see nothing wrong with Ezra bringing up the connection from an old bio of Trumps, which is old news and common knowledge. The only difference now is that Trump is President and Maggie’s son is our PM.
commented 2017-01-25 15:31:59 -0500
YOSHII EZAKI , now if there were any truth in that , it indeed would be of great consequence to the country. We will never know, but given the circumstances I would say anything was possible. Realistically though, he looks a lot like Pierre, but I do see the resemblance you speak of.
commented 2017-01-25 14:35:36 -0500
Good point Liza, there is a clear political distinction when presented as you have.
commented 2017-01-25 13:57:35 -0500
Regardless, if the woman in the book is Maggie (and who else could it be) it is of interest that the now President of the United States is having to do business with the son of a woman who was openly painting Manhattan red with her swinging ways in the 70’s, while she was still married to the PM at the time. Any interactions between Trump and our current PM would certainly be clouded with that factoid (if its true) and make for strained interaction. I wouldn’t doubt if direct meetings are avoided at all costs on the part of Canada. Possibly another tack if not nail, in Justin’s coffin if he doesn’t buck up and meet with Trump face to face. I don’t think other than that point and the fact that he is from an unstable background, that anyone cares about his mothers swinging or his fathers dating after they were divorced. The whole picture is pertinent only in that it could be reflective of his personality disorders or lack thereof and could cloud future direct meetings/dealings with Trump.
commented 2017-01-25 12:22:26 -0500
Where’s Mike Myers when you need him?
commented 2017-01-25 12:08:57 -0500
I think this article was a bit out of the area of the Rebel’s mandate. I say to Ezra- take the high road. I enjoy your articles for the most part.
commented 2017-01-25 11:25:21 -0500
Catherine Fern – Where exactly, other than in your empty head, do you see any indication of an attack against Mr. Selfie? Maggie was and is once again a ‘public figure’ and is subject to all the ‘benefits’ that, in this case, self imposed position can bring. Maybe you should march in protest?
commented 2017-01-25 11:22:11 -0500
‘really hot.’
Nope. Definitely wasn’t Maggie . . … . . .
commented 2017-01-25 11:07:33 -0500
I am disappointed, Ezra, that you felt compelled to go after Trudeau by referencing his mother. I believe that people with mental health concerns are generally still responsible for their behaviour but this was a very long time ago and before she was properly diagnosed and treated. She has not been a public person for years. Does the man not give you enough material by what he does/does not do himself? Focus on that and leave the rest alone.
commented 2017-01-25 10:48:37 -0500
Ezra …you rock …you could be in the Trump ENTOURAGE any day ….and should be
commented 2017-01-25 10:31:26 -0500
At the time, her nickname “the maggot” was certainly fitting.
commented 2017-01-25 10:25:31 -0500
“I think moms & kids are off limits. "

Pierre and Maggie off limits? A former PM and his ex-wife? You got to be kidding. Any notoriety they get today was their own doing years ago. They put themselves on the public stage. It’s called history.
commented 2017-01-25 10:03:43 -0500
I think moms & kids are off limits. Lets judge PMJT on what PMJT does, none of us pick our parents.
commented 2017-01-25 09:56:07 -0500
she was flying around with the Rolling Stones..no panties on. There is a picture of this. You may be able to find it on youtube.Justin was hatched 9 months after the trudeaus visited Castro in cuba.The likness is uncanny