September 15, 2015

Is our obsession with the Nazis hiding an ugly secret?

Binks WebelfRebel Blogger

Learn the wrong lesson and you may get stuck on stupid. Like our endless obsession with Teh Evil Nazis.

In countless thousands of years worth of video-gaming over the past few decades, one enemy is still popular for machine-gunning without restraint: The Nazis.

In the Canadian Free-Speech Wars of the last decade and more, there were dire warnings that Nazism bubbling just under the surface of Canadian society. Surely it would surface if we allowed iffy language or forbidden opinions in blogs and print media!

Prime Minister Harper? A Nazi. Donald Trump? Nazis!

Movies? Even more Nazis. And "zombie Nazis" (pictured above, in 2009's Dead Snow) and, yes, just to keep it fresh, (neo-)Nazis:

Oddly, a thousand-year Third Reich which lasted a dozen years, is still much with us. The Second World War began -- wait for it -- 76 years ago. In fact, 1945 is just as close to 2015 as it is to 1869, the year Gandhi, Rasputin, and Neville Chamberlain were all born.

So why the obsession?

In the topsy-turvy world of rewritten and deliberately warped history, the socialist-racist-nationalist Nazis were rewritten and recast -- by the political Left – as “Right Wing” and evil. Jonah Goldberg has detailed this rewrite in his 2009 book Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Change.

For the evil Nazi threat is still useful.

It’s called externalized evil:

Evil is Them, Over There.

Note that we do not have equal time or officially approved fascination or contempt for the USSR in the movies or latest XBox 1 or PS4 titles. We’re always fighting and re-fighting hateful “Right Wing” Hitler (not Stalin or Mao or Suleiman The Magnificent) and his successors.

It's a one-sided moralizing tale: and if we’re not the Nazis, then, why, we must be on the side of the angels. Yay us!

But what were some of the features of actual Hitlerism?

* Hitler wanted lots of "free healthcare," like abortion, euthanasia, sterilization, eugenics (sorry, "family planning"); experimenting on various kinds of helpless "subhumans" because science; depriving others of their legal and human rights preparatory to dehumanizing them, and getting rid of enemies and bothers by any means necessary and "legal." Everything is political, no longer human. Unspeakable, wot?

* Hitler the Germanic Messiah hated organized religion, except as it was useful and obedient to his purposes. After the Jews were officially done, Hitler had a Holocaust 2.0 ready in hand to wipe out the European churches, take all the loot, and kill or imprison all the clergy and any Christians who would not bend the knee to him as a political god. Thank heavens soft and harder persecution of serious non-"progressive/ compliant" Christians isn’t a problem any more, right? Remember: We won, Hitler lost!

* Dear old Adolf loved him some gun control. A disarmed and sheepish general populace (except for the military, secret police(s), and militarized police, and the ruling class) is a mostly helpless and compliant populace. As the post-Machiavelli politician Frank Underwood says in HBO’s TV series House Of Cards, “You may have all the money, Raymond, but I have all the men with guns.” Just imagine: deadly force only for the men with guns in service to the state? That will always end well!

* What next of Hitler’s unspeakable evil? Following on the lessons of Wilson’s America and late Edwardian Britain, the German regime took up the banner of high-powered propaganda, that most 20th century and demonic retailing of huge lies, half-truths, group-think, politically correct and approved belief. The ruling elites are embodied truth-bearers. Frightening stuff, that Hitlerism.

Der Führer was also obsessed about “Total Care”: Controlling the population in such minor matters of diet, exercise, the “right foods”, tobacco, body image, art, music, childbearing, reading habits, travel, personal interests and associations, and all other matters. The state minds All The Business. Good thing we wiped THAT out!

* Intelligent criticism or editorials, or asking questions about– or non-enthusiasm for– the latest changes in culture, society, or politics is automatic disloyalty and treason. All must watch, and inform; all must be ready for the knock at the door in the middle of the night; all are guilty until proven not guilty just yet... but you’re being watched. "If you’re not guilty, you have nothing to worry about," as several important American idiots have stated about the all-seeing hyper-totalitarian surveillance state invented since 1945 by the land of the free and the home of the brave. Asking questions or opting out means you probably have something evil and subversive to hide. Right?

* The Nazi Gang believed The Legal = The Right. All the laws of Nazi Germany– including all the anti-Jewish and racial laws– were technically legal. Making it legal and then “just following orders” is all that counts, for superficial legitimacy, no matter the evil or insanity so promoted. Might makes right, since legality is the same as the true, good, and moral.

* Show-voting and snout-counting was all well and good when voting and elections and polls got Adolf what he wanted– after a certain point, the pretense was set aside, and the steel fist was revealed. Adolf would have us believe: because you have a regular voting ritual means that you are not nearly, or already, in any kind of political tyranny. All is well. A toothy smile never hides nice slavery, by “our” government, because we voted for it – so we should accept everything it says and does, and get back to the NetFlix and the Doritos and the FaceBook!

This raises troubling questions:

Who are we ruled by? What are we to them? Individual souls? Soylent Green? Aryan, Non-Aryan, Jewish, or Untermensch? Consumers? Voters? Taxpayers? Human resources?

We get the society (and the children) we want and ask for, and allow to be created in our name. Apply, Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Government and our officialdom reflect us, and is what we are. We value convenience, co-existence, entertainment, "progress," pelvic liberty, free stuff, and – God help us– “peace and security” at almost any price. A comfortable life featuring– colour me shocked – many elements of the allegedly accursed evil Hitlerianism, recycled and repurposed so we don’t notice their origin.

Remind me again– is this 1938, or 2015?

Are We Them? Increasingly, it’s hard to tell.

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commented 2015-09-17 16:34:21 -0400
Indeed, Stalin and his atrocities barely get a mention. A new series is coming to TV about what if the Nazis took over America. The Nazi syndrome belies all reason. For instance even conservatives say if Britain lost the Battle of Britain we would all be speaking German. One, the British were well armed as a people, and every citizen would have pitched in to create a citizen army and they would have resisted to the last man against any German invasion. A successful German invasion would not have been a sure thing. Secondly, a German conquest of all Europe does not logically lead to Nazi occupation of North America. There is absolutely no way Germany or any force, even the Soviets in the Cold War era, could have logistically conquered America. America is too big and surrounded by a giant moat. Unlike Britain the sacking of its capital would not equate to pacification of the entire country. It’s great material for entertainment but is fiction.
commented 2015-09-16 23:46:42 -0400
Interesting article…

Was George Orwell describing Hitler or Stalin when he wrote “1984”? Because we’re almost there now…

That’s okay. The one-world [unifying] government is almost here — you know, the ones with the eyes and ears everywhere. Their leader is just about to reveal himself, and will when a peace treaty in the Middle East is signed.

And then that’s when things will get really interesting…
commented 2015-09-16 19:48:19 -0400
Very good! Nice to see there are lots of folks in the choir . Any title will do the indoctrination education system has fulfilled its agenda. PS I shall forever be MR.
commented 2015-09-16 16:27:38 -0400
Thanks for citing Goldberg right off the top, Binks. Saved me the trouble of reading the rest of your article. It’s like seeing the word “homeopathic”… you know you don’t have to read any further.
commented 2015-09-16 09:29:22 -0400
Saw a poster this morning from one of the student groups at Langara College Vancouver B.C.
They call themselves International Socialists and their poster featured a clenched fist with red and black colours.
This is why I refer to Hitlers liberal regime as the National Socialists and the Third Roman Empire because groups like this are able to form and spread their idealogies while others are silenced and called Nazis because they want less taxes and smaller governments.
You can find their website at
commented 2015-09-16 07:42:06 -0400
Thank you for this. It puts context to my opinions of the Obama regime. And as well to the Liberals here who are all cut from the same cloth.
commented 2015-09-16 02:43:48 -0400
This is just another fine example of the leftists having re-written history. We are now led to believe that bad things happened because of a right wing influence. The leftists would also like us to believe that right wing forces have committed cultural genocide on cultures that are now labeled as being left wing.

Take aboriginal history as an example. I just don’t buy that Aboriginal tribes were based on eequality the way leftists described. I justfind it amusing how we are told that aboriginal men and women shared equally in their domestic duties. Or how transgendered two spirited people were not just welcomed in aboriginal society, but were also given elder status because of their gender identity.

Typical leftists argument dictates that perfect left wing societies existed, until the big bad colonizers came in and took that all away.
commented 2015-09-16 00:22:55 -0400
The National Socialists of Europe and their dream of a Third Roman Empire was not only liberalism at its finest it was also one of the socialists/liberals greatest failures and most shameful moments in history.
The National Socialist Party had supporters and collaboraters from all over the world.
Hitlers liberal movement was global and celebrated by many in America ( Time Magazine and the rally at Madison Square Garden being the prime examples ).
Don’t forget, it was Joseph Stalin of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics who said Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist Workers Party of Germany were right wing conservatives, a lie that was immediately embraced by liberal media and progressive academic professors and scholars.
The damage done by mainstream media and post secondary institutions has not only furthered Hitlers ideals but has made a mockery of all those who left family, friends, home and country behind to defend and fight for the freedom of all.
commented 2015-09-15 17:46:41 -0400
Bottom feeders all want to be our political masters, it is in their DNA. We are their slaves. If we are left to ourselves with out the crushing governance of political parties (mostly left, I might add) there would be far less human rights being violated.