September 01, 2015

Is Canada really in a recession? Here's what the statistics say

Brian LilleyArchive

Is Canada in a recession?

That's the big question for the people who just want to get your vote.

There's no question that we are facing challenges on the economic front, unsurprising since there is world-wide instability. 

There's an election going on though so the way this question is being discussed by every party leader, is ultimately all about the politics.

Throwing around terms like "recession" and "technical recession" is part of the political rhetoric so I dig a little deeper to try to find the non-political answer to the question.


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commented 2015-09-08 15:28:05 -0400
The NDP and Liberals just love the word “recession”. They are almost wishing they can say “recession” to jab the conservatives. It won’t work!
commented 2015-09-06 02:13:04 -0400
Back to the question; exact wording from the Conservative budget of June 2015: “‘Recession’ means a period of at least two consecutive quarters of negative growth in real gross domestic product for Canada, as reported by Statistics Canada under the Statistics Act.”
There are other definitions, but this is the one the Harper government chose. According to the Conservative definition, we are in a recession.
commented 2015-09-04 15:05:49 -0400
Jimmy, If the NDP or Liberals win the next election, Canada is doomed,there is no doubt about it. Both the NDP and Liberals are relying on the Muslim vote, to enable them to win. If one of them were to win, they would have to keep their promise and allow untold numbers of Muslims in to the Country. This will result in the beginning of the end, for Canada. Look at Europe.
Democracy under the Ndp or Liberals would the same as ‘Two Wolfs and a Lamb, Voting on what they are going to have for Lunch’. Wake up Jimmy.
commented 2015-09-04 00:30:10 -0400
No it wasn’t addressed to you Terry, I was addressing Jimbot.
In order for wealth to be spread around there needs to be some generated first. It preferably involves attempting to give everyone able, the means to produce some of their own, rather than penalize the prolific earners.
I have already said that a net for those unable to do for themselves is a good thing, sharing one;s slice so to speak.
You can’t keep cutting up the same pie, eventually there is no pie to cut up. I am heartened you understand that Terry, help Jimbot get it will you?
commented 2015-09-03 14:35:35 -0400
Liza, I’m not sure whether that comments was addressed to me, but if so: no, unless you actually believe the silly, simple stereotypes sometimes traded on this and other sites. I’ve worked my whole life to grow the pie. I just don’t mind sharing my slice.
commented 2015-09-03 13:17:46 -0400

I have a question for you. Do you really think conservatives will win elections until the end of time? If it’s not this election – it will be a future one, where the NDP or Liberals take over. I love this notion that you have that if Canada votes for anyone – besides who you want, Canada will be doomed.

Get used to it – one way or another, conservatives will lose – either this election or the next or the next. There is no scenario where conservatives are in power forever. I trust you believe in democracy and what the Canadian people want.
commented 2015-09-03 12:53:58 -0400
Happy Populations, Jimmy, What about N Korea and N Vietnam. Look what happened to the UK under Socialism. USSR Jimmy? You cannot answer a simple question, in full, you just answer with your usual Socialist Dogma. What are your views on Islam, Jimmy, they OK just so they vote NDP? Sell out your Country just for the sake of a half baked French Citizen. I have nothing against the French but I do not think a French Citizen should be the Prime Minister of Canada, whatever his politics.
commented 2015-09-03 12:30:25 -0400
No, that’s just how you choose to define it, in the usual lefty black or white reasoning.
Conservatives believe in lifting everyone up by making sure the climate can accommodate progress and growth,(making more pie) so there are opportunities for everyone who decides to get off the couch; while understanding and contributing realistically to a safety net for those unable to help themselves.
The left think there is only one pie and it must be cut up so everyone gets a sliver, whether they actually help to make the pie or not. They cannot understand that you can bake MORE PIE!
You know, the old ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ adage.
commented 2015-09-03 11:01:57 -0400

How can you live with yourself – you are pure evil. How dare you care about other people or society – because one day you might need the same assistance. Take every penny you make and stick it up your ass – so no one can get at it. Fuck everyone else – that’s the Canadian way.
commented 2015-09-03 10:55:39 -0400

Apparently you haven’t seen the studies that show that liberals are more intelligent than conservatives.

I already provided you with the list of socialist countries – Canada being one of them. As for anything else, you will probably have to continue to wait – I don’t give a shit about what you have to say, so I probably ignored a few of your posts.
commented 2015-09-03 10:45:17 -0400
Jimmy, If every person that votes in the next election were were required to take a simple IQ Test, before voting, The Liberals and NDP would cease to exist.

I am still waiting for your reply to my last Post, is that a problem, Jimmy.
commented 2015-09-03 07:56:56 -0400
So – as a socialist, my personal willingness to contribute a portion of my personal income to support health care for those who might otherwise not be able to afford it, or to help someone make it through a period of unemployment, means I’m exploiting the system – how, exactly?
commented 2015-09-03 03:54:39 -0400

Yes, because wanting to make Canada great for everyone is truly a warped idea compared to being a selfish and greedy fuck.
commented 2015-09-03 00:30:29 -0400
Peter, from your comments I take it that you consider yourself conservative. Nothing to be ashamed of there.
commented 2015-09-03 00:26:00 -0400
PK, I am not sure if you paying less in all those tax deduction would actually piss off Jimmy. He seems to get all warm and fuzzy at the thought of paying more taxes. Socialists really do have a warped mind.
commented 2015-09-03 00:20:08 -0400

Since you will become a non-contributing zero, there are plenty of Canadians that will happily pick up your slack to help make Canada great again.
commented 2015-09-03 00:19:50 -0400
Jay Kelly, says, “And why would socialists think it is a badge of honour to see conservatives sucking off anything?”

First off Jay, I was not talking to you. Second, like the thru leftist liar you are, you twisted my words into a lie. Congratz, Jay Kelly, you are a master liar. My compliments to your warped and devious mind.

It is the socialists who suck, not the conservatives. Conservative believe in earning their keep, socialist believe in spending the money taxed from the hard working people. But then lefties always do get everything ass backward.
commented 2015-09-03 00:13:14 -0400

Only an idiot would not be able to recognize my obvious sarcasm. Thank you for continuing to prove that you are absolutely clueless.
commented 2015-09-03 00:09:13 -0400
I must really piss Jimmy off, then, Peter. I make more money than he does, pay less taxes (flat 10% total — GST, provincial AND federal combined), don’t contribute to EI, don’t contribute to CPP, don’t contribute to WCB. No union dues. Don’t even pay personal tax (too many credits to use up.) All of this is perfectly legal, and has the approval of Revenue Canada — sorry, CRA. I can show others how to do this. And that decreases the contribution to the government’s coffers by at least 60%. Then what will happen to Jimmy’s cheques? Get pared back, perhaps? Wonder how he’ll react then?
commented 2015-09-03 00:02:49 -0400
And why would socialists think it is a badge of honour to see conservatives sucking off anything?
commented 2015-09-03 00:01:43 -0400
Peter, your comments are so interesting. Am I supposed to feel insulted when conservatives are “sucking off the hard work of others”? It sounds crude to me, but not really insulting.
commented 2015-09-02 23:43:50 -0400
For a conservative, sucking off the hard work of others is an insult, but for a socialist it is a badge of honour.
commented 2015-09-02 23:42:45 -0400
Liza, since Jimmy gets three government cheques if he were to pay more taxes he would only be giving back some of that which he sucked from the tax payer in the first place. No wonder he is such a dedicated socialist, he lives off the hard work of others, a true socialist.
commented 2015-09-02 23:38:34 -0400
Jimmy, only an idiot would think I was serious with that comment. No wonder you thought I was serious.
commented 2015-09-02 23:30:36 -0400
No No Jimbot, not FOR me!
In the place of those I will no longer be contributing, you see since I won’t be paying mine, you might want to chip in a little extra on top of your share, to.. you know, keep the socialist wheels greased, so to speak. Somebody is going to have to do it. It just won’t be me , thats all.
commented 2015-09-02 23:24:18 -0400

Well I hope you have made tentative plan, because it’s not looking good for you. I don’t mind paying more taxes to help people – but not for the likes of you.
commented 2015-09-02 23:22:39 -0400

You are starting to get it now. Kneel before your true God.
commented 2015-09-02 22:55:38 -0400
Jimmy said, Jimmy said, " This isn’t up for debate."

Yes, you majesty. Can I crumple to my knees and worship your graceness?

Arrogant shit
commented 2015-09-02 22:48:09 -0400
If Harper doesn’t get back in, I’m quitting work, packing up and moving to my cabin. I’m not going to be a worker ant for the cause. Jimmy says he doesn’t mind paying more taxes, so maybe he would like to pay my share as well.
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