August 09, 2018

Is The Rebel next on the Internet purge list?

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, I reported on Vox calling for the silencing of more conservatives internet personalities.

I wasn't surprised to see two former Rebel's, Lauren Southern and Gavin McInnes, made their list that also includes Paul Joseph Watson and Stephen Molyneaux.

But what is it about these commentators that makes them worthy of being de-personed?

According to Vox, it's their opposition to open-borders immigration and radical Islam.

WATCH my video to see why Vox would never call for the silencing of anti-Christian commentators.

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commented 2018-08-10 10:01:58 -0400
Isnt this the same vox that has a video saying ms13 gang menbers are saints and angels and the trump administration is extreme on going after them.Leave the saintly ms13 gang members alone.They have no credability.Sensorship is alive and well and conservative speech is under attack.They only want leftist views and for everbody to go along with their leftist views.Someone recently said how different america would be if there were no fox news and there were no conservative voice but only liberal voices.Thats there ideal world.
commented 2018-08-10 01:39:50 -0400
FB and youtube also answer to shareholders, if they lose too much money there will be consequences.
And everyone remember Sonny and Amy’s comments when they whine about some business in the future not serving some favored left wing minority. They will prove to be hypocrites.
commented 2018-08-10 01:37:42 -0400
Love it when small minds fail to see that CBC’s handouts give them a higher internet rating. Cut CBC off and they would fall below Canadaland.
commented 2018-08-10 01:35:59 -0400
Sonny Crockett your words are empty as i know damn well if the Libs used some activist judge or some BS law to shut down the actual Rebel website you would defend their actions like a good stooge.
commented 2018-08-10 01:34:57 -0400
Sonny Crockett Facebook was a stolen idea and was preceded by myspace, and Google was not the only search engine.
commented 2018-08-10 01:33:09 -0400
Sonny Crockett and Amy Lynn until they change the user agreement you are wrong, if they do then no problem. And did you say the same about the cake which had no legal basis in any way?
commented 2018-08-09 21:18:48 -0400
Yes Tammie..I was just about to move it forward..good vid indeed.
commented 2018-08-09 20:45:24 -0400
Got to say, that’s your best argument yet, Liza. You may have something there.
commented 2018-08-09 20:45:05 -0400
Good vid Tammie.
commented 2018-08-09 20:27:03 -0400
Hold on a minute. As of 2014 google received between 600 and 700 million dollars of taxpayer money in subsidies and I am sure its over a billion now or damn close. Seems to me they are NOT private companies free and clear if they are accepting government welfare. Time to make them public utilities or the government has no business subsidizing them. Because of that AND the fact that they are monopolies and all traffic goes through them. At this time there is no where else anyone can go to get that level of exposure. They have to be put on a leash.
commented 2018-08-09 19:04:05 -0400
Sonny Crockett said, “Why are you relying on the visionary brilliance of liberals?”

Perfectly put, Sonny. The Right all want to jump aboard Leftwing brainchilds (because of their own creative ineptness) and then cry when they can’t follow rules.
commented 2018-08-09 18:36:38 -0400
This isn’t about Jones except that we are all now, Alex Jones. The left doesn’t get it, but that’s clearly to our advantage.

I look forward to the results of that law suit as well. Alex is fighting back on it. Shame on him for defending himself against the lies and spin.
commented 2018-08-09 18:18:19 -0400
commented 2018-08-09 17:23:58 -0400
Keith Barnes commented: “Anybody old enough to remember the original Dr Who series on TV, with the Darlects growling out, Eliminate Them, Eliminate Them!”

Yep. One of my favorite series on PBS. The Daleks; Exterminate, Exterminate, Exterminate, rising in voice pitch each time…………………. That is today’s left.
commented 2018-08-09 17:21:49 -0400
This has blown up in the fascist left’s faces. It is a perfect time for the alert to go out, just before the midterms. As Ezra pointed out on twitter a few days ago, Trump needs to do something about Silicon Valley or they will do something about him. Well , something tells me Trump understands that now. I don’t know if its true or not but Alex is saying he planned to do this ahead of the midterm to alert the President. That he hoped the Mueller ‘satirical’ threat would push them to make their move and ban him. Who knows, but I wouldn’t put it past him. He is known for climbing out on a limb and hoping it won’t break. Now all the other players are alerted as well.
commented 2018-08-09 16:58:52 -0400
Liza Rosie, don’t listen to dishonest commenters who say this is not a free speech issue. If they have their way, and they will try, every avenue of free speech will be terminated. This is indeed a war but like you said, they shot their load too early. There are enough sane people remaining to push back on the constant obnoxious Leftist presence we must deal with daily. We did win, and will continue to win despite these pathetic attacks on conservative media.
commented 2018-08-09 16:05:33 -0400
Facebook should move its mathematicians to Caracas for three months. Maybe living in the utopia of socialism will enlighten them
commented 2018-08-09 15:50:59 -0400
SONNY CROCKETT commented 2 hours ago
NO ONE has a right to be on Facebook or You Tube. They are private companies and can dump anyone for any reason, no reason or simply because they don’t like you.
The real issue for most people is the hypocrisy of who gets banned. But the Left were never big on consistency or discernment. They are like King Lear: " I am more sinned against than sinning".
commented 2018-08-09 15:25:18 -0400
CNN is Sesame Street for adults. Well adults whose brains haven’t developed .
commented 2018-08-09 15:25:02 -0400
Somebody, please tell Davy Crockett, down below that the Rebel dose have it’s own platform. Sometimes people go up there with sniper rifles. Just for practice, off course.
commented 2018-08-09 15:21:06 -0400
“Keith Barnes commented 3 hours ago
You Tube and Co are scared, they want to hide the righteousness of the political Right, lest their dominantly Left Wing Ding viewers should see the light and turn Right. "

Alex Jones is so far out there that pulling him down actually probably hurts the left. Getting the activists riled up is exaclty what you need to do to galvanize the Democrat base, and right wing insanity has worked wonders for the media – Trump’s singlehandedly boosted CNN by a massive margin.
commented 2018-08-09 15:00:38 -0400
commented 2018-08-09 14:49:20 -0400
Plus the left doesn’t like the competition. Aside from losing control of the narrative they are losing market share and they don’t like it.
commented 2018-08-09 14:43:35 -0400
I did. You posted a retarded Infowars link saying this was an issue if free speech. I don’t know who’s dumber? Them for thinking it is or you for sourcing it.
commented 2018-08-09 14:31:00 -0400
Why don’t you go back and read my reply big guy.
Really awkward, really really awkward.
woof woof.
commented 2018-08-09 14:24:49 -0400
Nice deflection, Liza. You must feel awkward that I’m right again?
And, while your lingering do you want to answer my question from yesterday? What’s your thoughts on Rebel Media banning leftwinger?
commented 2018-08-09 14:19:06 -0400
Geez I’m seeing double. Tony? Sonny?
Dogs don’t bark at parked cars. Run little doggies run.
commented 2018-08-09 13:45:47 -0400
Liza, for the zillionth time this is not an issue of FREE SPEECH. Jones did not lose a single right. He is free to shout from the rooftops. He is free from government arrest, he is free to develop and police his own social media site, he is free to continue his website, etc. SHEESH!
commented 2018-08-09 13:40:28 -0400
Tony, Sonny, same old same old.

The left has just made it okay to be loud and proud.