Is there a phone number that I can call for assistance?


You can email and set up a time for one of our team to call you to assist you with any queries. Please state your issue in your email so that we can better assist you.


For quicker results please email us:


Premium Content: 

For any difficulties you may be having with Premium Content or billing please email

General support: 

Send any technical queries, typo corrections, political rants, fan mail, rebellious suggestions, and general questions to

Looking to use our content?

Please email for permission and details surrounding the use of our footage. 

Legal requests: 

For legal inquiries, you can email We do not provide legal advice. Emails that do not pertain to legal issues with the Rebel will not be answered.

Careers with The Rebel: 

People who are looking to apply to work at The Rebel can send a cover letter and CV to

Advertise with The Rebel:

If you would like to advertise with The Rebel, please email

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