April 04, 2017

Is this the craziest thing Catherine McKenna has ever said?

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's program, I tried to make sense of Liberal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna's assertion that bringing in a carbon tax will give Canada "a competitive advantage" in the global economy:

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commented 2017-04-05 03:23:17 -0400
The fact is, all government agencies, to the best of their ability, try to “map” the mindset and sayings of their counterparts in other countries… Can you imagine the merriment these days in Washington with those mapping the blather emanating from our Climate Barbie??…
commented 2017-04-05 03:13:06 -0400
Oops typo.. that’s “contend” not “content”…
commented 2017-04-05 02:54:46 -0400
I still content that her never having made her high school cheerleading team accounts for all of her ditzy behaviour and babble…
commented 2017-04-04 19:16:28 -0400
Simple. It’s a “competitive” advantage in suppressing a population into a dictatorship, like what Jihadi Justin so admires!
commented 2017-04-04 14:17:34 -0400
Carole Masse: But those companies who don’t get extra money will be at a disadvantage against those who do. They are already paying enough tax and high hydro rates. If these same companies are also importing American any goods we get dinged again on the conversion.
commented 2017-04-04 13:23:02 -0400
Of course, that will be a competitive advantage to the canadian companies who will get the tax payers’ money. Just wait to see the crony capitalism expanding all over the place with Justine and watch his foundation grow exponentially with bribes. That has always be the story with the liberals, corruption. Justine will transform our country in a 3rd world banana islamic republic. To all those leftists who voted for that snowboarder, how long do you think you will continue to get your social benefits, your pensions, your free health care, your child benefits and on and on.
commented 2017-04-04 13:22:42 -0400
Ever since becoming a REBEL member a couple of years back I have railed on the stupidity of the liberals and the band of misfits in the gender neutral cabinet of Justin I have a penis but no balls Trudeau. The utter bimbosity of the air headed blond valley girl is revolting. Add clueless to the mix and look what we are left with. She blathered the same crap on cbc Newsworld last week. She kept ranting about CO2 pollution. The only pollution was what was coming out of her mouth. Tax us more so we can compete with Trump’s US. WTF are you talking about Climate Barbie?

As I stated last week in one of my comments……If Catherine McKenna and Amerjeet Sohi were going to talk to each other, you would hear, “to be continued later”… neither one speaks English and no one knows how to translate their jargons. Maybe they have to sharpen up their sign language skills. Until then Dion may be helping out…he has impeccable English skills. NOT
commented 2017-04-04 12:13:57 -0400
Ron Voss, I don’t think they are deluded. I think they know what they are doing & saying & it is all a bold face LIE!
commented 2017-04-04 11:57:22 -0400
Who would say that a carbon tax will give Canada “a competitive advantage” in the global economy? Why a deluded socialist who needs your money to distribute.
commented 2017-04-04 11:12:35 -0400
Deborah…two things, first…you are correct about the system being rigged and controlled by outside sources, namely the UN. Here is a link from 02/15 by Lord Moncton stating just that. https://youtu.be/NG0WcjGHkEw
Second…..that info on narcissism is an accurate description of the shiny pony and his flock of parrots.
commented 2017-04-04 11:09:21 -0400
Yeah Ezra you need to rethink time and space. The time that is wasted pondering the space between their ears.
commented 2017-04-04 10:41:35 -0400
The last time i heard a liberal speak with such passion and wisdom about climate change, wynne and her thieving liberals here in ontario just realized that hydro rates were through the roof and they were going to save us. So they mortgaged our future, introduced a carbon tax and started selling off our hydro system to her friends and backers. Nice. I feel better already.
commented 2017-04-04 10:39:16 -0400
The verbal gaff golden moments of McKenna, Trudeau, and the rest of the brain-dead Librano zealots would make for great comedy fodder.
REBEL TV SHOW IDEA: This Hour Has 5 Minutes! There may be a couple conservative comics in Canada that would jump at the chance to write and host. Put out the job posting Ezra!
commented 2017-04-04 10:22:40 -0400
The Liberals @ss‘s ( including McKenna’s ) must be jealous of the shite that comes out of their mouths.
commented 2017-04-04 09:59:52 -0400
Actually, placing a person such as this in her current position makes complete sense. If you have a moron for a PM, he would be a complete moron to appoint someone smarter than him into positions under his control. How he could find people even dumber than him, could be considered an accomplishment on his behalf- perhaps his ONLY accomplishment.
commented 2017-04-04 09:59:25 -0400
I don’t think we will be given a chance to vote out these liars and deceivers! The system is rigged from the inside, and is being run from the UN, using government heads, and all unions to funnel money to buy those who are corrupt to their cores, and will do anything for money, power and fame. The devil is in the details, and for those who don’t pay attention to details, and the actions of these highly paid criminals, the majority are easy to fool, using these useful idiots to keep up the charade. They are mocking us from their place of privilege, while destroying our means of life.
commented 2017-04-04 09:07:15 -0400
Ms McKenna speaks with such confidence & dare I say arrogance. To me it would appear she thinks we actually believe the words she is spewing. She is not fooling anyone with this Carbon pricing, economy destroying, job eliminating agenda of hers. There are as Doug & Gerry have stated jokes galore to be made, but the truth is our Canada is slowly and surely being destroyed by people like Ms. McKenna and her cohorts. I can’t wait to vote these people out in 2019!
commented 2017-04-04 08:37:24 -0400
Catherine McKenna does provide one benefit to the world’s economy…

She is single-handedly guaranteeing years of material for the world’s dumb blonde joke writers.
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