August 10, 2015

Is Tom Mulcair too afraid of the NDP's extreme left to fire Linda McQuaig?

Richard KlagsbrunRebel Blogger

An NDP candidate was just canned because of extremist, hateful, anti-Israel bigotry.

But it was no worse than some of the despicable statements made about Israel by Linda McQuaig.

To say nothing for her anti-capitalist insanity and her fetish for socialist dictators like Hugo Chavez.

McQuaig has already made her party look foolish, and required a party spokesman to distance the NDP from her comments within the first two weeks of what will be a long campaign. There's no telling how many times that will repeat.

Is Mulcair too afraid of provoking the extreme left-wing in the NDP to bounce a high-profile crackpot like McQuaig?

If he is, it will prove to be good news to the rival Liberal and Conservative parties. If Mulcair lacks the nerve to lance a boil like McQuaig, the other two parties will be more than happy to watch her fester and infect the public's perception of the NDP and its leader.


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commented 2015-08-11 07:57:11 -0400
Poor Mulcair has come to the sad realization that Linda is one of the more intelligent females in his Party.
commented 2015-08-10 20:52:21 -0400
Even Tom has to realise that she is a crackpot!
commented 2015-08-10 19:10:32 -0400
To funny, angry Tom afraid of the nut bars in his party. Hahaha that’s a knee slapped.