August 03, 2016

ISIS began genocide against Yazidis two years ago: A solemn reminder of why the world MUST act

Brian LilleyArchive

It was two years ago today, August 3rd 2014, that the genocide against the Yazidi people of Northern Iraq, began. 

These people who are ethnically Kurds but religiously Yazidis, worship God in a different way and to the Islamic State, that makes them infidels worthy of being killed.

Estimates are that 5,000 have been killed, thousands have been displaced and many, many more have been taken into sexual slavery.

Watch as I provide an update and ask, how it is possible that the world’s major military powers have not stopped the Islamic State in the last two years?

And how is it that the Liberals must wait for the United Nations to tell them this is a genocide when we see the men are killed, and the women are taken as sex slaves so they can breed Yazidis out of existence?

If you haven’t already signed the petition please go to and sign and share it.

The world said “Never Again” before and it is time again to show that we mean it.

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commented 2016-08-04 17:41:25 -0400
Our government did not acknowledge the genocide of the Yazidis when the Rebel and all other objective observers had pointed out the persecution of Yazidis and Christians in the Middle East. Our government, led by the immoral Justin Trudeau and his moronic minions, waited for United Nations official sanction to acknowledge this very real genocide.
The United Nations is an evil monster, like the European Union.
Jay Kelly is simply evil…….and moronic too.
commented 2016-08-04 09:49:23 -0400
Jay is proving once again just how stupid a human being can be. Many countries, including the US, declared this a genocide months ago. The UN dragged their feet and the puppet Trudeau waited for his masters to make the call.

As usual Jay cannot see that the Canadian government finally did the right thing after being told repeatedly like a naïve child.

My brother has an expression for people like you Jay. You are about as bright as a two watt light bulb.
commented 2016-08-04 00:18:44 -0400
There is strength in numbers. For the Federal Government to wait until the United Nations had declared this to be a genocide was not a bad thing.

Canada thus joined in a world-wide chorus of outrage at the attack on the Yazidi people.

Within a day of the UN declaring this a genocide, Canada’s government joined in.

How long will it take The Rebel to support our own government in proclaiming this truth: The Yazidi people of Northern Iraq has been subject to genocide.
commented 2016-08-04 00:14:44 -0400
I read a story recently about this subject. The UN is not designating the Yazidis as refugees because they do not fit into the definition, ie, someone who is forced out of their own country. The Yazidis do not live in the refugee camps as it is very dangerous there as they are persecuted, attacked or threatened with death. Saudi Arabia controls the UN through the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and vote in a block of 53 muslim countries, plus they are on the UN Human Rights Commission. This is a no win situation for the Yazidis as that stupid ass hat Trudeau will do nothing for them. There is a web site to help these people but I am having trouble locating it. I think it is from the US who are privately trying to sponsor and bring in as many Yazidis as possible. If I find it I will pass it along.
commented 2016-08-03 20:34:42 -0400
Very powerful presentation. I’m jumping out of my chair myself. Keep the pressure
commented 2016-08-03 20:15:31 -0400
Justin Trudeau likes to present an image of himself as compassionate (on our tax dollars), but he is not. He is selfish, cruel and morally reprehensible.
commented 2016-08-03 20:14:05 -0400
Justin Trudeau does not give a damn about the brutal persecution of Christians or Yazidis or Shiite Muslims. He cares only about his own image of himself as a beautiful and intelligent world leader working with the United Nations to establish a global world order……er, that is, caliphate.
commented 2016-08-03 20:01:56 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: 31.458 Attacks, 199,809 Killed, 280,581 Injured….. that we know of.
commented 2016-08-03 19:50:54 -0400
Just let in more ISIS conspiring Sunni refugees, like the shiny pony demands.
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