July 11, 2015

ISIS commanders killed in U.S. drone strike in Afghanistan

Rebel Staff

Mawlavi Shahidullah Shahid, a former Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) spokesperson and the first to pledge allegiance to ISIS in Afghanistan, has been killed in a U.S. drone strike in the country’s eastern Nangarhar province, according to local media reports. 

TOLO News agency, Afghanistan’s first 24-hour news television network, has reported that Shahid, said to be an ISIS leader for Khorasan province, was killed alongside ISIS deputy commander Gul Zaman, his deputy Jahanyar and five other ISIS fanatics. In total, U.S. drone strikes in the region killed 25 people in the Tuesday attack. Afghanistan’s intelligence agency, the National Directorate of Security (NDS), confirmed the deaths Thursday.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity and citing sources inside Afghanistan, a Pakistani official told the New York Times: “It was a pretty massive hit. So many [ISIS] fighters and commanders have been killed in one go.”

It is suspected that Shahid wanted to incite violence and instigate terror in eastern Afghanistan, according to the NDS.

“Shahidullah Shahid, whose real name was Sheikh Maqbool, wanted to launch a regional fight and that to begin from Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province in order to become an influential figure of Daesh,” NDS spokesperson Haseeb Sediqi told TOLO News, using an Arabic acronym for ISIS.

Drawing on increased support from disaffected Taliban fighters on both sides of the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, ISIS has seen a dramatic rise in its support in Afghanistan, according to local media; however, Afghan intelligence have insisted that the expanding threat will be countered.

“Wherever Daesh are active and threatening the safety of our citizens [they] will be targeted and eliminated,” Sediqi continued.

Afghanistan’s Ministry of Interior Affairs (MoI) recently announced the formation of a joint armed unit, consisting of the Afghan National Police, Afghan National Army and NDS. The joint force is designed to heighten levels of coordination among Afghanistan’s security services to more effectively shut down ISIS spin-off groups and affiliates.

In the past week, more than 100 terrorists have been killed in joint anti-terrorism raids carried out by the Afghan security services, the Ministry of Interior Affairs has stated in a series of news releases.

Praising Afghan efforts in a recent op-ed for the Washington Post, David Petreaus, commander of coalition forces in Afghanistan from 2010-2011, and the Brookings Institution senior fellow Michael O’Hanlon said: “To their enormous credit, Afghan soldiers and police continue to sustain many of the gains of recent years, even after NATO forces have drawn down by 90 per cent.

“But Afghan forces have paid a heavy price, losing several thousand personnel a year. And this year’s casualties are at least 50 per cent greater than last year’s […] In these circumstances, we should be wary of removing those key enablers - in the form of U.S. air power, intelligence, combat advisers and Special Operations forces - that Afghanistan still needs from us.

“We went to Afghanistan for a compelling reason: to ensure that Afghanistan never again served as a sanctuary for al-Qaeda, as it did when the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks were planned there under the Taliban. The importance of that mission continues.”

President Barack Obama’s plans would see the current deployment of 9,800 U.S. troops at 21 bases across Afghanistan reduced to an embassy presence in Kabul by the end of 2016.

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commented 2015-08-01 22:48:55 -0400
" President Barack Obama’s plans would see the current deployment of 9,800 U.S. troops at 21 bases across Afghanistan reduced to an embassy presence in Kabul by the end of 2016. "
Yeah , Obama figures by then everyone will do what all the citizens in Whoville did , and hold hands and sing Daruh, Daruh, much like Kumbaya. What a sad , ineffectual person with his hand on a powerful switch and no understanding about it.
commented 2015-07-18 15:49:08 -0400
ISIS are the new Nazis. Their murderous rampage across Syria and Iraq needs to be stopped right away in order to save the lives of innocent Kurds, Christians, etc. ISIS is an evil scourge.
commented 2015-07-13 14:46:05 -0400
Joan — what was that about believing someone’s videos? Sorry, but that “statement” wasn’t even a complete sentence, much less comprehensible. (And, as it was even labelled a propaganda video, I didn’t even attempt it.)

Did you even read the lengthy Der Speigel article? Why would someone believe propaganda when others, who lived there, can tell the real story? Such as the link below:
And that’s what IS is — a totalitarian theocracy, where thugs are the “police”.
No thanks. I refuse to live in fear, even under “political correctness”, as we call it here.
commented 2015-07-13 14:44:34 -0400
Keith Barnes, I call them ISIS because that is what they are called internationally, I do not mean to belittle the fact that their are Muslims and that the Islamic faith is evil – they are and it is.
But you are right it does allow the lefty politicians to divide Muslims into Good Guys/Bad Guys, so I will stop referring to them as ISIS and start calling a spade a spade.
I firmly believe that even the so called ‘moderate Muslims’ are only sleepers or more correctly, they might not do evil themselves but do support the radicals on the QT.
commented 2015-07-13 13:22:31 -0400
MARTY ASHFIELD: I fully agree with you but please stop calling them ISIS. ISIS is just a horror show, put on to scare civilized people. It is also very useful to western Politicians also. It allows them to divide Islamic into Good Guys/Bad Guys. That nice little Guy, driving your Cab, would never harm you? Wait till his local Imam gives him the word and see what happens. All of Islam is evil, they want all Humans dead. If they ever achieve their goal, then, these Monkeys will start killing each other. Sir Winston was right, “They are the scum of the earth”.
commented 2015-07-13 12:56:20 -0400
Good shooting USA. That is seven less of the "Missing Link’ that we have to worry about. The Islamic Cult will be crying the blues, it looks good on them. Human Beings will not miss them.
commented 2015-07-13 12:51:53 -0400
I listen to Brian Lilley warning us about the danger of SANCTUARY cities and the real danger that this ridiculous movement puts everyday people at risk from illegals and shake my head at the utter stupidity of our elected. These city councils are not only endangering all of us but are blatantly breaking the law and the police who are supposed to uphold the law are following suit.
It then occurred to me that it also helps ISIS and any other terrorist who can exploit this stupid movement.
It is bad enough that we have the real threat of ISIS in Canada, but now with the stupid Liberal movement of making cities into SANCTUARY cities, like Hamilton and Toronto have already done and is being contemplated by Vancouver. Does this ridiculous movement not give them safe havens?
Just how stupid can our lefty governments become? How much danger can they put us in before they wake up, if they ever do?
I generally try to ignore most comments that say we are doomed just like Europe when it comes to ISIS. My rational is that I believe a lot of good Canadians will not let that happen. But then I find out about things like SANCTUARY cities and how real they are right here in Canada and I start to believe you guys. It also makes me see red and at the same time feel utterly useless. I will fight when the time comes, but it just might be too late at that point.
God PLEASE help us!
commented 2015-07-13 08:42:55 -0400
" If Christians and Jews promoted their faiths in Arab countries, Would they be as tolerant of us as we are of them?"

Unfortunately no. Because it is from those countries where Christianity originated. ISIS has been eradicating by the tens of thousands Christians in those countries. You just don’t hear much about it in the world news, next to not at all in the Canadian main stream media.
commented 2015-07-13 08:17:47 -0400
This is nothing. We must do way more. They must fear us. Why do we think one good strike every six months is adequate? We have the power to do way more. If they had our power, we would not exist. Why are we so tolerant? If Christians and Jews promoted their faiths in Arab countries, Would they be as tolerant of us as we are of them? It is THEM that have declared war on US. I feel like we are tiptoeing gingerly on glass to combat these hellbound terrorists. Please don’t forget the pain and suffering these terrorist have inflicted on our victims and their families.
commented 2015-07-13 06:58:11 -0400
@ Joan Abernathy – you said – "
Marty – I think more and more Canadians are becoming willing to fight and more and more understanding that is what it may take to win"

When you consider many in this video were cubicle workers and nice next door neighbours who have become isis terrorists – then the average Canucklehead still has a long way to go.

When Canadian slammer population numbers rise high enough the people will find out the hard way – what they have allowed in.

They will also find out that appeasement, understanding and touchy feely does not get them anything but more of this:

http://www.asgraphic.org/videos/video382/index.htm – you do not need to speak the language – the video tells the entire story.

We have them right here in Canada – and they will rise up against us – as they are doing in Europe – right now.

Only idiots ignore factual evidence and history – seems to me there are a lot of foolish people in Canada yet

Be safe and be happy.
commented 2015-07-12 21:37:08 -0400
Joan Abernethy, thanks for the John Cantlie link, enlightening in many ways. ISIS is not a mishmash mix of motley ignorant backwoods fighters that came together and called themselves jihadis and then decided to take over the world. They are a very smart well coordinated, well funded, well armed fighting machine that wants to take over the world. Every army in the world has a good propaganda division and use it to their best advantage. So, of course ISIS have a smart propaganda agenda and hire people like this John Cantlie to spew their rhetoric to the west.
But in many cases I am preaching to the choir, because most of the commentators on the Rebel know this, however it is important enough to remember all of this and more about ISIS and to be constantly reminded that the threat is very real.
This is why ISIS is a huge danger and is becoming more and more scary.
Can you imagine how many lefties watch and listen to videos like this and believe this BS. This is evident in the BS spewed from Justin Trudeas mouth especially, but also from Mulcair, and the CBC, Toronto Star and so on.
We in Canada are going to have to force ourselves to be more and more vigilant and to be more and more ready to literally fight if the danger lands on our shores in greater numbers than we have seen so far.
I fear for the USA, because they already have a sympathizer in power and face the danger much sooner than hopefully we do.
The masses will only believe when ISIS is staring them in the face.
commented 2015-07-12 19:56:59 -0400
Marty – I think more and more Canadians are becoming willing to fight and more and more understanding that is what it may take to win. And we have our legal and outlaw MC, of course.
commented 2015-07-12 19:49:19 -0400
Rick, there is unfortunately a third choice – fight them here and there.
commented 2015-07-12 13:41:06 -0400
Marty, ditto
commented 2015-07-12 13:33:14 -0400
Bravo Zulu, you make a good point, except that I believe if ISIS ever gets to the point of trying to take over Canada it wont only be our armed forces who will fight it will have to be every citizen who really cares about freedom and is willing to fight to keep it.
I will fight an armed fight if this happens and I am still around (I’m 68 years old). I will take up arms against an enemy like ISIS. I have my family to protect, some of them will be by my side.
I hope it never comes to that, but if it does I will fight anyone and everyone that sides with them and supports them, PERIOD.
commented 2015-07-12 13:24:04 -0400
Prince Knight, thank you for the link it is staggering. Your question of why would Obama support this was answered by Peter Netterville who is absolutely correct. I believe that Obama is a Muslim as is Trudeau.
However to extend your question, why would the angry asshole and the stupid pony support this?
commented 2015-07-11 23:19:14 -0400
@ Rick Plesnik

You said – "Obama doesn’t get it. Either we fight them there, or we fight them here on our own streets and in our own communities. There is no other choice. "

The average Canadian citizen and the average American citizen does not get it either – in fact they usually vociferously deny there is even a problem.

If we fight them here we will not be allowed to win – for to win means to exterminate – and that is simply not the way the west works.

And every strike will have to be cleared through the lawyers (JAG) to ensure it is a legal hit.

We will NOT be allowed to win.

As Europe goes – so do we.
commented 2015-07-11 21:41:10 -0400
I don’t think that you are crazy—Peter. Obama’s Allegiance is not to the USA that our Daddies used to respect. In his own pathetic mind he thinks that he is benefiting all of Mankind via the USA. We got one of them in Canada . His name is Justin and he is a Liberal.

He will also save -not only mankind , but the whole bloody Planet.
All we have to do is love everyone and give them money.
commented 2015-07-11 19:13:20 -0400
Obama is a muslim, who’s father was a muslim before he killed himself driving head on into a tree while drunk (in Kenya).

Obama lovin’ the islamic terrorists makes complete sense – expect more of it too.
commented 2015-07-11 17:33:15 -0400
Have some fun this month
commented 2015-07-11 16:34:58 -0400
You know, Rick, I am not so sure about that. I wonder if he does know and is intentionally pulling the forces out so that the Taliban and by extension ISIS, can take the region back. I don’t think Obama is stupid or even naive. I think it is his plan to weaken US influence in the area and allow to the Muslim extremists to strengthen. But then, I could just be crazy.
commented 2015-07-11 15:17:41 -0400
Obama doesn’t get it. Either we fight them there, or we fight them here on our own streets and in our own communities. There is no other choice.