May 27, 2015

ISIS: "Slave markets will be established against the will of the politically correct"

Rebel Staff

A recent ISIS propaganda article titled "Slave-Girls or Prostitutes?" reportedly justifies the rape and sex slavery of captured Yazidi women.

According to the Christian Post, the article's author, purportedly a woman named Umm Sumayyah Al-Muhajirah, writes:

"I swear by Allah, O you who feign to be knowledgeable and shout with falsehoods in every gathering, surely the slave markets will be established against the will of the politically correct.

"Some slave girls in our State are now pregnant," she added, "and some of them have even been set free for Allah's sake and got married in the courts of the Islamic State after becoming Muslims and practicing Islam well."

In the propaganda piece, Al-Muhajirah continued to defend ISIS' subjugation of women as sex slaves and argued that ISIS' aim "is sublimity for the religion and humiliation of whoever desires a religion other than Islam."

The woman also attempted to disparage First Lady Michelle Obama by declaring that she would not fetch more than $40 on the slave market.

Elsewhere, the Christian Post reports:

Zainab Bangura, a U.N. special envoy on sexual violence in conflict, recently revealed new horrifying details regarding the Islamic State's sex trafficking trade that she discovered through nearly two weeks of interviews in five different countries. (...)

Before being sold off, females who have already lost their virginity are pressured into undergoing painful hymen reconstruction surgery (hymenoplasty) in order to help "restore their virginity," Bangura added.

She said that one particular woman, who was sold to at least 20 different ISIS fighters during her time in the caliphate, was forced to undergo the surgery each time she was sold to another fighter.

Such a procedure requires putting the women under an anesthetic while the hymen is "repaired" using dissolvable stitches. In cultures where blood is required for proof of virginity, the procedure allows for the sex slaves' skin membrane to break again upon having intercourse for the first time with their new husbands.


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commented 2015-06-14 00:51:52 -0400
Wayne? Why would Obama get the UN to write a declaration against them? Fuckin useless twits.
commented 2015-05-31 14:49:05 -0400
The unlucky jihadi who buys Michelle Obama in the slave market for $40 is going to be in for a big surprise.
commented 2015-05-31 14:46:46 -0400
In high school we were taught that Islam was tolerant. I wonder what changed?
commented 2015-05-28 21:08:59 -0400
Thanks for that Jason.
commented 2015-05-28 14:08:20 -0400
Exactly Ron, but a closer look at that history, Jefferson did waver to some degree on whether or not to give up the adventure and just opt for tribute. (Politicians even then always looked for quick easy wins) Luckily he had some good military leaders that insisted on making the barbaries pay. But point taken we do not have the same leadership today. We do have some tough leaders, such as Harper, or the leaders of small nations like Australia and Poland, but of course where it matters (USA) we are lacking any Reagans or Jeffersons or even Andrew Jacksons.
commented 2015-05-27 23:10:25 -0400
So, where’s Terry educating us all on how this isn’t real news? Be a cold day in hell before you see this kind of story on MSM. Actually, the sad thing is that we probably will be seeing this type of story on the mainstream someday. By then, of course, it will be too late…
commented 2015-05-27 17:35:17 -0400
Jason has mentioned the Barbary nations. I believe when Thomas Jefferson faced the problem of American ships having to pay tribute to them he took matters into his own hands. The Barbary pirates (notice the similiarity in flags with ISIS) were given a hiding. Later President Monroe connived his “Monroe Doctrine” to finish them off. My point? Look out folks there are no Thomas Jefferson’s or James Monroe’s around anymore. We are in the deep cactus now.
commented 2015-05-27 15:54:17 -0400
Prince Knight said: "And Mulcair and Trudeau Jr would continue to have us believe ISIS are just disenchanted, disenfranchised young people “acting out”… " Worse, Justie would commission an enquiry to determine the “root causes” and ignoring the savagery!
commented 2015-05-27 13:42:49 -0400
Ah, returning to Islam’s roots I see. Indeed our politically correct education system that had so much to say about the evils of black slavery never mentioned to hundreds of thousands brought into slavery by the Barbary nations.
commented 2015-05-27 12:07:04 -0400
This is horrific, of course, but nothing we haven’t heard before. IS sells women and girls for brutal torture and they outright murder the men and boys. They need stopping. But how? The allied coalition under US-UK direction seems to be pulling punches that give our enemies advantage.

It is so hard to get any realistic information. This info is IS propaganda from Dabiq so there is no way to tell if it is new or just a rehash of old horrors. Our side claims to be winning but evidence suggests otherwise. Who to believe?
commented 2015-05-27 12:03:43 -0400
These people are nothing more than savages, who’s minds are twisted by inbreeding, they are unstable, killing people is a thrill for them. It is not just ISIS, all Islamic’s are the same. They are retarded imbeciles.
Almost fifty percent of the worlds population of Muslims is mentally disturbed due to inbreeding, mostly caused by marrying first cousins, men wedding their own Grand Daughters is not unknown.
Trudeau and Mulclair are in bed with them. They would sell out their own Country, just to gain Muslim votes. They are the same as the Islamic’s and nothing more than Pigs Manure. That is my opinion.
commented 2015-05-27 11:26:31 -0400
Just a further example of the ISIS Islamic barbaric depravity against women! And that is simply an exxtension of their treatment of all humanity that does not agree with them.

And this is a group receiving soft retribution, or even seemingly tacit approval, from the likes of Tom Mulcair, Justin Trudeau, and Barack Hussein Obama along with his could be candidate for Islamic slavery wife Michelle Obama!
commented 2015-05-27 10:16:40 -0400
And Mulcair and Trudeau Jr would continue to have us believe ISIS are just disenchanted, disenfranchised young people “acting out”…