March 16, 2015

NEWS: ISIS terrorists cross-dress to escape battle

Rebel Staff
If you needed proof that the Islamic State consists of a bunch of cowards, a new report can assure you of that.

reports that Iraqi army arrested 20 male Islamic State members dressed as women in the northern city of Baquba, according to spokesman Ghalib al-Jubouri.

Photos uploaded to the social media website Instagram show terrorists wearing bras and dresses.

Some even went as far to apply eyeliner and blush.

The terrorists were fleeing Tikrit, a city taken back by Iraqi military six days ago.

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commented 2015-03-17 20:54:43 -0400
Studying the hadith Mohammad had the best revelation from allah when he wear Aisha dress so there is a big sale now on unisex niqab.
commented 2015-03-17 10:18:26 -0400
Too, too funny, but sad as well.
commented 2015-03-17 00:45:07 -0400
Next thing you know we’ll have Muslim MEN demanding the right to swear citizenship to Canada in niqabs, eyeliner and high heels! This is getting too weird!…
commented 2015-03-16 21:17:33 -0400
Reports are coming out that the Iraqi military are handing out the same treatment to captured ISIS militants that ISIS handed out to captured Iraqi soldiers. An eye for an eye, or in this case , torture and beheading for torture and beheading.
commented 2015-03-16 20:57:26 -0400
These guys were more crazy than scared…another issue of the JP also had this headline: “Islamic State terrorists released footage on Monday purportedly showing them pushing a blindfolded gay man out of a high-rise building and then stoning him to death after surviving the fall.” If they were gay I don’t know where in the middle east they could go to live except Israel…sad. These people are animals…not human…and if they have a god I don’t want to know him. ’nuff said.
commented 2015-03-16 19:09:03 -0400
Awe, if only there was a video showing them singing Y-M-C-A . . . .
commented 2015-03-16 18:48:18 -0400
Terrorists in drag, something to make Allah proud, in the parade sense! Too funny!
commented 2015-03-16 18:39:23 -0400
They are lucky, although maybe not by much, to have been caught in drag by the Iraqis and not the IS they defected from.

Will they get tossed off a high place based on allegations of homosexuality, the Iraqis not caring about the fine distinctions to be taught our side by the new Ontario curriculum?

Mind you, I do pity these poor creeps, many of whom seem to be little older than that psycho-killer, recognized by his former class-mates as Jihadi Ryan, who dropped out of the French elementary school system to work for IS as child executioner. He’s what? 11?

IS has been conscripting youth without facial hair whose voices have not yet changed.

Baghdadi’s IS in Iraq is toast. As for Syria and Africa … we’ll see. They are on the run.
commented 2015-03-16 18:37:23 -0400
Were they really trying to escape battle or are they just gay? This is why isis needs
to make those videos with them dressed in army uniforms, toting guns sitting on top of spinning army tanks,to try to look tough. But in reality they are all a bunch of girly men. What a joke. lol.