March 03, 2015

HORROR: ISIS terrorists trick mother into eating her kidnapped son

Rebel Staff

The Islamic State reached a new level of evil in the minds of many today following a report of how the terrorist group tricked mother into eating her own son.


According to reports from The Mirror and NY Post, 36-year-old Yasir Abdulla left his wife and kids to battle ISIS because of a story he heard about what ISIS did to a Kurdish mother.


"Her son was captured by IS fighters and taken as a prisoner to Mosul. She was determined to find her son and went to IS headquarters and asked to see him,” Abdulla told The Sun.


“They brought her cups of tea and fed her a meal of cooked meat, rice and soup. She thought they were kind. But they had killed him and chopped him up and after she finished the meal and asked to see her son they laughed and said, 'You’ve just eaten him,'” he said.


Abdulla, who has witnessed the atrocities of the Islamic State first-hand says that, “ISIS are wrong. They behead, burn and get those they are against do dig their own graves before they execute them.”


When asked about British Muslims joining ISIS, the 36-year-old says he wants "Jihadi John" to be killed.


“I have seen what Jihadi John has done and I think that person needs to be captured and executed.”


Abdulla says the Kurds are not afraid of ISIS.

“Someone has to stand and fight. We have got thousands of people in many villages and towns behind us. If we fall then all of those places fall, and that can’t happen.”


The 36-year-old, who returned to the UK last week plans to return to Iraq to help defeat ISIS.

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commented 2015-12-26 01:10:02 -0500
any muslim that joins isis should not be allowed back in any western countries
commented 2015-03-17 16:50:47 -0400
“Black Jack” Pershing once got demoted for the way he put down an Islamic uprising in Mindanao in the Philippines. He placed a group of terrorists before a firing squad and asked them to select the two who were most trusted to tell the truth.

He spared them alive and made them witness the execution of the others and the fact that their bodies were fed to pigs.

He sent the two chosen witnesses home with a warning that that was what he would do to any other terrorists if the rebellion did not cease….it ceased.
commented 2015-03-04 00:21:08 -0500
I apologize. I found your open-ended comment unclear, and requiring interpretation by the reader. It seems my interpretation was wrong, so I unreservedly apologize. I guess I’ve just heard too many ISIS apologists make similar comments. When they don’t have a rational defense for there position, they accuse others of lying, even in the face of irrefutable evidence. However, accusations of TN lying (deliberately and knowingly misrepresenting the facts) I believe is also an unverifiable presumption. Do you know TN’s motivation or where that “four days” comment came from? I don’t. Is it possible that they have access to information that neither of us have? Maybe they’re referring to a specific comment by someone at CBC that didn’t get extensive coverage. That doesn’t mean that they’re lying. Just something to think about.
commented 2015-03-03 23:10:35 -0500
Maurice, I’m afraid you misunderstood “True North”s comment. TN claimed that CBC covered the story “four days ago”. That was a lie.

The remainder of your response, in summary, is:“So WHAT if it’s not true? What are you? Evil Isis Supporters?”

And that utter indifference to truth, and the inability to distinguish between journalism and propaganda, is exactly what I was pointing out. Thanks for providing so perfect a case study.
commented 2015-03-03 21:24:06 -0500
This is my response to “balbulican balbulican” and “bob egli” and their reaction to a simple one-line observation from True North, that CBC didn’t cover this story. True North never made any assertions, one way or the other, as to the veracity of the story, smply that CBC didn’t cover it. Are you really suprised that CBC didn’t cover it? When has CBC ever covered a story objectively that didn’t support their corporate narrative? If it doesn’t support their liberal or “politically correct” world view then the story doesn’t exist; it never happened! Is this story true? I don’t know. I wasn’t there, and I don’t know where or how the story originated. I hope and pray that it isn’t true.But, if it is true, are you really surprised that ISIS could stoop to this level of barbarity? Or are you secretly supporters of ISIS and sharia law? Do you favour FMG, the stoning of rape victims for aduletry, the killing of gays and the killing of converts from Islam to Christianity? I don’t know whether this describes you two or not. I just got that sence from your comments. I hope I’m wrong about you, just as I hope this story never happened. I recently saw a video in which a woman, who was out in public without her hijab, was stopped by a group of men along with their Imam (the commentator said not wearing the hijab was the reason she was stopped. Since I don’t speak the language, I have to take his word for it). The Imam then made her kneel in front of him, gave about ten minute speach to the crowd, and then had one of his henchmen unceremoniously shoot her in the head. Do you seriously think that these barbarions who could do this would be incapable of commiting the atrocities described above? I believe that we will all stand before God one day and answer, not only for our actions, but also our thoughts. I don’t believe our thoughts should be made illegal.That’s between us and God. But read Matthew 5: 21-27. Not only those who commit the act are guilty, but also those who support them.
commented 2015-03-03 19:58:17 -0500
BB, what don’t you understand about news entertainment? As if any real time news reports are made without bias. The way to get “truth” is to survey a variety of sources, sift the data through the processor of your own mind, compare the result to your conscience and balance that against what you think you know. Which, if you know anything at all, you realize is pretty much nothing!
commented 2015-03-03 17:57:43 -0500
“Jihadi John” would love to become a Martyr.
commented 2015-03-03 14:27:11 -0500
True North, there’s no reference to this in any CBC site. Please don’t lie.
commented 2015-03-03 13:12:16 -0500
True North, I watch the CBC and they never had this story. Change your call name to Untrue North?
commented 2015-03-03 12:21:47 -0500
I hope they find this Jihadi John and slowly burn him for the whole world to see! He deserves nothing less as do many of of ISIS murderous monsters! They are way beyond just SICK, they are twisted, psychopathic killers of old people, children and women, not to mention the young men of military age who could possibly stand up and fight them! I cannot help but wonder why the whole world, including the middle east has not stopped supplying them weapons and have not walked in and taken them OUT Permanently! Let them know that this planet does not tolerate this! Isn’t that what NATO was SUPPOSED to be about, or have they been paid off to stand back on this one by the war profiteers of 2015?
commented 2015-03-03 12:04:30 -0500
Balb’ and the CBC reported what on this story? ( Rhetorical question. They reported the same story when it came out about four days ago)
commented 2015-03-03 11:43:23 -0500
So “The Rebel” is now quoting The Mirror which is quoting The Sun which is quoting a combatant who is relaying a story from an anonymous informant who may or may not have been told this story by a thir party. It’s good to see that “The Rebel” is still adhering to the rigorous journalistic standards we’ve come to expect from Ezra Levant (and, of course, the trashier supermarket tabloids).
commented 2015-03-03 08:55:32 -0500
All we know for sure about this story is that while we all may be Charlie Hebdo, the Islamic State is the Marquis de Sade. They inspire their forces (now largely conscripted from population of 10-11 year olds) with methamphetamines to commit the most repugnant crimes against humanity just to satisfy some perverted religious paraphilia and personal greed. The Islamic State is going down, folks. Just a matter of time.
commented 2015-03-03 08:23:09 -0500
enough is enough, boots on the ground
commented 2015-03-03 08:15:04 -0500
I think I’m about to vomit…
commented 2015-03-03 07:05:56 -0500
My initial reaction to this is that it can’t be true and I still hope that maybe we’ll hear in a few days that it isn’t. However, having seen what these demented swine are capable of I fear that they’ve taken their depravity up another notch. These are not people. Let’s treat them accordingly.
commented 2015-03-03 06:30:41 -0500
I can’t even begin to imagine the horror………..