June 20, 2016

Radical Islam and the Left: How this unlikely but powerful alliance actually works

Josh EisenRebel Blogger

To anyone who is not willfully ignorant, the imminent threat that radical Islam poses to the Western world is both obvious and daunting. And surely such people have also noticed that the Leftist's “long march through the institutions" is ongoing. But do these two obstacles to the continuity of Western society complement, or diametrically oppose, one another?

Surely (but perhaps less clearly), it is the former.

Arguing that these groups' views are in opposition while citing examples like gay rights or women's rights simply ignores the underlying goal of both radical Islam and the Left: to make fundamental Western values extinct.

One group may call the West the Great Satan, and one may call it the cis-white male patriarchy, but both agree that the values that Western society was founded upon must go.

Moreover, the methods that each one uses complement each other.

Here’s how.

The Left and radical Islam work together by reaffirming anti-American propaganda fed to young Muslims and minorities through higher education. When young Muslim-Americans/Canadians arrive at university, that same anti-Americanism already echoing throughout the radical Islamic world is repackaged and resold to them by their university professors.

Oppression narratives told by university professors influence many on-the-fence Muslims. Numerous professors teach them that countries in the Western World became great, rich and beautiful only at the expense of Muslim countries and other undeveloped nations. Culture, values and economics are irrelevant, while moral relativism is emphasized. These students are told that the source of the turmoil in the Muslim world is Western interference, rather than the extreme religious ideology promoted by radical Islamic governments themselves.

Students are instructed to hate countries like America because it was founded on ideas like racism, Islamaphobia, xenophobia, colonization and manipulation.

This is when ISIS’s online propaganda starts to become effective.

To any normal individual who hasn’t been brainwashed, watching an ISIS video is like watching on made by the Onion. It’s hard to believe these videos are made with serious intentions. Only after being enveloped in a milieu of anti-Western, communistic, pro-Islamist intellectuals could anyone believe that ISIS might be bringing a valuable perspective to the table.  

If everyone is telling these young individuals that the Western world and its values are the greatest evil of their time, it's no surprise that some of them take action when ISIS provides an outlet. After all, fighting evil is a good thing, and if ISIS is the one fighting evil, then that’s the team you should play for.

Whenever a radicalized individual commits a terror attack, it opens the door for the Left to push their favorite agendas of gun control and fighting Islamophobia. The Left believes that Islam is de-facto peaceful, therefore anyone who does something atrocious in the name of Islam must not be a true Muslim.

On the other hand, the Left also believes that Christianity is de-facto cruel. That’s why a Christian refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding is seen as a bigger threat to society than Omar Mateen. For some reason, the baker is representative of the Christian religion as a whole, while the San-Bernardino terrorists are just some crazy people who aren’t affiliated with Islam at all, and it’s Islamaphobic bigotry to assume otherwise.

Leftists have been trying to mask the problem of radical Islam by promoting obsessive gun control agendas. They think that if we were to just ban guns, then all our problems will be solved.

Except not.

It’s truly incredible how short the memory the American Left really is. After the terrorist attack at Pulse nightclub, President Obama, Hillary and other Democrats insisted that this incident was caused by the failure to ban guns. But if that were so, what caused the terror attacks in France and Belgium? Certainly not loose gun laws.

Nevertheless, the Left will continue to push their agendas, which in turn will make it easier for radical Islam to push theirs. While it may not be a deliberate coordination, the methods employed by these two groups synchronize swimmingly with one another, and that should frighten us all.


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commented 2016-06-28 22:44:49 -0400
It does frighten me. Toxic liberalism has become deeply embedded into society. Western society is quickly destabilizing itself as a result. It can’t continue. It won’t. Conflict or capitulation. What other outcome is there that I’m not seeing?
commented 2016-06-21 21:27:55 -0400
It is crazy how the kids think, or Justin thinks , or Obama thinks. It is like they have made us into BAD people. I honestly think that we are watching the World ‘unfold’ once again. I don’t even know whom the fucking enemy is any more.
commented 2016-06-21 17:03:00 -0400
In this video Bill Whittle, an American conservative political commentator, explains “The Narrative – Political Correctness”:
Around 3:45 minutes Whittle explains that political correctness had its origins with the Marxist brain thrust informally known as the Frankfurt School which started in 1924 in Germany. These marxist theorists recognized that someone other than the workers, who to their disappointment fought for their country in the 1st World War, would need to be the vanguard for the communist revolution. They found their new vanguard for the revolution against Western civilization and it was going to be the disposed, the oppressed, namely women by embracing feminism, homosexuals (claiming Homophobia), claiming racism against blacks (the essence of the Black Lives Matter movement), and Muslims (claiming Islamophobia).
“While it may not be a deliberate coordination, the methods employed by these two groups synchronize swimmingly with one another, and that should frighten us all”. Indeed, a case of ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’.
commented 2016-06-21 01:17:59 -0400
Excellent observation and summary. Willful blindness- the besetting sin of the left.
commented 2016-06-20 17:34:12 -0400
Ramadan Bombathon 2016 Day number 15

Muslims often insist that other religions are just as violent as theirs and that the bigger problem is “Islamophobia”.
We put that narrative to the rest each Ramadan with a running count of ALL terror attacks categorized by motive.

Motive – Terror in the name of Islam………………..Attacks = 117.….….Kills = 900
Motive – All other religions combined …………….Attacks = 0…………Kills = 0
Motive – By Islamophobes…………………………….Attacks = 0…………Kills = 0

Source: TheReligionofPeace.com

Those who live by the sword will be shot by those of us who have progressed.

Author unknown